5 Free Add-Ons to Make Digg / Reddit Rule Your Browser



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Ultrasound Tech...

This is a nice suggestion to make both my reddit and digg user experiecnce easier for me and more enjoyable. Good thing that I passed by in this post. I want to try these add-ons and then endorsed to my friends tos share and impart the stated knowledge and idea.



Ahh you beat me too it - this is what I've been using - so good



the Reddit Enhancement Suite is available on firefox, chrome, safari and opera as a greasemonkey script and adds several features worth looking at. Features include inline image viewer, quickly log in to multiple reddit accounts, save comments as well as links, auto next-page, show parent comment on hover, live comment preview (so you can check your formatting), and more.


The website will detect your browser and give you specialized instructions on installation if you're not sure how to use this type of script in firefox or opera.  It's a antive app in safari and chrome.



that is pretty fierce.  excellent find.

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