iTunes vs Zune vs Songbird: Music Organizer Showdown



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I had no problems upgrading, it went smoothly. If it keeps telling you to restart, you might be missing some required component on your machine.



By far one of the best User Interfacing of any program and I'm a UX designer by trade.

I love a quote I saw on the net saying that "The Zune software makes iTunes look like an Excel Spreadsheet!!"


Plus, the Zune HD stomps the iPod Touch as far as hardware goes.






"Long Loading: I'm currently sitting at 2.5-hours and counting just for Zune to make a Smart DJ mix of my files."

This is not standard and is pretty much instant if you have you PC setup might what to check this settingin IE. Automatically detect settings in the conections/Lan settings needs to be unchecked.



iTunes for loading music and podcasts onto my iPod. It does nothing else.

Still using Winamp to manage my library. Small and simple.



 Too bad iPod Touch can't stream new podcasts without 40,000 clicks, other then that I would have 0 use for iTunes.

Hoster of



I have both an Ipod touch and a Zune HD 1ggb. I use the Ipod as a pda and for teh apps (it was free) and the Zune for music. 

I have to give, in terms of software, the nod to the Zune software for two main reasons: 1: AS the article mentioned, iTunes is pretty ugly/aging, and needs to be refreshed.

2: Speed and stability: iTunes is a horrible piece of software on Windows. It's slow, backups take for ever, and I cannot go a month without it crashing a few times. Not to mention that it pushes Safari and some other program at every software update. Also, why does iTunes install 3 different run-at-startup background apps that MUST be running for iTunes to work? 



i used a zune for 2 years, then last week got an ipod touch.

i'm still using the zune software for my "master" collection of music, while i'm using itunes for audiobooks & podcasts and my on-the-go music (which can get deleted/renamed/whatever'd, since it's backed up in the master collection AND on other hard drives stored at my parents, at work, and on my shelf here.)

itunes is a little kludgey after having used the zune software for so long, but it's a lot friendler when it comes to syncing podcasts and audiobooks. (the zune always required setting up each podcast sync rule individually, whereas itunes says lets you say "sync the most recent podcast" once, universally... and zune made me rename my self-ripped audiobooks to "podcast" in the tags before accepting them, and refused to let them keep their album art...

i also installed mediamonkey but it was just like, "i dont wanna learn a bunch of new crap" so it's already gone. 




As a Zune user, I must say that this article is very fair, which is nice to see. What I will add, is that with a ZunePass, Zune has the power to make Smart DJ Mixes with music from the enitre Zune library, which is a really nice feature. and then if you like a song, you just download it! No worrying about paying individually. Plus the ZunePass lets you keep 10 songs a month, so it's practically $5 a month instead of $15.



PLus, they are adding Smart DJ to the player itself over wifi sometime this spring. THAT will be awesome: stream related music to your device wirelessly.



Nice article, hope to see one with Media Monkey if this ever gets revisited.

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