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Man, I don't like playing grammar police, but it's difficult to take your columns seriously when every single one of them is filled with grammatical and spelling errors. I mean, I know everyone makes mistakes, but there are many errors are in EVERY column of yours that I've read.  "wide variety of extentions for Chrome"    What the heck, why don't you proofread, or use spellcheck, or something? Of course, this is not something that everyone has a strong opinion about, and this is only my opinion. But, the fact is, I don't care to read articles that are written so poorly, particularly when it comes to technical information. How accurate can the information be, if you cannot even spell the words?  Oh, and just to be perfectly clear, as I stated, I don't care to read your articles, and will no longer do so. I have to throw that in there, for as surely as there are whiskers on my face, someone will take me to task on it.



Rrockman has it right. 

When I open Chrome I can re-open recently closed tab straight at the bottom of Chrome's home page. If you use custom home page the joke's on you.



To rain on this parade, Opera has had this as standard for a while. Then again, almost every modern advancement in browsers was pioneered by Opera.



CTRL+SHIFT+T anyone? It's the undo of the closed tabs.... And if you closed the browser altogether, you see the option for opening all the closed tabs on the bottom-left of the home screen... I really don't see the need of this trashcan!


Seamus Bellamy

CTRL+SHIFT+T is baked right in, and it's a great option that I use on a regular basis. However, one of the things that I enjoy about the wide variety of extentions for Chrome is the way that they allow you to change the browser's operation to meet your needs. While I can open up my recently closed tabs with a keyboard shortcut, having the option to do it in a different or more effiecient manner is what installing an extension is all about. With Trash Can, users are able to choose a specific tab without having to go through everything they recently opened to find it. In my opinion, that sort of efficiency makes it a worthwhole installation.

Thanks for the feedback!

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