Best PC Part I Ever Spent My Hard Earned Cash On Contest



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Okay first off let me start with. I only signed up to comment.

Right, really? They were the winners, or at least the ones that got posted?

I live in Oz and the price we pay for parts is rediculious but still those were just pathetic. Cept for the Diablo Battle Chest though. Damn why don't I have one of those.

Unless im missing the whole point and this contest is supposed to be comical in which case i just look like a dick.

Anyway back on topic. The past 2 months would have to be when I got my best equipment.

Mobo: ROG Crosshair Formula
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
RAM: 8GB kit Geil DDR3 1600MHz (2x4GB)
G/C: Ati 5970 2GB Dual GPU
HDD: 500GB WD SATA3 (O/S), 1TB Seagate SATA2 (Downloads), 2TB WD SATA2 (Storage)
ODD: LG Blu-Ray Burner
Case: Antec HAF X
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 775W
O/S: W7 Ultimate 64bit

That and my new 27" AOC monitor, that is epic, so glad I spent the pennies on that one.


Oh and the TTeSports headset is wicked, got a set of those too. I have moticed though that if you unplug the USB the DTS reverts back to off when you reconnect them. Kind of a pain having to go back into the software to turn it back on. that and the annoying test sounds it plays whenever you change and save a setting.



damn.. some of you guys have some lame ass computers... lol i might need to post my PC built in 2008, it smokes most of the ones on here today in enthusiast configuration consideration. know what i mean? ofcourse you dont.. i see dust in your machine. lol



i work on computers as well, i could use that Trendnet device.. and i owned that same keyboard too lol, i just dont use it anymore. purchased g19 and g700 THEN stopped playing WoW lol.




SSDs are the best thing since sliced bread.

And almost as tasty!

Sandforce 1200-based 60GB SSD at Microcenter was under $100.



MaximumPC Proofreader In Training




Does that mean you are in Okinawa, by chance?



before SATA I had SCSI- ran 7 hard drives, and 2 CD, 1 DVD on same controller. still had use of the IDE drives.

yes it was a full tower - all in my home PC.

a bit of a learning curve- terminators, jumpers for ID's. would buy 80 pin drives and use adapters to 60 to save cost. but it worked well for years.




I think it would be more interesting to see all the tech stuff we've wasted our hard earned money on, only later to wonder what the hell was we thinking.



 Iboutght a pentium 90 so I could play Quake



R.A.T. 9 >:) FTW!



Personally I dont see how anyone could list anything other than a ssd. NOTHING else even comes close IMO.



For me it was probably my old Thrustmaster Afterburner joystick. I loved that thing.



My entry, #46 didn't win? There goes my subscription :)



Pic 36 is just awsome.  I thought mine was big :(



dang.. missed it... but here is mine... i bought 3x3TB seagate xt and running them in raid0... 420MB/s Read and write seq and 150MB/s Read/Write random.  This is from the motherboard raid on my crossfire IV Formula.


The rest of the specs:

AMD X6 1090T

16GB gskill flares

180GB Vertex 2 SSD... (this comes in a close second to the above)


CPU, GPU, and MB are watercooled.



I missed the contest :/
Had I not, I probably would have entered my two 2GB MSI Twin Frozr III 6950s. There's nothing they can't crush in crossfire, and they lowered my CPU temps (air cooling ftw) 7*C compared to when I had two 5870s in my case. They also run about 10*C lower than the 5870s. A $600 purchase that was worth every penny.
Frankly with how cheap RAM is right now I'm surprised I'm not seeing any on here. For comparison, a couple years ago all I could afford was two 2GB sticks of 1066 DDR3 that cost me $110. The same kit today costs $40.... A year after that I upgraded to four 2GB sticks of ballistix tracer 1333, for $120. Three months after that upgrade you could get the 1600 kit for the same price...



another one that must of missed the contest, but probably does not matter since I live in Canada.  I think I'd have to say the best purchase so far is a quad core processor. (AMD Phenom II X4 955)  One of my favorite series of game is Grand Theft Auto (have bought 'em all since the original GTA), and the last one (IV) really does benefit from having at least a quad core.  I retired my dual core Opteron, and man what a difference!



For me, I guess I missed this feature and chance to send in images, but honestly, as a power user, I gotta' say:


My Sidwinder 5 (or whatever it's called),

My i72600k, 8GB's of RAM, and my GTX 570,

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, my decision to buy the

Adobe CS3 Createive Suite (Student Edition) and Maya 2011 (Student Edition), as well as ZBrush,

was my greatest decision.


I can't sit around no doing things. I consider gaming, while a hobby, to not be "doing stuff." I love my games, sure, but I'd rather show people what I've made, professionally, than something someone else made.



"I can't sit around no doing things. I consider gaming, while a hobby, to not be "doing stuff." I love my games, sure, but I'd rather show people what I've made, professionally, than something someone else made."

While I enjoy games too, that's still a very good mindset to have. :)



This convinced me to order a RAT 7. I've wanted one for a while.



Almost as good as the first slide! Ok, maybe not but still.  And yes, I know I need to clean my computer...downside to having pets, makes everything that much dirtier.


Brock Kane

Congrats to the winner! Cool contest, thanks!





Glad I made it in, but sad i didn't win D:



Aw too bad.  I was really hoping for a win.  Look at my eyefinity setup.  I'm using cheapie earbuds and a boom mic! Oh, the horror!  Woe is me.  I guess I can suffer a little while longer.  I custom made that mount, btw.  It's mounted to the wall.  I used 1" black iron pipe and tees and 45 degree elbows.  It's pretty slick.  24" 1920x1080 monitors.


Holly Golightly

I would have never thought there would be that many submissions!

Man, there are some pretty good ones, but stomped I did not win. 



Diablo 2 Battlechest FTW

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