20 Essential Tricks and Skills Every BitTorrent User Should Know



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Thank you for the bunch of information. Many relates to this as downloading torrents is prevalent. I've learned a lot.

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Just a quick note guys, i launched a "get your IP site" focusing on delivering alot more detail also explainations for novice users.


check it out www.kirkfletcher.co.uk



...but its unnecessary...



More advanced.



Furk.net is pretty dodgy.

Looked all over and saw no download limits, apart from in the TOS where it says "We may limit bandwidth on accounts."

But when the premium page says "Download limit per 24 hours
: Unlimited"
I understand it to be unlimited, but they seem to think otherwis. Especially since they don't mention the 40gb limit ANYWHERE on their site apart from your premium page once you've paid.

Instead I actually paid for 40gb of downloads, that expires after 30 days
You can pay for extra download bandwidth of course, but, I'm just hoping they aren't dodgy enough to auto-charge me if I go over the limit instead of saying "No more downloads."

But of course, I can't ask them because there isn't a single support email address, and the DMC emails are answered by a robot.



I got a warning email from my ISP saying to stop downloading torrents, so I installed PG2 and later got another warning letter. Is there any way to hide this stuff from my ISP or am I out of luck?



Yes, make sure you are using a higher port like 55567 or similar. And make sure you are only allowing 'encrypted' connections only.


Also, USE PeerBlocker as peerguardian is not being updated.



nsk chaos




I own two routers and unfortunately neither has QoS options, even with the upgraded firmware. Are there any options in utorrent that accomplish the same thing, or any programs I can use? Bandwith control isn't really an issue for me except for when I'm downloading torrents so the solution only has to allow for control of utorrents bandwidth and not all programs/traffic.


I found this page, but didn't want to just go installing and testing all of them. If anyone has used them or something similar please let me know what you thought.



Perplexing Man

Can anyone clarify on the TCP limit? I am using Windows 7 and when I checked on UTorrent "net.max_halfopen" it is set to 8. Should I change this to 10 or a greater number to gain better access to my fellow peers or should it's current value be left alone? Thanks for any help on this as I am a regular user of utorrent for various reasons.



Some of the more prestigious trackers block beta versions of bt software.  So if you don't want to / can't use the uTorrent webUI, just get Dropbox.  Install Dropbox on your home machine and your remote machine.  Tell uTorrent to watch a 'torrents' folder in your Dropbox and then tell it where to store the downloads.  Drop torrents in that folder and utorrent will automatically start the download.  No need to log into any web UIs or anything. 



Thats Hilarious! It is exactly like the old PG2 with signed drivers and some better support! Very nice and thanks for the info! To Max PC, I would expect better.... you should have known this!



It's useful for VPN/Proxies and private trackers to monitor your torrent IP address: checkMyTorrentIp.com



 i have a question: Say i finish seeding/leeching something, delete the tracker cookie for utorrent and then decide to come back later and reseed is their a way to connect the tracker (after i re download it) to my file or do i need to download the file again just to reseed

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Right click the torrent after you add it back into uTorrent, and click Force Recheck.



very useful tips.. I am using utorrent from last 4-5 months but didn't know these features and was not aware of actual meaning of this terms.



You should also enable Protocol Encryption when using utorrent.

 "Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) actively interfere with P2P
activities in order to reduce their bandwidth requirements. This causes
µTorrent and other file sharing download speeds to become slow. To
avoid this, µTorrent and other clients have introduced an encryption
protocol to prevent ISPs from identifying BitTorrent traffic."


Go to Options > Preferences > BitTorrent. Set Outgoing under
Protocol Encryption to Enable, check "Allow incoming legacy


Other tips can be found at:  http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/connection-setup



Thanks, I just switched from Azurus to uTorrent, so there was some helpful tips in there.



Yup, Use PeerBlock instead of PeerGuardian. It's pretty much exactly the same, except PeerBlock has way better support.



Thanks for mention that. I've been strugling with PG2 as it's crashing all the time. Glad to hear someone actually continued with PG2 project, even if it's a new program...



I prefer Peerblock myself.


This version has a signed driver so 64bit users don't have to worry about disabling. It also doesn't bog down on updates like PG2 does.





i can't trust ANY info in an article published after the Win7 launch that recommends PG2 *and* fails to even mention PeerBlock.

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