20 Essential Tips Every Ubuntu User Should Know



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This operating system is dynamic. Thank you for the details about it. It is terrific and with this post, I shall be more acquainted about it.

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Ubuntu is an awesome application. The tips provided here are awesome. Many appreciates the post for sure.

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"(To view it again, run the “encryptfs-unwrap-passphrase” command.)"


The command should be 




Ubuntu Rocks and it makes my dream come true. I norally would go with dual booting or compeletly run Linux in Vista based machine but after getting myself a window 7 laptop and an upgrade for my Desktop, I just couldn't let window 7 go I don't want to dual boot on my Laptop because HP already partition 4 drives in single Hard Disk, but with Wubi, I don't have to. Good article, thanks you. 



The web is useless without flash.  For instance the addictive game at http://gumbota33.mybrute.com is entirely flash based (though coded in open source HaXe). Installing the flash plugin for firefox should be on any list like this.



there are some risks with installing with wubi. While it wont mess up your windows partiton. If something happans to the ntfs partiton or a bad windows crash I have seen it currupt the wubi partiton and completey mess up the ubuntu install. I lost 3 weeks of programing homework that way.



 Very good article!  Often I read articles with titles like this and don't learn anything new, but your article was informative.  A couple of other things that I found helpful were:

 -- Accessing different terminals to shut down programs that have frozen (this happens sometimes with Firefox and some games to me).  Use Alt Ctrl and any function key F1 through F7 (F7 being the default xwindows terminal).  I log in and then use the "top" command from the command line to find the pid (process id number) of the frozen or run away application.  After finding the number, type "kill -kill 2145" (where 2145 is an example pid).  Then go back to terminal 7 with "Alt Ctrl F7" to find the troublesome application gone.  This is sort of like using the task manager in MS Windows to kill an application or process.

-- VirtualBox.  I can now run Windows XP (or any other version) from Ubuntu if there is some Microsoft App that I can't live without but I still want to have Ubuntu.  I sometimes double check stuff I've saved in  MS format in OpenOffice in a wordviewer on an XP virtual machine on VirtualBox.  If you take snapshots after you update your XP virtual machine and you then get a virus, it takes one minute to restore your XP virtual machine, as opposed to hours to restore a normal (non virtual machine) XP install that is badly corrupted.





I get to be 'that guy'. I would have emailed this, but couldn't find an easy link.


On page three, I believe it should be 'ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase' instead of 'encyrptfs-unwrap-passphrase'.

At least on Kubuntu that's what I use.



just installed ubuntu x64 on my pc via VMware...can't wait to use this linux guide!

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