The 100 Most Important Tech Products, Events, and People of 2009



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This stuff is all good but maybe one thing needs to be added. I don't know how huge it is yet, but I know of about 100 people in my small town that got hit by some virus that steals your email account. You get the trojan by opening up an email, and it's embeded in a picture or piece of text or something. I got mine from an email that looked like it was from twitter (flawless duplicate), and it said someone is following me. I got suspicious when I saw the person had 0 followers 0 tweets and 0 following. Plus the profile pic was of an almost nude woman. My antivirus didn't even catch it, not until 3 days later when an update finally came out that detected it. I did some online research, and there are piles of these right now. Really devious little trojans. That's worthy of this list I think. 




I hope so. But when would it be the best time to do so? I have alot of games, mostly on steam, (Hairy Legs).  Some are very old games that I dont even play that I got with the ID pack and older Valve games. most are from the past 5 years.

If you goto the the link below and compair what games are 64 bit compatable or need to run then with combatibility mode from Vista and Windows 7, I found that there is a big difference. Windows  7 is way behind Vista.  I am not sure how this works on steam. I know a game like Final Doom runs a DOS emulator and will on Vista 64 bit from steam because it was modified to work.



If it works in Vista, then it's almost certainly going to work in 7. I went from Vista 32-bit to 7 64-bit, and I haven't had any compatibility problems. Even the original Half-Life (not the updated Source engine version) works perfectly!

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