20 Windows 7 Tweaks & Tips – Every Secret Uncovered to Date



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Excellent tips! Here are my favourites:

Windows + P: This is so useful because i have a multi display setup and used to aways go into CCC to switch/extend etc.

Windows + Space: Also very handy as i always have a load of windows/apps etc open and i normally hit the show desktop button in the bottom right corner but not anymore with this shortcut.

psr.exe: whoa! is this app cool or what? perfect for windows tuts.

As a side note: UAC = useless.. for me anyway, i just turn it off.




this was very well written with high quality screenshots, and now i can use my win7 more efficiently. my grandma said something about having two windows side by side open, and i decided to see what it was. again, great article, and thanks for the help



Okay, I should start this by saying, WINDOWS VISTA SUCKS BALLS!

I've had lots of experience on every system since Win95. XP prior to SP2 sucked, but once SP2 came out, it was all over. I must say, I've put everything on my laptop that I currently own.

Windows Vista came on it, and I reverted to a hacked copy (which still ran awesome) of XP. When it came back from having some work done on it, it was completely reformatted and they set it back to factory Vista. This went back and forth the next two times it went in. Then I got a badass virus which rendered my computer nearly unusable. My tech put a copy of XP on here, I just never activated it, so finally I went to the college bookstore and got a copy of Win7 Ultimate for $10 (no, that's not a typo). I figured I would try it to see if it would work, I was concerned because of it being built off the Vista platform but tweaked futher that it would take too much CPU and this laptop couldn't handle it.

Before I move on, let me just say that I am the most fervent advocate of XP, but the drivers and everything else for this laptop and any other system post-2007 are useless and make the system actually run SLOWER than Vista. I also need to tell you that the RC of 7 was nothing short of amazing to me, it even ran flawlessly in virtualization. Considering all of the things I did when I got a chance to play with it, I knew a lot.

I think this is by far the best OS I've ever had given the power of this computer and the needs of the software. My second favorite was XP SP2 on my original PC that I had back in the day, it worked well too. Too bad that computer is slower than a Commodore 64 by comparison.

I LOVE Win7...there is no better way to put it. It's fast, flashy, and quite impressive for what it is and does. For running a 1.6ghz processor, 3g of ram, and a 160GB HD, with 256mb reserved for VRAM, it's kinda nice. The Win+P mode is tight, used to have to jump around inside of XP and vista both to find that feature. So nice to have it up front.

Stop hating, if you like XP and can stand the bugs and crashing that come with it on newer systems along with the ever-growing lack of compatibility, then by all means enjoy it. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying Win7 with all of its "bloatware" that doesn't seem to do much of what it's moniker says.



To all the guys that are totally bashing Windows 7, and to the ones having a spaz attack on them, chill out. Be mature. Windows 7 is a good operating system, in my opinion. Linux is really good, for the price. All of the other Windows-based OSes are good. XP was a good OS, yes, and Vista was a fail, at the start. I bought Vista last summer, and found no bugs at all. But Windows 7 built off of Vista, which built off XP. Each one is generally going to be better than the last. It's a little word you guys might not know how to say: Innovation. So who cares whether that guy thinks Linux/XP/Win7 is the best? You don't have to bash him for it. Just chill out!



All I can say is the faster speed of Win 7 over Vista was a nice surprise plus it seems to be very stable on my overclocked PC with Asus m/b and 2gb ram with EVGA Nvidia 9800 GT+ OC video card. Win 7 boots much quicker and connects to my wireless network fast. I have been using Windows since 3.1. Did clean install with Win 7 Upgrade 32 bit version. Had one driver that was a problem-but a Midi m/b driver from Asus solved that problem. Downloaded the Netgear wireless USB driver BEFORE the install and all went well. No complaints at all. I now have XP Pro, Vista Home Premium 32 bit and Win 7 32 bit Home Premium on one PC. Using Vista plus my Acronis True Home backup program (without sector by sector option) to backup Win 7 disk BUT to restore must use with sector by sector option to get a working restoration with Acronis True Home. I do not have the latest Acronis True Home Backup yet. Anybody got a good backup program for Win 7 other than buying the Business or Ultimate upgrade versions?



great response  Brooks69000. thanks for touching on that. I'm beginning to accept win 7 and do like some of the changes. most of the changes are cosmetic and unnecessary so i will not change to it until I have a multi core system that is worthy of win 7. I still think xp is a fantastic. I timed the boot time for win XP and win 7 on the same system. Win XP booted in 39 seconds and Win 7 took 57. Not bad for an operating system the requires 4 times the resources right out if the box.



