The 28 Coolest Gadgets, Tools & Technologies on "Lost"



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the tazer dart exists and is used all the time. its called the xrep its a shot gun fired tazer round. its on tv all the time with law enforcement shows.


Keith E. Whisman

BTW where oh where is that promised weekly podcast? I mean the podcast number 142? Ahhhh broken promises. Life sucks...


Keith E. Whisman

So is Lost done and over with now? I never did sit down and watch a single episode. 

BTW the article is excellent and the props are extremely interesting.

Also I just wanted to share with everyone that the main webpage that you can search from has a window with a fully usable PacMan Game in it. The Pac Man game is directly above the search box. It's pretty neat. Finally google has made searching the web fun. It's given me reason to spend more than 30 seconds at the webpage. LOL.. 

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