20 Weirdest Adventure Games



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Willy Beamish




Okay, a wierd adventure game?

The Dallas Quest!

Never mind that it had almost, but not quite, nothing to do with the show, but the hint book consisted of calling a phone number.

I loved it.



Ah the Journeyman Project. It came bundled with my very first PC, which had a Pentium 75 MHz processor, 16 MB of RAM, and Windows 95! I think I still have the disc somewhere...



Loved Sanitarium. Glad to see it has a place on this list. The opening sequence with the inmate smacking his head against the wall still echoes in my mind.



I think Gabriel Knight shoulld be included in the list.



Hell a cyberpunk thriller, full throttle and grim fandango all favorite childhood games. Another quirky game was The Day the World broke, I really wanna play all these games again :(



Hell a cyberpunk thriller, full throttle and grim fandango all favorite childhood games. Another quirky game was The Day the World broke, I really wanna play all these games again :(



Many a week were spent on The Journeyman Project, The 7th Guest, Grim Fandango, and Sanitarium... But, no Myst!? That game was a very weird adventure game! I spent months and months playing that game, and you can't say the entire game, especially the ending, wasn't weird :)



Full Throttle is still my all-time favorite game. So many memories attached to that game accompanied by an awesome soundtrack and Mark Hamill's dulcet tones as the villain. I recommend it for any one that hasn't played it yet. It's a bit on the short side, but if you take the time to explore each scene and run through a lot of the dialogue, you'll uncover witty dialogue and LucasFilm/Arts homages. It was taxing on my system at the time. Amazing to think that it only takes a minute to copy to my hard drive and run instantly with ScummVM today.



The only one on the list I played was Neverhood. It was a bit quirky. But then so was I at that time.
Welcome to MPC, Brittany.
(Nice sunglasses.)



I haven't played a one of those games. I didn't get Grim Fandango back in the day, and it seems to have disappeared. Places like GOG have yet to revive it, which reminds me that I do believe that I have Sanitarium in my collection of unplayed games, thanks to them.

The logic, or lack thereof, turned me off from adventure games back in "the day" and sadly that doesn't seem to have changed: my netbook's lack of gaming prowess led to me playing more modern adventures like The Longest Journey & Syberia and they contain the hallmark "anti-logic" of adventure games that would make Spock & Tuvok cock an eyebrow at 'em.



What no Sam & Max Hit the Road?



Played most of them. Wish someone would remake Maniac Mansion.



Sorry, but I think you missed one of the strangest adventure 'games' of all, "Bad Day on the Midway" from 1995. This was a sequel to The Residents interactive music CD "Freak Show". That one allowed you to sneak backstage at a carnival and watch a number of videos and animations concerning the performers at the carnival, or you could play the disc in a regular CD player if you just wanted to listen to the music. It had no pretensions of being a game, though, it was just interactive.

In "Bad Day on the Midway", you actually moved characters through the creepy carnival and tried to solve a mystery just like in a regular adventure game, although most of the story came from exploring and many argued that it wasn't quite right to call it a game in the normal sense. It was certainly weird, though.

Here is a video to give you a taste: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQCNyeOMTfM

The words at the bottom of the screen are random thoughts the character is having, and when you meet a character you can switch to controlling them. This is good for getting different responses from the areas you visit and the people you talk to.


Brittany Vincent

I didn't forget about this gem, but I did try to whittle the list down. There are so many out there that I could likely make a second list. My friend Marcus and I actually discussed its inclusion, but I had written a good twenty already. Thanks for pointing it out though, so others can check it out. It's definitely bizarre!



Had a love/hate affair with Grim Fandango. The graphics and voice overs were remarkable for its time. But the puzzles and story line (as the article alludes to), were just plain odd. I absolutely hate having to search online for walk through's if I'm stuck in a game, but had to do it with Grim Fandango more than any other game. The puzzles didn't make a lick of sense to work through. Oh well...still a great game.



Welcome to MPC Brittany, hope you enjoy your stay.

The only game I played in the list is Sanitarium. Still have the disc's, might have to give ago again. Fun Times.



My personal favorite is Grim Fandango! It's not only arguably my favorite adventure game, but favorite game ever. I highly recommend it.


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