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Outrageous headlines?  Bribery?  Dead whistle blowers?  seedy and sordid?  This makes me want to turn on my DirecTV  account and subscribe to Murdoch stations just to see what might happen next.  Maybe I'll read some of his publications.  Nah, I'll keep my useless tv off and keep an eye on everything and make my own opinions.

What a stupid APP. And the people that need it in order to not see something they don't want to see? Even dumber.  I Can't remember ever surfing and ACCIDENTALLY seeing a hot blond from fox or any of the ugly guys for that matter.

I'm Always amazed at how  the freaks on  the right and the left need to isolate themselves from differing opinions and call it BOYCOTT or PROTEST.

WOW.  I just had a flashback to my hardcore lefty days when cable filters to filter out fox were being sold.  The things people will waste $19 to $30 on.  That was good weed money. lol. Oh yes Mine wasn't spent on a filter. I wish Earth day was still Bob Marley day. Oops getting off track. This app sucks.




I think it's less about not seeing Murdoch Media websites, and more about not giving them any associated ad-revenue & page visits, especially when it comes to items that are integrated into other pages.



Google pretty much owns Future US? Seems that way.




Get Adblock Plus for Chrome and go into the Adblock options and subscribe to Fanboy's List.   Now its as good as Firefox.



still looking for something like adblock



Chrometophone is kind of nice.  Click the icon in the browser, and the link you're viewing on your PC immediately opens on your phone.  Send a phone number from the browser and your phone pulls up a dialer and all you have to do is press 'call.'  Send a map and it'll open your GPS app.  Very surprised you didn't include it.



A good number of the apps are missing links for me. The titles don't seem to work.



The titles are not links or hyperlinked. Some apps have links worked into the body of entry (red text).

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