5 Burning Questions Answered About IBM's Watson



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I can't believe they didn't use Sean Connery's voice! Suck it Trebek!



I'm surprised the guy at IBM they were interviewing was able to withhold all the information they have about the machine gun equipped Watson-2.0.  "What are humans still better at? Well, that would be screaming and writhing in pain under the crushing deathgrip of a robot, Alex."  



These 3 nights of Jeopardy are mostly commercials for IBM. IBM needs to treat their American employees better and stop sending jobs to India and other countries. I have lost all respect for IBM.



So you've lost all respect for a company because they get a spotlight on TV and you believe they pretty much outsource everything. Then you might as well find another hobby and live in the middle of nowhere.

If this were Intel or AMD, would you still be saying the same thing? If this was a software company that made the algorithm, would you be saying the same thing? Basically just replace IBM with some other company.



Yes, they are commercials. That has no bearing whatsoever on the validity of the Watson's AI, nor the opportunities opened by advances in research which are exemplified by that AI. Moreover, your post sounds like IBM should favor American employees over those from "India and other countries" -- that's nothing more than an ignorant, ethnocentric, and immature response to a post which specifically discusses the future of AI as heralded by Watson, not IBM's business practices or the American economy.

For the record, I am a citizen of the US, so I'm not just saying this out of personal nationalism.

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