5 Apps That Eliminate Common Computer Annoyances



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Two A.I.type news:


The new beta version of A.I.type is now available for free on our website: http://www.aitype.com


A.I.type has recently released an Android beta version (available for free from the Android market). The revolutionary text prediction service of A.I.type redefines the term Text Prediction!


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My kind of Civ 5 player. "Go away and do not trespass or I will cut off your coal supply" :-)



rkill is a great app, I've used it. But there are instances where it still doesn't do enough. My last instance was a friends computer that was severly infected (still using IE 6, no firewall, no anti-virus, no anti-spy/adware). It would not kill the process preventing me from using Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware or Microsoft Security Essentials. I tried various other programs and could get none of them to start. Best solution here was still to boot from a USB key with linux (my choices PCLinuxOS, and openSUSE) and copy needed files to a jump drive that I could scan on another PC. Then nuke and pave (computer had not been setup with an OS partition and Data partition).



Solved it by downloading the latest issue of the Malicious Software removal tool, booting into safe mode, running the tool and then booting back into normal mode. That was enough to get Malwarebytes going to finish the job (never tried to run MB in safe mode: Does it?).



Malwarebytes will run in safe mode but, from what I have read, it is less effective in safe mode.



I havent used Ketarin. But i have been using Secunia PSI, and its been working very well.



I've heard of Secunia PSI before, but it doesn't really appeal to me.

I maintain a network share with all the latest versions of various programs -- ccleaner, java, adobe reader, defraggler -- and this sounds like a great way to keep it up to date.



I think Ketarin is about the best thing you've come up with in a while.

I like it.

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