Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide: Every Error Explained



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I have been facing the same issue for long time and i was also looking for How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death In Windows and luckily today i have landed on your page and your page enabled me to fix that crappy error that restarts my computer



The blue screen of Death, Bug error, BSoD or STOP Error is the most common error that we find while accessing our operating system. I was very annoyed when i find this on my PC.It doesn’t allow other program to work properly.

Thanks to this guide.

I sharing a post that will sure;y help you to resolve the BSoD error on your PC.



BSOD?! OMG! I can't remember the last time I had a BSOD! I had a rare few way back with Windows 7. Even so, they were quite rare. Think I might have had 2 in a year. That's it. Most of them due to video and/or audio driver crash in games. I haven't had any such (or similar) issues with Windows 8 and 8.1.


The Mac

Good lord, someone necroed this article...





Funny that with all of today's advances in technology, the OS still can't freaking tell you what file caused the dam error or what exactly the error means. Would be better if the OS asked you if you want to disable that file so you can boot in safe mode & remove it or update it.



This is definitely an article that belongs in the print version of the magazine. (If it hasn't been placed there already.)



Im surprised you didnt cover the watchdog_timer BSOD for windows 8



Actually had the UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP (0x0000007F) on quite a few of my Windows 7 computers. Turns out it s was Symantec Endpoint Protection that was causing the issue. The only work around that we could find was to replace it entirely, which we did with Microsoft's System Center.



Ever see a Black Screen of Eternal Damnation? =0



Those are super rare. Normally caused by Video Drivers/Cards going bad.



raid0 + x79 + windows 8/8.1= BSOD



When you cannot boot to the OS then do a factory restore by punching the correct "f" key on startup; it may vary depending on manufacturer; my HP gave me the Factory Restore option from the F12 key. This is next to last resort; but better then the last resort. HP allowed me to save the files I checked and I just had to patiently wait for the restore, and then update everything from the date the PC was made, and reinstall Office. If your factory installed W7, and you installed W8 later; well sorry; unless you saved a useable W8 Installation key number. In other words; what ever OS, programs, or apps you installed yourself; they will have to be installed again.



Aside from a basic description of what a BSoD is and some photos of them happening at inopportune times, this article doesn't do anything to help decipher BSoDs. Where is this supposed wealth of information? There is some potentially helpful information in the user comments but nothing from MaxPC.



Sounds like someone didn't read past page 1 (the intro) and the photo gallery. There are six pages of content here (page numbers are underneath the gallery), all dealing with BSoD errors and how to troubleshoot them.






Read the article. You nuts Lily. Rather just go down to comments and complain. :) *Sarcasm*



Always recommed a RAM or HD check with the BOD. Its rarely the motherboard unless your living in a hot country when the cooling fans aren't enough, especialy for multi core systems. cannabis seed



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Hermes Martinez

I got the BSOD like twice in a 24 hour period, I just notice my computer slowing down. and then it dies, but the BSOD comes out then dissapears hella fast so I have no idea what's going on!!!



I installed Windows 7 over three months ago. MICROSOFT FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT!. I am thrilled with it!. That being said, this article says nothing about possible BSOD error messages for Windows 7(not that I might need any.)

Do any of these BSOD error messages relate to Windows 7.?

Please e-mail me, if anybody knows.



"unmountable_boot_volume" i need someone to help me lol not sure what i should do



Most times I see that error, it's due to the hard drive potentially failing (if it's not already dead).

If using a desktop make sure you check your cables. Next you may want to run some kind of diagnostic utility. If you know the maker of your hard drive head on up to their site an get a diagnostic utility from them and burn it to a CD (or make a bootable USB drive with the info on it). Boot it up and run Short/Long test with it to make sure everything is A-OK. If you get an error, see if the drive can be repaired. But you should probably get it replaced (as this could be a sign of more bad sectors (sections) to come).

If you're using a laptop it can be a bit more tricky, but check to make sure your hard drive is properly connected to the system (which varies quite a bit from brand to brand).

Another option is to boot up a Windows recovery disk and see if the utility will recognize your Windows install. If not see if you can repair it through there. If that doesn't work it's a pretty good guess your drive might have something wrong with it.



