Amazon Prime Vs. Netflix: Head To Head



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Yes, I personally sent an email to NETFLIX telling them essentially that they were a steaming pile of cat excrement for abusing their loyal customers with rate hikes even while losing Sony, Disney AND Starz.  My price has doubled for the streaming + dvd package.  That said, here is a PARTIAL list of my current Netflix que. This list only includes TV Series, not movies. I think you will see that it will take me until some time between now and the death of the Sun before I will have time to watch all of this content.  No matter how idiotic Reed Hastings is, the TV series section gets 4 1/2 stars from me.  (No wait, that's 4 stars because Netflix wont' let me give 1/2 star ratings!!! GAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!)

The Resistance
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG 1
Stargate Universe
The Nine Lives of Chole King
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Xena:  Warrior Princess
24 (8 seasons)
Raising Hope
Battlestar Galactica
The Universe
Star Trek
Star Trek:  The Next
Married... with Children
Quantum Leap
Tron:  Legacy
Hercules:  The Legendary
Mad Men
The X-Files
Malcom in the Middle
30 Rock
Rescue Me
Twin Peaks
Family Ties
The Hills

Obviously, I am a sci fi/fantasy fanatic, but there are a ton of Law and Orders and dramas on their list for all you boring people too. ;)



I briefly looked at some of the content Amazon had a la carte and they wanted to charge per episode for TV shows. Even at $1 per episode that's very ridiculous. I've watched half a dozen TV series on Netflix including Star Gate Universe. With 200+ episodes it's obvious in dollars how ridiculous it is. It's already been stated that TV shows account for a large chunk of streaming, maybe even the majority.

No thanks Amazon.

If I wanted to pay $3-4 for a new movie rental I would go down to the local video store and....oh wait, they're all out of business.




I find that Amazon Prime + Hulu suffices for me, a poor struggling college student (type)




If it costs 80 bucks up front, plus 6.66 a month, the price seems MUCH better on Netflix.  That means that the 1 year cost for Netflix is 96, and the 1 year cost for amazon is 159.92...  Its more extreme if you only.. Not sure how Amazon wins.. Did I miss something?



that's just 80 bucks up front (no monthly fee at all, 6.66 x 12 is 80 bucks)... but like it says you DO still get charged for much of the more premium content. You basically don't get much of anything good (I was shocked too see Star Trek... I recently watched Firefly, both freely available on Hulu I bet), your paying for free shipping...


Whereas with Hulu you get the content free (US only) but with intermittent (but not NEARLY as bad as TV) advertising. Hulu isn't portable either unles you buy Hulu plus.



Does it really matter if Netflix has more streaming content if that content is crap? However it's probably the same no matter what service we have. As long as Hollywood keeps it's best locked down, no matter how old, or how many times it has already been on regular TV, we are all losers.



I like that I can get Netflix inside Windows Media Center. It makes for an exceptional HTPC setup.


JM Sherman

Where is the +1 button that they used to have on here? they need to readd it again.



now that netflix has come to mexico and my trial has expired let me say that i'm a happy customer and i'll renew the monthly subscription, no doubt on it

would be good to know how many custs will renew it too on latin america

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