I just started running it awhile ago, and I find it to be a tad annoying. I liked XP Pro from the start, really. I thought (and still think) that it was Microsoft's best client OS. Sure, it needed some tweaking to get it set up right, but what OS doesn't? Server 2003 is also a very good server edition, IMO. After these two, they dropped the ball on some things. Is it just me, or does it seem that MS has taken all of the best little features of XP and just thrown them away?

Now, some of the things that really annoy me about Win7:

1) They've done away with the classic start menu! Why?!!!! I hate the Vista style start menu! There are a lot more clicks required to get what you want now.

2) There is no way to change the default install directories without some problems, so if you like your programs installed onto any partition besides C, you're stuck having to change the drive letter on every single program you install! (And we all know some SW doesn't even ask you where you'd like to install it.) I've always changed it to another partition, in order to keep the OS partition as small as possible for backup purposes. Now, that is practically impossible. This is also the same in Server 2008, and what Admin in his right mind wants all data installing to the C partition, much less common files and profiles? All of that, along with PST files and any other important info, should be stored on a separate partition for backup/restore purposes. (Keep the OS image as small as possible and it's easy to restore without having to do much afterward.) 99% of the time, restoring an image is only necessary because Windows became unstable, right? The rest of the data is fine, if it's stored somewhere else.

3) No more LAN icon animation?! Why?!!! It was so nice to be able to glance at the system tray and be able to see if packet activity was actually taking place or not. Now, there is not even an option to enable that blinking screen animation. WTH were they thinking?

4) No more right click display properties on the desktop? It seems that everything requires more clicking and hunting. Is there anything more efficient at all?

5) What's up with the desktop icons? I used to be able to just set them to auto arrange and then place them in any order I wanted. New icons would just place themselves at the end of the line, as they should. Now, they seem to go under the Computer icon, or some other weird place. Is there no way to make them act like they used to? They just throw themselves wherever they want to now, so it seems.

6) Quick Launch! Why did they get rid of that? It was such a simple and useful little menu. I used to create submenus in it and have a nice secondary start menu full of all of my favorite programs that I could access so quickly, just by clicking that little arrow. I even had Quick Launch in my Send To menu, so I could quickly send items to my Quick Launch menu. Now, it requires all kinds of manipulation to get it back to what it used to be.

7) Documents and Settings/Users folders. What is up with this? Why did they take something so simple, duplicate it and make it confusing? Now, I don't know if I'm deleting shortcuts to something, or actual data. If you unhide all the hidden files and folders, this becomes a mess of complicated shit! Anyone figured out what they've done to the file system yet? I guess if you just ignore it and leave everything hidden, then this won't bother you. Power users don't like hidden files and folders, nor some strange circular web of shortcuts leading back to some other folder. Maybe there is some reason for this that I'm missing?




first of all, if you pin something to the taskbar, it works the same as quick launch, and im not having any of the other problems that you are (desktop icons), and im running windows 7 64-bit. the start menu works pretty much exactly the same, except it condenses it into a sort of 'window' down there, instead of clogging your screen with everything when you run your mouse over something



I run Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate RC1 and I only use it for some of my less Linux compatible games. What I don't see yet is anything that Linux or Mac or BSD hasn't had for at least a year prior to Vista. When Vista came out with the "Aero 3d" Gui, I looked at it and laughed. Aero is a cheap knockoff of Compiz Fusion and Beryl. Linux has had a Full 3D GUI for years. There was a package called 3D Desktop in the repos. The built in Burner app has been in gnome and KDE for years, the malware/virus issue is way better than any MS OS. The Linux OSes have been 64 bit for a long time (multi-core hyper-threading). There is the whole dependecy issue someone posted about but I really dont see the issue, most dependecies are just libraries which take up what, average of 25kb in space? It is no different than Windows or Mac. When you install a MS program or game, it installs the necessary required software components to run a.k.a. "dependencies." Linux for the most part is free in cost whereas MS is $50-$300 per copy.