Now I have a problem, wondering if you guys and gals could help. My computer will start up fine, but eventually after bout 5 minutes goes to a BSOD with the error code 0x0000008E (0xC0000005 0X805A284D 0XB9812964 0X00000000 ). Any help you could give would be so greatly appreciated


ben thompson

im having the same problem how did u fix it



As a conclusion:

I upgraded Realtek driver for onboard
audio from Gigabyte support page
and then re-enabled onboard audio.

The PC runs OK and sound is OK too.

So, for GA-MA790FXT UD5P owners
encountering BSOD at login (XP SP3), I recommend the upgrade of
Realtek driver, in the case onboard sound is enabled.

Thanks for the valuable information I
found here.

Other valuable information found there:



Thanks for this guide.

I encountered a BSOD issue on a AMD/Gigabyte newly assembled PC running XP SP3.

Not every time, but often, BSOD occurred when attempting logging in when asked to. After a RAM verification by MemTest86, and a cleaning with HighjackThis and SmitfraudFix, issue appeared fixed but some days later, BSOD was there again.

As a file was often indicated (portcls.sys), I disabled onboard sound and now, the issue seems to be fixed.

Nevertheless, I'll try to upgrade mobo sound drivers and try then to enable onboard sound again, knowing that there is a backup solution.

Mobo: GA-MA790FXT-UD5P

Proc.: Phenom II 955 x4, no oc

RAM: 2x1 Gb OCZ Platinum DDR3 12800



I work in a computer repair store and we see this BSOD as often or more than all the others listed.  Usually this is a result of a failing HDD or an interuption while the drive is being written to.  A free utility call MHDD will scan the drive and tell you if there are slow or unreadable errors on the drive.  If the scan passes, then run a chkdsk /r on the drive and usually it will fix the BSOD.  If there are errors on the drive, it still may be able to be backed up depending on the amount of failed sectors.  Don't use Ghost on a failing drive though, as Ghost will quit when it hits the unreadable sectors.  Unstoppable Copier should be able to copy the data from that drive if its hooked up to another machine.



This is what i get....... CONFID_LIST_FAILED  ** STOP: (0x00000073) (0x00000001,0xC000017D,0x00000002,0xF90C0BB8) Im getting frusturated. I got DBAN and put the cd in on start up but the DBAN menu did not come up. Did i install DBAN correctly? im not sure, please help.

I need a signature. -__- 



So I have had my Webcam downloaded since the day I got my laptop. about 4 months ago. And just the other day I started to get the BSOD, every time i plug in my cam. I deleted the last thing that I downloaded to my computer. And that worked fine for about 3 hours. now its back. And when it comes up the number thing is like 0x0000008 or something.



Hi. I'm new here.... I just have an unsolvable problem wonedered if anyone would have some advice....

has anyone ever had the situation where the BSOD on a laptop running windows xp does not freeze, it just flashes very briefly and then immediately tries to reboot, but it can't reboot and simply goes to that screen that gives you multiple choice start up questions like: start windows normally, use last known good confiuguration etc.

whatever I choose it still can't boot up. tried to boot from windows cd to repair installation, but won't allow it only allows new installation. Would love to not lose data. Any one have any ideas?




I had W8.1 pro that suddenly would not boot to the OS for me to do any of the optional fixes punching F6 or F7. In order, I restarted pushing a different F key, when I got to the F12 key-- up comes a new screen I never saw before, giving me the option to "factory restore". it even gave me a check list of files to save etc. Now, this was an HP desktop bought with W7 in 2011. Like magic it worked; I had to patiently update everything and reinstall 3rd party programs. As far as W8 goes; I will wait 'til this nice old restored W7 HP really dies.



You made a mistake on BAD_POOL_CALLER


The solution is to remove current lifeguard, and replace with a new version.


... get it get it?



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Well hi!, im new to MaximumPC and what do ya' know, i have this problem on my other computer that has been down for almost a year and a half. This is the first thing i saw on this site and im really happy i came across this. Ive read the BSoD page briefly and learned what is it and why, but i need help getting past the BSoD so i can fix my problem..can someone help me with this? thank you :D



This guide is an excelent starting point if you are trying to track down the origin of apparently random errors. I used to have occasional BSODs before discovering that my board's memory controller did not like certain high frequency ddr2 sticks.



