Maximum PC Benchmarks Explained



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First you should fix your frigin' benchmark result table. There is no way of knowing which cell is superior, because since Windows Vista bold font is barely bold anymore, increase the damn font size instead, how hard is that?

This was posted on your useless forum 2 years ago and you obviously don't give a damn.



SO, overclocked to 3.8, then a massive turbo boost of 100 mhz? cmon max pc, you're better than that. I run a stock i7 3770 at 3.4, can oc to 4.0 stable on a water block cooler, and and you have the "zero point machine"?



Would you guys care to explain, because I am curious, your stance on benchmarks vs "real world" testing like [H]ardOCP does? And why you decided to side with Benchmarks?



I'm somewhat curious as to why MPC went with the OCZ Agility 3. Besides being not being billed as the top performing OCZ drive of that generation I was under the impression that OCZ drives (and most all SSDs) suffered from adverse performance when handling pre-compressed data prior to the new controller introduced, for OCZ, with the Vertx/Agiity 4 series.



Wow, great post. I thought my 100M JPEGS were big, that’s very impressive. I usually stich 5-6-7 21Meg images together with CS5’s panorama feature, my 3930K roars right through it.

That GigaPan is sweet, I want.

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