Hello, "LinuxMaster9".      No Windows feature article would be complete without some insecure Linux fanboy giving us our daily dose of FUD, opinions presented as fact, manipulated statistics, ridiculous comparisons, and downright stupid arguments over meanlingless details.   In a world where everyone else is trying to make money, pay their bills, and show success; "Linux is free" comes up as a tired and sad way to sell an operating system.  Free crap is still crap and you've done little to convince people of otherwise.  Going so far as to split hairs over who did what first with the GUI is just petty.  Linux, all 256+ variations of it, are hardly shining examples of originality or consistency.   

It's only obvious that your post was designed to make you and your fellow penguin users feel good about yourselves.   But the truth is NOBODY is going to read it and decide to switch operating systems because of it.  You failed.



Robarino, cool it. A lot of these "linux fanboys" don't, themselves, understand the differences between free OSes and Windows and Mac, because they understand computers and like tweaking. The average PC user does not share those traits. The "linux fanboys" are decieving themselves just as much as they try to decieve others.

 Let me just say that I love Linux, I think it has great potential, and I use Ubuntu and I've tried other distros However, I'm using Windows 7 64-bit right now and I love it too. There are different uses for different operating systems. Also, nobody can tell me that Windows 7 is "ripped off". That's ridiculous. Sure, these features were available for Linux. Heck, some of them were available for Windows, but nobody makes a fuss about that sort of thing unless it's a seamless core function of the operating system. Linux is... close on that, just not quite there.




You got a serious pickle up your a$$. Who cares about the Linux vs MS battle. Go with what you like. I can't beleive that you actually went out of your way to burn this guy over his comments (but then again, I can't beleive it promped me to create and account and respond to your remarks lol).


Ever hear of the phrase "If you don't have something good to say, don't say it."????




how about all you linux fans just download an enterprise version of the MS OSes then its free too. i run win 7 ultimate and it runs great i have played with ubuntu and it is cool that you can run it from the disk and all but the gui is not all that great. personally I dont like any of the OSes GUIs. windows does suck but so does linux unless you are running a server. i also just created an account just to tell you that you can get free MS OSes too.



So, basically your saying Win 7 is just a big hack job



Okay, It's official, WINDOWS 7 IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The online retailers participating in Microsoft's pre-order Win 7 disc sale starting at midnight Eastern tonight are:
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Firstly i have tried the shortcup for dual screens windows + P and the display does not appear --- any ideas I have an PRO/100 VE Network Connection Driver

secondly- i havebeen using windows machines since win 3.1 trogh to this version 7 and the differences are pretty significant. There might be "bloarware" and gliches but thias is much better, faster and more stable than XPSP3 that I had previously





I am running 32bit now on a P4 2.8 with 1 gig ram "it rated 3.7" and it seems to be as smooth as xp so far, and IE8 is running much smoother and faster than 7, I hated IE7 it was constantly freezing up and crashing for some reason, I look forward to testing the 64bit on my new comp next week.



Since no one has mentioned, or seems to know the most basic difference between the core/kernel of 2k/xp and vista/7 and it's succesors i'll explain it to all of you, and while the haters will never upgrade, those of you who don't see a reason to upgrade will hopefully understand why you will eventually have to upgrade.

Win2k/xp was built for and during the era of superfast, single core, single cpu (and in many cases single gpu's).  It runs so well because it's programing is small and optimized for just such a setup.  

Vista/7 and their succesors, were designed and built for the era of multicore, multi processing units (cpu's, gpu''s, and other coprocessors, like ppu's).  To achieve this it's programing is bigger and more complex than 2k/xp's.  As such it is not as efficient, yet.  However as the core, speed, and PU count increase, the speed and  efficiency similiarly increase.  It's projected that a 16 core cpu will run vista/7 with, at least, the same speed and efficiency as a superfast dual core can run 2k/xp, while the increasing core count will only decrease 2k/xp's efficiency, since it's unable to take advantage of the extra processing power afforded by more cores. 

