5 Freeware Apps to Enrich Your Starcraft 2 Experience!



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Your argument doesn't make sense to me at all...

First of all, your grammar sucks. If you want to make a convincing argument, try it with proper English. Also, if you don't know the real origins of chess, just don't even talk about it. Your source states that Chess's origins are obscure, so from what I read, no one really knows where Chess came from. Chess obviously takes more than 5 seconds to learn. If you really play Chess, you should know that (I don't even play Chess and I know that it has a bunch of rules that you need to learn). Your point about people having purchased over 10 billion sets of Chess doesn't make sense at all. Before medical technology was advanced, the average lifespan of a person was really low. I'm not gonna go into serious details since that'd be a waste of my time. Only after the mid 20th century did our lifespans become considerably longer. No, there couldn't have been 10 billion people who have bought Chess. How old are you again? If you've ever been in a history class, you would know that for most of the world's history, about 95% of the people in this world have worked until their backs have broken in order to satisfy the needs of the wealthy. That includes royalty, and just rich people in general. Especially when we didn't have machines to manufacture Chess pieces, do you really think the common people had the money to purchase actual Chess sets? A point I would like to make about Starcraft is that you can micro-manage in the game. In Chess, you have individual pieces that account for a bunch of things. I'm saying that in Starcraft, how you control your armies can turn the tide of the game and win you a game, but in Chess, your strategy is all you need. In Starcraft, you can use your own skills to supplement your strategy. It can be compared to a few elite soldiers that may do the work of many soldiers. In Starcraft, if you can manipulate a couple of units well enough, you can do enough damage to reduce the opponent's army size by a considerable amount or completely destroy it. I'm sure the original game, chaturanga, was more complex, but Chess these days isn't. I completely agree that it takes more brains to play Chess than it does to play Starcraft, though. Anyways, I think your argument is invalid in my opinion.

I should have just said you're a dumbass, plain and simple, but it was fun writing all this. Also, you do sound like an 8 year old on Mountain Dew. lulululz



...no it was the chinese, the orginal board was 64x64 squares and breifly used to plan military campaigns, until I guess...boredom set in one night and they started playing it "just for fun".


True the less informed theory was 600 A.D. India,  but 50 years ago and now again, that idea is being hotly debated.


@bergy berg

1st many millions  (more than a mere 11 mill) play chess.

2nd  I don't hate video games...I hate cheap *ss junk video games.

3rd I do hate Windows 7 it has an inferior GUI, if nothing else....I love XP....Its just as fast, the GUI is 1000 times better and all the security "improvements" added to WIN 7, are both a royal pain, and don't work any better lol

4th When YOUR finished with YOUR Mt. Dew you might 'carefully' re-read what I posted, and not just scan over something and sceam troll.   I apologize for being unable to express my self in 3 lines....maybe I should buy a can of ADD to help me in this regard  :/



I go out of my way to fire up Tie Fighter at least every two years. That game is pure badass.



Let us all pour some out for Admiral Harkov...




Chess was actually invented by the Indians, not the Chinese.



You are NOT alone....RTS games SUXXORZ, plain and simple.....the absolute best RTS ever made was....CHESS and no modern day game dev is EVER gonna beat that game.  In modern day lingo, Chess would be marketed like this:

Best GUI ever invented, touch capabilities, take it with you anywhere, tactile feedback, 5 seconds to learn, 100 years to master.

Oh my bad.....CIV is better....wrong....in what world are people as tall as buildings, and walk around with neon green circles around their feet?  Wanna talk numbers?   Chess was invented by the Chinese in like 400 or 800 B.C. and is STILL around.....lets see WoW or SC II touch that!   Then we can include sales numbers....lets see...how many people in the past 2500 years have purchased, or bartered for Chess sets?  4-5 billion?  10 billion?

Best two comp games ever writen....Diablo II and Planescape Torment.  Now I admit, that as a consumer with a brain, my preferences MIGHT not be so wide spread....lol

Oh plzzz, plzzz, plzzz   I want that game where you fight with plants...for gawds sake, cut me a break.  If I were to break the law and illegally market Biowares Planescape Torment...today.....it'd put all other games to shame!

Dear Dave:

I applaud your 5 free apps articles, as I am well aware of the work involved in finding 5 useful apps per week.  However, maybe your herculean effort would be better spent finding 5 free apps that protect users identities and secure their devices.  You must admit that these are the two biggest problems today.  No offense,  I DO truly understand the difficulty this would involve.

Dear MaxPC:

Please decease with your fan boy worship of Win 7...it's just "not all that!"  74% of the business world can't ALL be wrong!

Otherwise...great mag and great site...keep up the good work  :)




Chess isn't an RTS, it's turn based. Same with Civilization.


bergie berg

This is probably the funniest/most schizophrenic troll post I've ever seen outside of 4chan.  Minus mentioning two games that are way old, it seems like you're an 8 year old who's had too much Mountain Dew.

As much as I don't wanna feed the troll, chess clearly beats Civ in realism with it's moving castles and disembodied horse heads.  Chess might be older, but certainly more people play WoW on a daily basis now (probably not a good thing).

What the hell are you doing reading a magazine about PCs when you hate video games and Win7?  




I was about to label you a crazy until you correctly identified two of the greatest games ever created: Diablo II and Placescape Torment.  I love the latter so much, it's almost unhealthy.  I'm going to let you finish, however, I would submit that TIE Fighter is, in fact, the greatest game of all time.   Of all time.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time every week identifying applications that cover a wide range of issues -- security being one of them.  Sometimes, my themes diverge from, "Install TrueCrypt!"  This article is one such case. Search the archives, however, and ye shall find:



Just two off the top o' me head that will help you out.  Whee.



This was an awesome article Murph.  I won't be buying SC2 but all these apps will be very useful for me.

Planescape: Torment is the best game ever created by humans in this universe and in any other possible universes (or planes.)  Despite playing through every possible ending I'm still trying to find a widescreen work-around for win7 64.  The game plays fine in compatability mode but is stretched wide.  Still enjoyable even if The Nameless One is a little chubby. 



Mmmm... Planescape Torment. Good shit. I really miss those old games. Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale. All good stuff. And don't forget System Shock 2. Easily one of the best games EVAH.



same here. no interest to play it.  Never play WoW either.  I must be the only one who hasn't.



How about a utility that makes Starcraft 2 into a game I actually have an interest in playing? I guess I'm the only one on the planet that can't be bothered with RTSs.

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