Breaking Up with the Big G: Alternatives to 9 Google Services



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I have to agree with a few other commenters - this was a weak article. Here are a couple of specific points:

- Typo in the Google Calendar section heading. Does no one proof-read these articles?

- Picasa desktop app does indeed have a batch mode for correcting Contrast and Color for multiple photos. This will satisfy 90% of people. The rest already know how to use Photoshop.

- Weak search engine comparison: Bing or Bing in disguise.

- Open Office is not a substitute for Google Docs - rather you would use gDocs if you were away from your desktop and could not run Open Office.

- The SPAM in the comments just shows that staff does not care about our comments, otherswise someone would be moderating these.

I do appreciate you trying, as writing articles in not an easy job. As you can see the Maximum PC audience is quite well versed in all things internet and this article really isn't for us. And it is not for the non-readers of Maximum PC either, as they should learn the ease and comfort of Google's apps first, before venturing out to find alternatives.



Am I the only one here who is TIRED of comments that amount to nothing more than an ad for a shopping site?  I thought that comments were for commenting on the subhject matter of the article and not for advertising your site.  Don't get me wron, I am a devoted reader of MaximumPC and their site, but if you really want to advertise your site, try Craigslist.



The article's writer also fails to mention that Hulu is a US only service, so those of us in other countries cannot use it.



Normally, the articles on here are pretty good. I actually had to make an account now because this one was anything but.

Saying that these are good alternatives to GMail is a bad idea, because they are not. They just make it look awful when you are using these services. Try ZoHo Mail or Lavabit perhaps. Though Yahoo is a half legitimate choice.

Next, an alternative to Google Search is not Yahoo or Bing. It is Bing, Yahoo is using Bing now, you have posted this yourself on MaximumPC.

Bing Maps is a good alternative, only good choice so far.

OOo is not an alternative to Google Docs, it would even be a stretch to say that Google Docs could replace OOo. One of the features of Google Docs is the "in the cloud"/online thing. ZoHo is a good option as is Peepel. OpenGoo looks similar to Google Docs and you will feel at home, that is another option.

How is Hulu an alternative to Youtube?! I don't think you will see "Charlie Bit My Finger" on Hulu anytime soon, these are completely different types of services that serve different purposes. Vimeo is your best choice but there is Revver or Viddler are also other options.

Picasa alternatives are fine though I would add more options for the desktop, like digiKam or Photoscape.

Anyway, *end rant*. Good enough. Worst part that triggered me was Hulu as an alternative for Youtube.




Ha, the hulu-youtube comparison was what brought me here as well.  YouTube is user-created content.  Hulu is professional content. is a youtube alternative for example.

This article is just misinformation.



Veoh is also a good alternative to  YouTube. It has a similar system going on.


Darius Roberti

Why use a screenshot of an interface that hasn't been used in years? The current look is very attractive and quite easy to use.



Google's products are so superior that it doesn't make sense to switch. And OOo isn't an alternative to Google Docs-- its more a one way alternative. When you don't have access to a full office suite, you use Docs, not the other way around. And then there's the problem of using Chrome in these pics. And again, none of these products even compare to Google's.



You sound like and Apple fanboy.



Please, never say that again. I don't enjoy being likened to a Fruitboy.



Double post for some reason... Sorry






Is there a reason that you used a very old image of live mail? The new version looks much nicer.



The mere thought of using anything other than google makes me want to cry! also, yahoo search is now bing, so why even list it? Next best is altavista. Still, Google is god.



HaHa ya epic fail on writers part.  

Your alternative to Google search is Bing & Bing with a yahoo skin.




Great job using google chrome in an article giving alternatives to google products you put a lot of thought into this :D



Well I read this article in Chrome which I haven't dropped yet but plan to so neenernaanernoonoo!  If someone is thinking about leaving google products they're probably using Chrome so the screenshots are perfect for the goal of this article.

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