15 Amazing In-Game Screens Showcase CryEngine 3's Next-Gen Capabilities



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I have looked at CryEngine 3 on their website and it is pretty awesome. Was considering getting a license until I saw how much I would have to fork out for it. <__Ô )' ' lol If developers can convince KG to delay a future OGL release to add additional features, then it will surpass DX11; on the other hand 4.1 already has in a few areas. Another issue is the lack of full driver support from GPU manufatures such as AMD/ATI.



This is cool but its not that muv better than the first Crysis in terms of gfx. The real improvments are in the cross platform capability.



I really hope the have a team dedicated to catering to the 360 version.

Cross-platform is great but if Crytek stops pushing the envelope for the sake of a few more sales I will be angry.


Mighty BOB!

Holy crap real-time integration with Maya! *drooooools*

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