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just before I saw the paycheck that said $5690, I have faith brothers friend was really bringing in money part time at there labtop.. there uncles cousin had bean doing this 4 only about fifteen months and a short time ago cleard the morgage on there home and got themselves a Car. read more at,



This reminds me that I wish that the Algeo graphing calculator app on Android had a paid version to kill the particularly odious ads. It's a pretty cool app, and it's more of a "real" math app than this Calcu8 seems to be. Lets me use my dual-core, 1GB RAM smartphone with almost as much functionality as the crappy, C-64 esque TI-83+ calculators that anyone who went through public education in the past 12 years was weaned on ;)

Looking at it, RealCalc seems cool enough but it is a bit lacking for my needs. I also don't like how it is championing the whole "kibibyte" concept, which is nonsense.



Anyone in here bought Walking Dead Game for Ipad 2? (Awesome game on Steam btw, despite some game save load issues.)

I was wondering if it lags, crashes or has other performance issues before I buy it for someone else who is a casual gamer this Christmas.



Where did those prices come from? I have Angry Birds Star Wars on both my iPhone and Iconia. It cost me .99 for the iOS version and the adroid one was free. They try to upsell once you've gotten the base game by charging $1.99 to unlock Path of the Jedi, but it can also be unlocked for free by getting 3 stars in all levels. They also want to sell a bunch of Millenium Falcons (The Star Wars version of the Space Eagle), but I fail to see the value in that, too, since getting 3 stars unlocks everything...



They are probably using the price of Angry Birds Star Wars HD which is $2.99

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