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Ethan Vanderbuilt

I did an unboxing of my new Unicomp Classic 104 Black Buckling Spring USB keyboard. This is actually made in the USA.


Vagabond Steve

The Rosewill RK9100BR is not available and is discontinued according to NewEgg, and I got one for $70 or $80 last January so don't worry about the price - for both reasons!

BTW, I really like mine!! Illuminated keys with WASD & arrow mode and two other modes makes low light work/play easy, Cherry Brown mech switches are a great choice for all around use and the non-detachable keyboard cord appears to be a FAR better choice than the 9000 series detachable one. (9000 non-illuminated is available if it appeals to you, and well under a $100.)


Led Weappelin

No mention of the Corsair K70 which is also like the K95, a fully mechanical keyboard. It's a good board for those that don't need macro keys therefore saving a few dollars. Cherry MX Red switches with looks to kill.....with. :)



I bought my Logitech 710+ for 100 bucks. You can find it on Amazon for pretty cheap if you keep your eye open. Its probably the best keyboard I have ever had. I used to have the G15, before that, it was some crappy 15 dollar keyboard. I have used a CMStorm Quickfire, but missed the keypad. I didn't try the Quickfire Pro though, probably the difference between night and day.

All in all, the Logitech G710+ is probably the best keyboard I have ever used, or had the pleasure to use, even with all my frequent trips to all different kinds of gaming cafe's in So. Cal. I decided I would try mechanical keyboards when I started looking, and had no regrets in this purchase.

I did about a month of research and was about to go with the Razer Blackwidow, but I kept seeing people talking about the poor build quality and the fact that they tend to break after about ~3 months of use. So glad I didn't go with the Blackwidow.

Its a great minimalist keyboard, with 6 macro buttons. And my favorite feature, a full keypad :D If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, I would recommend this keyboard. No real bells and whistles, just 6 Macro buttons and 4 Profile buttons, other than that, just a reg. mechanical keyboard. It has Brown MX switches too, which IMO is the best of both worlds, the clicky solid feel from a key depression, but not having to require you to pound on the key to push it down.

All in all I would give it 9 or possibly 10, because its that great of a keyboard. If MaximumPC got the board for what I did, they probably would have gave it a 10 too lol.



How come nobody ever includes deck Keyboards? They may not have macro keys but they are built really well and have nice clicky Cherry keys...



I agree, but the deck boards tend to be pricier too :S I was seriously thinking about saving money up to get one of their high end customer keyboards lol.



I'm quite happy with my Gigabyte Aivia Osmium gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Reds. Goes nicely with my Razer Black Mamba mouse too



I love my $10 Dell keyboard off ebay. So much so, I bought spares for this one breaks. It plays games too!



The Kinesis ergonomic keyboards rule them all.



A bit cornfused as to why you folks decided to use the K90 rather than the K95.

I've been using the K95 for a few weeks now, and while it was an adjustment from my sad life of always using membrane keyboards, i'm not sure i can ever go back now.

Thus far this has been a significant leap in feel and responsiveness from what i'm used to as an old hardcore gamer.

It feels great, looks great, along with the LED lights not being too bright, and yet they are precise to each key.

I've heard quite a bit of Q&A issue's over at Corsair as of late, but it seems i received a good one.

It's a lovely piece of hardware. Two thumbs up.



Well, the K90 and K95 are essentially the same keyboard, so you can't really go wrong with either of them...

The K95 ends up with a few potential benefits:

1) Per key lighting options, so if you wanted to ONLY light a certain array of keys for a specific game or profile, you could do so, and only those keys would light up. Perhaps beneficial, perhaps novelty, depending upon the individual who's using it.

2) Built in BIOS switch, in some 30 years of fiddling with computers, I have YET to need such a feature, however I'm sure there is someone out there who's said to themselves "FINALLY!" so for that one person the K95 fills a gap.

3) It's black with white lighting rather than silver with blue lighting... If you are working on a theme, perhaps one color combination is preferable.



Also keep in mind, the K95 is a full mechanical keyboard, the K90 was part mechanical, part membrane.



I would never use one of these keyboards for gaming really.

Honestly a basic ducky or Filco keyboard with your choice of Cherry Switches are the best option. as for the more money than brains category go with a happy hacking Topre switch keyboard, best mechanical switch out there and its no nonsense and has some very nice colour schemes.



I personally love my S.T.R.I.K.E 7 keyboard it is very comfortable! I love that I can assign programs to the touch screen display. This not only includes some of my games but also some of my batch programs for a sleep timer that I wrote. Even though it does not have mechanical keys I feel that this is not a major issue because they are just as responsive. The screen responsiveness it a tad bit slow and the keyboard is very pricy but for the comfort it gives I feel like the price is justified just like the R.A.T 7 or 9.



Why put the Corsair K90 in this list? The K95 was already released and fixes many of the problems with the original K90.

The price difference is about 20 bucks more for the newer model.