So, over the next 2 or 3+ plus years, unless you plan on sticking with a dual or quad core cpu, for life, you will have to give up 2k/xp.


Keith E. Whisman

I'm really enjoying Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100 64bit. If you can get your hands on a copy of RC1 your Beta keys will work to install and activate RC1. 

Win7 is now my sole OS and I'm happy. No more Vista.

Thanks for the tips and please give more power tips.  



I don't know if this has been touched on or not in the comments, but from what I've seen in the past two months or so I've been playing with 7, it looks to me like malware may.. and I emphasize MAY be a thing of the past. At least the dangerous stuff which can actually harm your system and force a format and clean install. Seems everything outside the kernel is being run in a virtual setting, and the core of the OS is isolated from everything else. Ghot can go right ahead and stick with XP, I'm ok with that. But I like 7. I will be getting a  full version (or two) once it becomes available. It boots quicker than Vista, and XP for that matter, seemingly because it loads the operating system first, then anything else gets loaded in the background while you're off to the interweb. I guess that could just be my perception, but that is how I see things happening. I still can't bring myself to intentionaly infect it, but I do have VirtualBox installed and just might give that a shot..

If it burns, burn it. If it doesn't burn, you don't have it hot enough.



Anybody know how to get Audigy X-fi sound card to work w/ Win7x64? I heard someone was able to find a work around using Vistax64 Audigy drivers, but I'm not sure if it was a particular version or what since the latest drivers doesn't appear to work with it. It just says it can't find valid hardware.



.....with a stop watch.  11 seconds to shut off, 23 seconds to browser!  I even have seven slow -a** startup programs.

THATS HOW I DEFINE BLOATWARE!!!!!   Keep in mind that I have FIOS 20/20 connection, which itself takes quite a while to shut down and startup. I don't even have a fast computer.  Its just an overclocked AMD 5000+.

When you really dig through all the crap in Vista and Win 7....its still just XP, for the remarkably low price of 300-400 dollars (if you act before midnight tonight) lol

Pretty soon MS will have ads on TV saying...  "not available in stores" and "if you buy, right now, we'll double your order for no extra cost"  After all, 2x crap is still crap  :)

Oh and what a marvelous invention the dock is....lol....just like it was when they called it the Quick Launch Bar..... lmfao!

I don't know who "everybody" is  but I liked XP from the get go....plug and play...call me hooked.  Sure XP had bloat, the difference is, that you can UN bloat XP in about 20 minutes  :/

Trully the only improvement I saw in the Win 7 beta was that it flawlessly applied the correct drivers to all my hardware.  As for the rest....its really a mess....it takes so much longer to accomplish anything and not because the OS is slower (it IS XP afterall) it simply because MS chose to move all the settings around to no improvemnet that I could see.  For about 15 years ...you could right click anything and get to properties.  Why did they change that?  In Win 7 you right click the desktop and choose properties....and you're off to wonderland.  If something ain't broke....don't fix it  !  Sure it didn't take me that long to realize that to change the desktop properties...I had to right click and choose settings.  But when you have about a billion people expecting the desktop properties to be labled ....properties....why change it?



Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



seems to me anytime i come across a comment from you, its a complaint or a nag. do you ever see the good in things? embrace change? open to something unfamiliar and different?

 ive been testing out 7 for the past couple of months and absolutely love it and i am by no means a microsoft troll. unlike you (as its apparent) i like exploring changes in everything whether it be an os (other than xp which im very tired of), program, heck even noticing changes between random new model stuff like cars and prodction gear. i realize a lot of people arent like me and like to stay stuck in the past or live by the ol 'if it aint broken dont fix it' motto. but if everything stayed the same, we wouldnt live in the age we live in today and might as well still be using win 98se. isn't xp just a 'prettier' win 98? now you may go crazy talking about the ittle things that make xp better and or different than 98. same goes for 7, while you claim it essentially is xp, well duh, but they include many different tweaks and features that make it what it is and for me, different and way better than that ol dinosaur xp.

 i find the super dock very useful and find switching and grouping programs to be very handy (and would be even better with touch capabilities) setting up home networks is much easier, personalizing it wasn't difficult and the options they give are quite nice. the aero shake and snap have come in handy, i like how explorer looks and works, just everything about it is fantastic, i dont have any complaints besides the few bugs the beta has. 

