Android App of the Week: TaxCaster



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Actually, I'm glad to see this app, but I would like to point out that we've been "paying our dues" to Uncle Sam for the last 12 months via automatic payroll deductions.  Now's the point where we spend a lot of time and effort documenting all manner of things in an effort to get the part that was our interest-free loan back.



I hate to be a nitpicker but Just FYI, self employed people don't pay their taxes until the end of the year.

And he is probably talking about those who need to pay up instead of getting a refund :)



Yeah. I always wanted to claim like 10 dependents (being single) on my W-2 and keep my tax money in my own interest bearing separate account and then paying what i owed at the end of the year until I found out its illegal. Which blows.



Boo, it's only available for the US

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