ATI to Nvidia: You're a Dinosaur



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Someone please help me and tell me what the HD 5970 is and why it is so special in this video? 



The Pleo Robotic Dinosaur from Ugobe Life Forms looks set to one of the biggest selling Christmas presents.The Pleo Robotic Dinosaur features a range of emotions that will keep you children fascinated.


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What about Linux drivers? Is ATI going to play nice with us?



For those that don't know, OpenCL is C-code compiled into OpenGL code to make graphics processing/debugging quicker and easier. The C-code is first written, debugged, compiled with llvm, debugged some more (or sent back to C for more debugging), etc., etc.


If you hack compilers, you'll love llvm. 



could ATI/AMD be finally coming out of the disaster that was this past year?



  I just picked up a couple 4870's to replace my 8800gtx.



I paid like $240.00 for my HD3870, which I hooked up to a 47" LG 1080p HDTV. Sweet through HDMI. Quality is amazing! I'm thinking of reselling my 3870 for like $150.00 on eBay or something and paying the extra $50 for a jump  Of course, my clock is about 775MHz+ with an OC tool, so that is a trade off for the cheaper card. The way I see it, pros are as follows:

  • 2.5x the procs (800 vs. 320)
  • Single slot card over my mammoth of a 3870 Asus cooler
  • Less power hungry
  • Dirt cheap for the performance increase.
  • Crysis at higher resolutions? (only played the demo, but DX10 is so sweet looking). I'd by it then for sure.




I am glad that they will be able to compete again.  I hope that they are secretly building a megafast top end card, just waiting for Nvidia to roll out one more geforce XXX so they can drop the bomb.

Price /performance is what matters to all but the affluent.  Why sport extra heat in your case when most of the time good enough will do?  I personally don't want to apply Degree to my case to keep it from perspiring, especially with warmer weather coming up (here in some parts, but not where I am at).

For those of us who do the best we can with what we got, this sounds like the perfect upgrade and right price to anyone who has a 1 1/2 year old & older videocard, yet wants to play modern games.  

THERE ARE ONLY 11 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. Those that think binary jokes are funny, those that don't, and those that don't know binary



Well, I guess you could consider the 4870 X2 the bombshell, but I agree something even better will come out soon.

I found the bombshell! Visiontek has a new watercooled beyond superclocked 4870 Black Edition.  Sounds sick, eh!

N0t a n00b



N0t a n00b



I'm inclined to agree with you there. I've been a bit of an ATI fan over the years as their cards performed pretty well at a decent price and they were Canadian owned prior to the AMD buyout. I'd recommend nVidia more for the performance freaks. However, I find that ATI boards generally performed well for most people as well as budget shoppers, including myself.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician Gov't of Canada



Ditto here.  In my next rig I plan to build, I'm putting in an  8800GTS 512 MB by EVGA, with an EVGA mobo that supports SLI.  However, if you feel that the 4870's are better for a budget box, please let me know.

Sincerely yours, from FOB Striker, Iraq,

SGT Samuel E. McClard II

Life's a journey, enjoy the ride!!

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