3D Showdown: 8 3D Notebooks and Monitors Reviewed



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I was recently browsing a site that in my opinion has the best product reviews on the net and I found this laptop. I think the A665-3DV is an awesome piece of technology and if you buy one of these you won't regret it. Just looking at the components makes my skin all tingly! This is a wonderful piece of equipment for all you gamers out there.



3D Showdown: 8 3D Notebooks i like it, therefore you can ceck at lcd monitor



Could i get this pic in a higher res plz be a great desktop pic!



I rebuilt my computer system about 9 months ago.  I'd like to watch 3d movies and play 3d games on it, but don't know what parts have to be upgraded, or how feasible ($$$?) it is yet.  Is my Sapphire Radeon TOXIC HD 5850 going to do it, or not?  Do I need just any blue ray drive, or is there some addt'l spec. I'll need to enjoy 3d?  Obviously, that's a lot more depth that this article aimed at, so this isn't a criticism, just an expression of hope for a future article.



Maximum PC Guys, thank you thank you so much for this article.  My buddy came over with the latest Maximum PC mag he just picked up at the newspaper stand...well this was the first article I read and I love it.  We have been waiting on buying a 3DTV because of pricing and the technology is to new.  This is a perfect article for reviewing some of the latest products out there.  I love it, it really explains alot. Keep up the good work people!



I just wanted to add a few comments here. First off I own both the Zalman and the Alienware. The review for the Alienware is pretty much spot on. It's a great 3d monitor, with a little bit of ghosting (less then the first gen Viewsonic and Samsung screens which I have also seen).

I think you guys may have missed the boat on the Zalman display though. You seem upset that it doesn't include 3d BR software, but failed to mention that the Alienware and Asus displays do not include it as well. Cyberlinks Power DVD software plays 3d Bluerays on all three monitors as it has support for 3d vision displays as well as line-interlaced displays like the Zalman. 

You also mention difficulty in using the supplied IZ3d gaming software with the Zalman. I agree the IZ3d software was difficult to install and register. The Zalman display however has a leg up over the nvidia displays as it can use all three major 3d drivers (IZ3D, Tridef, and Nvidia). You can use the nvidia 3d vision driver (which is built in to all of Nvidia's latest driver releases) as long as you have an nvidia card. Simply connect the monitor go to the nvidia control panel and go to the stereoscopic tab and enable 3d vision. You do NOT need to buy a 3d vision kit to use the Nvidia driver with the Zalman monitor. I've haven't used the tridef driver very much and thus cannot comment on its effectiveness.

You also mention the narrow viewing angle of the Zalman monitor. This is a real issue. You have a very limited viewing angle to see 3d. In my experience once you are in the viewing angle there is not ghosting at all. This problem also has a benefit. Since you are using passive glasses you don't have any issues with the flicker and headaches that some people (not me) suffer from using active shutterglasses. Finally I also found that the Zalman glasses do not block as much light as the shutters and thus leave you with a bright image. Another advantage of the Zalman is that it can be used without a nvidia card(using the IZ3d, or tridef drivers). It can also be used in an EYEFINTY 3d setup using these drivers.

I can easily rec. either the Alienware or the Zalman. Each has their own adv. and disadv. but I would rate them nearly equal overall not an 8 and a 3. 

You guys should have also known about the the 3d blueray issue. You need blueray software to play blueray movies. 



I read this in the mag. It seems that any one who buys into this now is an early adopter selling them selfs short on some essential features. A "3D" computer that cant play 3DBR or stream 3D content to a TV? Give me a big fat freaken brake.


Im not saying its worthless, but I couldnt honestly tell my any one i knew that i had a 3D computer THAT COULDNT PLAY 3D MOVIES. Kind of a joke



First, thank you so much for the review!  It is great to see what the options are for 3D computing coming up, and where the pitfalls are *cough* Zalman *cough*.

A suggestion: Split the review into two - one for laptops and one for monitors.  I cannot compare a $3000 gaming laptop to a $500 monitor; they are completely different beasts.

A question: why only review three of the 3D monitors?  My feeling is that most MaxPC readers are going to in the position of upgrading a desktop rig to display 3D, and that it will be a significant minority who are interested in laying out big chunks of change for 3D laptops.  I know that the options available for 3D monitors are extremely limited (I think Tiger Direct only has three options for 3D monitors for sale) - was this the issue, or was did something else affect the decision?  I am very interested in upgrading my desktop to 3D, and MaxPC reviews do play a large part in my purchasing decisions - hence the question.

Thank you!



I'm still waiting to see if they'll come out with a 3D, 1080p, 17" (or so), DX11, USB3, laptop.

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