8 Questions with John Carmack



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Biggest triator to PC gamers after Microsoft.  I've been around as long as you Carmack and I remained loyal to the better platform and did not followed the sheep to consoles. You help create games that made people upgrade their PC or by new ones. You turned your back on us. Two birds for you.



[quote]I did go through a period where I had pretty much stopped playing games, but in recent years I have been playing regularly with my son,



Well, there you have it! That is why he is targeting the damn "console" segment! Man, I can remember a day when Mr. Carmack would have nothing to do with the console's!!!



I remember when Mr. Carmack said "this will be my last engine", but thank God he changed his mind.  Remember that he has a business to run and too many people pirate instead of pay for PC games.  Very few console games are pirated, therefore that is where game companies focus now.  We brought this on ourselves.



The fact that people believe this fallacy is what publishers get away with shitty ports and and a lack of support on the PC. Its not because of money, its because their feet arnt held to the fire on the PC side like they are on consoles.


Keith E. Whisman

Software publishers like book publishers only make money when the first person buys the book or software brand new in the box at the store. Publishers hate used book stores and Gamestop because they don't make any money on those used games and used book sales. So along with software piracy, publishers are losing even more money to used sales and it's getting harder and harder for them to make a profit. That is why there is talk about short episodic games and online only game models where the game never reaches your computer, you play the game through your browser window. 



You brought it on me?  I don't pirate.



I always get the feeling that Carmack is a machine...



Wow, thats weird. So do I. When I read the things he has written, I have a hard time believing it came from the mind of a human. I guess it's just because he is so much more intelligent than me.



Where is the obligatory linux version question?

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