on my comp, 7 loads much faster than my xp and my xp install is pretty fresh. what bloat are you talking about?  i havnt bought a ms license since my '02 version of xp pro but i will for 7 as soon as it comes out. 

just for background, ive used every version of win since 3.0 and every mac os since '94 (and started playing with linux just last year) so its not like i havn't seen or experienced the evolution  of OSes.

the only Win i havn't liked was ME cause it just plain sucked from many standpoints. so i really dont know what your deal is, if you want to be stuck in the past and complain about everything you feel is to different to be useful, then continue living your pessimistic little life.



*posted twice for some reason



Every release of Windows since 95 has been criticized as bloaty.

 So why don't you go back to Windows 3.1, oh wait, that's just a bloaty version of 2.0, which is a bloaty version of 1.0, which is a bloaty DOS file manager.



You know people said the same crap about windows xp when it came out.  It took along time for people to finally get off 98se and 2k.  Get your thumb outa your ass .  This pertains to the poster below me



 90% of those tweaks and about 100 more can be accomplished in less time with less hassle in XP Pro.  Like I said before...when is MS gonna release a NEW OS.....not just XP beat to death with bloatware.  I can navigate the START menu on XP Pro with NO clicks and get to any programs particular choices with NO...yes NO clicks.  Try and do that on Windows 7  :/   I wish I could post pictures here...I truly think most people have forgotten how simple, easy and fast Windows XP is.

LOL at changing desktop wallpaper...in XP i can do it in 3 mouse clicks.  Half an hour later you can do the same in Windows 7....puleeeeeeze  :/


Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



dude all u have to do is right click on the desktop, click personalize, and click wallpaper settings. I dont know if i can count but that seems like three clicks to me, and this is in vista and 7. Every win os has the start menu practially the same except for icon and color layout so they are the same in that sense. So yeah dude just calm down, get ur facts right, and have a good experience trying out 7.



Tried it already. Most of this stuff is explorer crap and keyboard shorts.

None of which is a reason to try it. The OS core is what is interesting, and not so much the fact that they finally produced a workable goodlooking os. That's beside the point.

Unfortunately without an ap such as vlite to remove all the nonsense u probably won't use, it's bloatware at best.

I ran it using sharpe enviro shell replacement, f*** explorer-no offense, alongside TC UP.


It will install from your desktop just fine as long as you know where your sata drivers reside. It will also make a backup of the OS but dumps files, as in plural, only to the root of your target drive. If you need to reimage your drive-forget it. It will tell you it needs to find the drivers again and at this point It could not find them.

It also tried to force down my throat video drivers for my card which kept crashing. Uninstalling them did nada as it repeatedly would reinstall them until I fiddled with the settings.

My point is explorer still sucks and WMP has NEVER been a player of choice. IE is still something that is as well forced down your throat. When a vlite version for 7 comes round that will be the single most important tweak tool u could ask for. Explorer tweaks and key shorts are child's play.



I installed Windows 7 x64 on a old dual core 939 AMD Athalon system. It found all the drivers including raid for the system board. My X-Fi sound card was the only one that didn't have drivers but I found a work around to install the vista drivers and it is working.

So far Windows 7 is running better than Vista. Looking forward to the release to mfr.



So far, I like Windows 7 a lot. It is very fast and responsive. My only complaint is that I have no sound coming from my integrated motherboard. I have no doubt this will be resolved once Windows 7 is offically released.



Stop complaining about windows!  vista sucked when it came out but those issues have been fixed.  But there are some annoences that i would like to see fixed, like the constant  permission slips that you have to "sign" to move files and delete files.



Windows 7 is nothing but spyware!

It crashes on nearly every single program!

It takes 20 seconds longer to load Windows 7 than it does for XP

Windows 7 was designed to prevent the end user from finding out what it is doing in the background without your knowledge


Well done NSA, Well done!



Lay off the drugs.



what a well-informed response.



I love all these geek wannabes that like to bash Windows Vista/7 and Microsoft, saying how they love Windows XP and how it is the best, etc, etc...

