Byte Rights: Anatomy of a Chilled Internet



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"But because we only get notices from Google, we can’t really know how widespread fake-o ranty takedowns are. "

It was very easy to see the database entries that didn't have to do with Google. Just choose "does not contian: Google" in the search parameters. Most of the rest are for Twitter.




Now this? this is journalism.

Keep it up max PC, I'd much rather see this kind of content than schlock about the white iphone and the latest copy of the Armegeddon cooler.



Yeah, I agree.  When my copy of MaxPC arrives in the mail, Quinn's article is the first one I read.  I wish she had more column space to expand further on her topic, or discuss two topics.

The only drawback is that I don't know what to do to help turn around these issues she highlights.  I've written my politicians but they all seem to be tools who just send back form letters.



yeah, no kidding, I found that out back when internet neutrality first cropped up... all I got for my troubles was being put on their list of potential supporters to send campaign news to.

What I reccomend isd retweeting/reposting this info to everyong you know who is in the creative sphere, who may have recieved a C&D letter, and encouraging them to take part. Tis what I have been doing.

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