Beyond Ultramon: Free Software Solutions for Multiple Monitors



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Great software for me is Actual Multiple Monitors, and now it has freeware edition. Try it.



I have a cool anime picture that comes in two halfs. Each fits perfectly on each monitor and it looks like one huge picture across my two 19" lcd's. Absolutely gorgeous.

Display fusion doesn't use much system resources either.

I do have a question for the gamers though....

How can I get Warhammer online to utilize both monitors so I can have all the UI buttons on one screen and the main screen on the other?? I can only get the game screen to fit 1 1/4th of the screens displays. Very annoying. I've seen the pictures of others that have done it, so I'd like to know what they used in terms of software.

Thanks :P 







I have Nvidia Nview, and I cannot figure out how to enable 2 different wallpapers on my two monitors. I checked everything. Someone tell me please!



i vaguely remember maximumpc doing an article explaining how to do multiple wallpapers in windows xp without any additional software. its pretty easy

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