I am still rocking with my IBM PS/2 keyboard since the early/mid 90's. While it is a trifle loud, I love the action on it. I just wish it had a Windows key. It limits my hardware choices a bit as every time I upgrade my system I have to find a motherboard with a PS/2 jack, but so far so good.

I used to have two of these keyboards, but one died about 8 months ago. I was able to buy another PS/2 style keyboard, but it is just not quite as nice as my IBM keyboard (it is close and it does have a Windows key, but I still like my IBM plank the best).


Renegade Knight

Make sure to get an Active USB/PS2 adapter if you can't find the PS/2 jack.

The Adesso on Amazon rates well.

That said. Unicomp makes the IBM Keyboards you like but with the Unicomp logo. They sell them with a windows key. USB or PS/2 formats.



You can get a PS/2 to USB adapter for a few bucks and never be limited in your mobo selection again.



STILL waiting for the release of the "ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro" which was announced back in Jan @ CES, then again in Jun @ Computex. It's supposedly going to be available in a variety of Cherry MX switches.

Kinda surprised there wasn't any mention of the "RAZER Blackwidow Ultimate 2013", been using it since it came out, so far so good...could've used better wrist support thou.



Another article about keyboards and again no mention of the venerable Model M? WTH MaximumPC?



The Model M and most other mechanical keyboards that were omitted do not actually have any gaming features. I mean, just look at the S.T.R.I.K.E.7 and ask how you could go to a boring Model M and expect to be happy!



I know, right? Blasphemy! All hail the Model M!



I love my G710+. It is wonderful to use although my friend thinks it's "too loud."



So does the Isku have Macro Keys or not, and what about software? The article reads like it had Macro Keys and Software for it, the verdict reads otherwise!

"Where the Isku really shines is in its expansive set of features. It has eight macro buttons (including three “thumbster” keys under the spacebar), with on-the-fly recording, and profile switching. It gets further mileage out of the bindable keys and macros with an “EasyShift” button where the caps-lock key would normally be, which temporarily switches the functions of all right-hand-accessible keys while held down. There’s a lot to customize, and the included software suite is intuitive and up to the task.



Let me preface this by saying I'm a happy owner of a Corsair K90, so I indeed admit I am biased in that I do own it, am typing on it, and am absolutely loving it.

It is easily the best keyboard I've ever had.

IF you have to choose among any of the keyboards here, it's simply head and shoulders the K90 or a VERY VERY close runner-up in the logitech G710+ that only lost out (for me) to the K90 by the number of macro keys since I like them for all my typical daily functions and programs I routinely call up. Both are exceptional in an otherwise cluttered field of good yet somewhat lacking planks for my needs and my liking...

As for the knock that not all keys are mechanical, only the macro keys, function (F1 through F12), and the Print-Screen area keys are "dome caps". Frankly those keys are far and away the least used keys on a keyboard. The difference in feeling, despite what the article claims is negligible at best, and at most the only difference I've ever noticed even when typing or hammering away in a game is a modestly longer "stroke" on the key since it has to bottom out on the dome cap keys.

For me at least, it's actually been a tremendously helpful benefit that the "exception" keys that are comparably rarely used keys feel just different enough to ensure minimized miskeying them. I actually greatly prefer them that way so that when I am hitting them it is with both intent and awareness of it.

So what's marked as a "con" isn't necessarily so, granted not all will see it as a "pro", and I completely understand the idea of buying a mechanical keyboard to be entirely mechanical, no argument there and it of course makes complete sense as well. However, I wouldn't hesitate to wager that the vast vast vast majority of users, even the most elite of the elite, hit their F-keys even a small fraction as much as they hit their number keys, and even smaller fraction of that first fraction as they use their typical letter keys.

The curious suggestion that the macro keys are not well arranged is dubious at best, particularly in the light that the heralded logitech G15 (which I keep as a backup to this day) has an IDENTICAL key lineup, and actually has arguably FAR better spacing between the 3 sets of 6. Add to that, I have never once had any issue knowing which key I'm hitting in the macro set. They are quite easily arranged in three groups of 6 (3 keys wide and 2 keys tall) with ideal spacing comparable to the size of the rest of the keyset across the rest of the board.

If you're hitting the wrong key, that's not the keyboard's fault; after all, you don't blame the gun for when you miss the target do you? It only shot where you aimed it, just like your fingers land where you press them down, so while Murphy's laws are of course always in effect, that in no way takes your participation in the process out of the equation...

Frankly, if you have to look THAT hard to find a fault, that should speak to how good it is...



My abacus has never had a failure of any kind! the beads never stick, and it is washable.



For the ROCCAT Isku, it's mentioned that it has a selection of different Cherry MX switches beneath the rose water review selection. When I looked it up on its website, I saw nothing of the sort. >: (



I got my G710+ a few months ago and so far, its one of the best keyboards I've ever owned. I've had great reliability with past Logitech products, both mice and keyboards....I am very happy.

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