Browser Extension of the Week: Personal Blocklist



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Chrome again. It's getting laughable at this stage.



I guess everyone at MPC has been turned into Chrome Zombies.

Block lists work in Firefox WITHOUT AN EXTENSION.

All you have to do is be logged into your Google account.

I would guess the same would work in Chrome.


Chrome still needs A LOT of polish in my book.

They don't even have a good zoom ad-on yet.

NoSquint ROCKS.

Plus they will NEVER have an ad-blocker like AdBlock Plus.



"Plus they will NEVER have an ad-blocker like AdBlock Plus."

AdBlock Plus is available for Chrome and has been for quite a while - it's created by the same developer that does the FF plugin.


AdBlock Plus is great for a free plugin (and I use it at work) but AdMuncher kicks the crap out of ABP. I bought it bac k in 1999 when it was $20 for a lifetime license but unfortunately the author has increased the price pretty substantially since then, which is a real shame. I will say that the developer is constantly innovating AdMuncher and is quick to respond to users feedback.


Anyway, while I primarily use FF at home (with AdMuncher) I use both FF and Chrome (with ABP) at work and they both have their pros and cons...


I Jedi

I've always felt the need to blacklist MaximumPC for being too good of a tech source. Kind of takes the fun out of having to do my own research in some regards.

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