How does one screen-save a BSoD?

Since there is a screen-save at the top of this article there must be a way to do it - or is it a photograph of the BSoD taken with a digital camera. Thanks, Phil



Finally, the BSOD no longer be a puzzling thing to me



Can I get this guide in PDF? It would be nice to have offline or even in print.





UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME is one I run into a lot as a tech... can mean bad sectors on a HDD (chkdsk if you're lucky), file system/partition/boot problems (OS config crapped out, recover data & reimage), but usually means a dead HDD.



Thx 4 allowing me 2 vent in subject line! I now have the BSoD problem I've never had b4 thx 2 a well dick thinking with same so what I desperately need help with is MY problem! Selfish? I don't care. I receive the error msg KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR my 1st code being 0x0000007A of course I am unable to follow the advise 2 check if any new software is the cause I update my drivers and actually take good bloody care of my PC but I have no new hardware nor have I had a single problem until I left her alone with an obvious addict to porn and he exposed her to that seedy underside of PC's with a webcam then exposed himself to her as well! I've had it many yrs but bought out of box and whomever returned it made the system restore set of disks as I was unable tho created the system recovery disk. My computer no longer will go to Windows at all not even using my favorite option with F8-safe mode with command prompt. I LOVE DOS but it will NOT start at all except 2 perform the restore using that partitioned part of the hard drive I never got around 2 removing. 2 bad the system restore runs the course just 2 still not work then trying 2 start the restore again! Ive had 2 use recovery disks on HIS PC's several times 2 often but with success as it seemed 2 be as simple as when 1 has 2 fix the sndvol32.ex_ problem. But now Im clueless and unfortunately also on a very VERY low fixed income thx 2 too many surgeries on my rt shoulder so I simply do NOT have a single cent 2 spare and I have NO bils either. I do have what seems an unlimited amount of thieves who learned I am a sports fanatic somehow deciding 2 steal everything I own or die trying! Where did they come from? Someone ALMOST got my Mickey Mantle autographed baseball but did not. But 2nite some1 somehow stole every single CD I had left plus cases and damn it they also stole my vibrator! So getting another PC is not an option and I do EVERYTHING online since, well, since I invented the internet! Fine I just helped. PLEASE PLEASE help me and that is me hoping U can! Thx so much!



Great article guys. Well written and informative as usual. I'll keep this bookmarked, sure to save a lot of googling.




But there is definitely something far worse than linux and mac whiners...I tell you what: 

A pc whiner posting in a website talking about how to fix windows BSOD...

Please have a look at the windows website and then look at mac os x website, you will be able to tell which one was done in a PC. Apple's website show the users how to use their system and what cool things they can do with it. The windows website suggest you buy and antivirus for your system.

Now troll me if you want, I will be playing games in Mac and probably I won't answer.

BTW Apple OS X have a dictionary and a spell/grammar checking tool integrated in the OS so you could type safe in a website (Firefox also has a spelling plug-in but that's another story), trolls!!



Great article! I fancy the program called WhoCrashed. It does all the work for me in looking up codes and what app or dll or driver was the issue. It isn't a end all, but it gets me to right google search faster I think...



I've been getting the UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP (0x0000007F) error when my computer wakes from sleep mode. Any Ideas?



Page 3 of the article.



Funny thing is that after reading this guide my computer got *TWO* BSoD. the irq_not_equal one and the non_paged_area, respectively.  BOO


B. Tetreault

Excellent resource to have on hand. I can think of several people I can give this too.

  • still there, but we're here to tell

    On page 1, paragraph 7; should be "still there, we're here to tell".

  • the most overclocked, but they can

    On page 3, paragraph 2; pretty sure it should be "overlooked" not overclocked.

  • you have a space cable lying around

    Also on page 3, paragraph 2; pretty sure it should be "spare" not space.

  • then look for an mark any bad sectors

    On page 3, paragraph 3; should be "and".

  • hard drives are connect to, so you'll

    On page 3, paragraph 4; should be "connected"

  • This utility stressed your rig's CPU

    On page 3, paragraph 6; should be "stresses"



OK grammer police

 I found this a great article for me personally, as well as my friends who are also into computers.

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