Windows Vista is very acceptable now. And Windows 7 will be great. People criticized Windows 98 and Windows XP when they came out, saying it was just the same but worse. The difference now is that the internet is super mainstream and so we get all these idiots in front of a computer repeating stuff other people said, claiming they know what they are talking about, citing benchmarks they don't even understand and don't really mean much.

And now we also have all these Linux lovers bashing Microsoft, pretending they are super hackers while they had no idea Linux existed before Ubuntu, saying how Vista is just eye-candy while they claim all the eye-candy was on Linux first, though they had no idea about it before Vista, and also claiming they use it for everything while they have a dual-boot with Windows XP.

The truth is, it takes a little while for the OS to work 100%. Windows XP sucked until SP1, just like Vista. Windows 2000 users said the same thing about XP that XP users are saying now about Vista. I used Windows 2000 until almost 2004, just like I used XP until last month.

Get a freaking personality and stop repeating stuff you don't even know anything about.



A very good post, that reflects my feelings exactly.  It's funny how people forget that XP was bug ridden at first.

Actually I had very little trouble with Vista.  I use it at home and work, I'd never go back to XP.  I am looking forward to the Win 7 release and in fact am writing this from 7048.  My main complaint with Windows is it's too expensive to buy off the shelf. 

Oh and for the Linux fanboys...I do like Ubuntu and in fact have it installed along with Vista and 7.  I consider it a backup system.  For a free OS it's great and while the 3D cube Desktop is impressive it can't touch Vista or 7.  I will however continue to download each new version . 



Finally! someone with a mind! i've been wanting to say this, and i actually created an account just to reply. =]



I agree!!



Gimme Gimme Gimme I Want :)



Which drivers? Neither XP nor Vista work. For any of them.



SetteMaxer (a free utility) will automatically perform twelve tweaks that will put Windows 7 on steroids instantly.

12 Automatic Tweaks For Windows 7 Beta: SetteMaxer





Win Xp Still beats Vista & Win 7 So just stay with Win Xp!



It doesn't quite work as described.  After replacing the code, clicking on windows explorer does open to "my computer".  But when I click on anything in that window, a new window is opened to explore that.

 What's up with that.



This "tip" or "trick" should really be removed since it is neither. 



How about drastic changes to the user interface that enhance productivity?  Th enew taskbar makes every day tasks so much faster.  I can now pin Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, whatever I want to the taskbar and just right click the icon to see the files I have recently worked on.  Or with the explorer icon, i can see recent folders I have opened or saved things in. 

How about even better and faster voice and handwriting recognition?  Voice controlled computing is an amazing enhancement, that was much improved with Vista and is even better in 7.  I use voice control for basic tasks all the time.  Handwriting recognitionhas improved to the point to where I can write as fast as I can, and the PC keeps up with minimal errors (on a tablet with a 1GHZ celeron).

How about better performance overall and better managment of memory?  Compared to XP, 7 is leaps and bounds ahead in application launch time, and OS boot time.  My pc's boot in under 1 minute with 7 (from the time I hit the power button to the time I am in the OS and have launched an explorer window.Memory management is sooo much better even compared to Vista.  I regularly have 10 apps with several windows each open on my tablet (1ghz celeron, 2gb ram) and things don't slow down for paging.  Try opening 50 or so different windows in XP.

How about easier file management?  I can manage files from my tablet, my desktop, my HTPC, all easily with libraries.  All my pictures (etc.) show up in one place without me having to copy everything to multiple PC's multiple harddrive or multiple folders.

I could go on...  The best thing to do is to try it.  It's free!  If your system gets up and running smoothly (I have installed on four different machines of various ages with no trouble), and you use 7 for two weeks I bet you will be excited by what it does for you.  Now if all you do is work on one window at a time or one app at a time, or basic computeuse, you may be happy enough with XP.



So if Mostley you just play games Win 7 has no real advantage over Vista?  



Well it will have DX11, but supposedly that will be released as a Vista update.  If you just play games, spend your money on a better video card and not an OS.  But i dont know anywon one you ONLY uses their pc for games.



Gah...I've tried three different network cards and both 64 and 32 bit versions of Windows 7, and the base installation doesn't have drivers for any of them. Doesn't seem like a good sign.

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