A Decade of Kick Ass



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I would like to say Thank you for all the help and wise advice you've provided over the years and may the next ten years be as good, thank you all @ MAXIMUM PC.



I remember BOOT magazine very well, but even *that magazine* had a predecessor.

I subscribed to a magazine called "CD-ROM TODAY" for a couple years, in the early 90`s (?) when one day

I was informed my subscription to "CD-ROM Today" was to be replaced by a new magazine called "Boot" magazine!



Hardware and software just gets better. Wow. This whole shpeel reminds me of how desperately I need a new computer, and I how I never should have bought the hardware I did. I bought a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (Prescott so it was pre-hyper-threading) in 2004. I AM STILL USING IT. It's the only computer I have. This anniversary should mark a new era of updated and competitive computing. But, I'm a college student, and I'll have to wait a few more months until I can afford a laptop.

But MaximumPC, thanks for giving me my hopes and dreams for computing.



Congratulations on the first 10 years, and on 12 years of Kick-ass-itude.

For me, the review I'll never for get was: a Sony desktop computer that was supposed to free up more desk space for the customer... you said "If you need more space on your desk this badly, you need to get a new desk..." 

That one still makes me chuckle.  Maybe that should have been the new MPC t-shirt, with an Old Sony logo on it.  :)




I Still have the scars of Kenwood TrueX optical drive on my back and in my wallet.  What a bunch a @#$%@ that stuff was.  But I am off course. I want to point out something to you got "wrong". I am qualifying the wrong because it was not a really a review but part of the article on how to build an HTPC. I am talking about Beyond Media.  In your "review of beyond Media" (BM) you mentionned all the niceties it can do.

 You forgot to note that BM is extremly slow when it comes to finding or playing music across a home network (Microsoft Window Home Server), that when playing videos with multiple language tracks, it will read all tracks at the same time (imagine watching a movie with the spanish, english and french tracks playing a the same time! yes, exactly), the dvd palyer of BM not playing at all (I had "challenges" from the first day a purchase BM and - Tech support has still not figure it out - we are talking about more than 9 months now) Other softwares play my dvds with no problem, the limited setting options of BM, you can select on their player or software or "windows default" window media player eventhough the world abound with more capable player and I can go on.  I do not intend the above to sound as a baching of snapstream. Their
tech people are very customer friendly and I will gladly purchase
another working software from them. BM as just not met my

 However, you got Beyond TV right and that is a step forward out of the
cave as spouse start to realized the "goodness" of an HTPC.

 I also think that you are neglecting the Home Theather PC. Apart from the article in last year magazine you have not updated this segment on how to construct or what are the best part for an htpc. Computers are bound to get out the "cave", i.e which ever room of the house we sequested ourselves in, for the family room. So take the lead, show us the way as you did in so many other areas by testing the heck out of the offerings and separating hype from reality.

 I am looking forward to the next 10

 Happy birthday KickAss



I got my first issue of MPC while I was working at EB in November 1998 (before it became EB Games and virtually stopped carrying PC games) for free. I took it home and read a review in which the word 'craptastic' (or possibly 'craptacular') appeared. I was hooked.

Keep the fun coming.

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