13 Stages In The Evolution of the Mouse



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I use to have a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical which IMO is better than that Explorer. Used that mouse for 10 years without any issues and they are still selling it. The optical is cheaper and has a 5 year warranty compared to 1 year on the Explorer.




The intellimouse Explorer was a failing of microsoft engineering.  the major flaw in the explorer was the two mouse buttons on the thumb side, Ruining any gaming application.  previous intellimice had a 5-button layout, thumb -> forefinger -> middle finger on the wheel -> ring finger -> pinky on the side button.  this allowed a gamer to use either side button independantly.  newer designs that move the two side buttons to the same side fail this simple paradigm test, and essentially reduce the 5 button mouse to a 3 button mouse with forward and back buttons.


Keith E. Whisman

I remember the old ball mice and how they became unusable after a year or so. I remember poping the ball out and cleaning the ball and the crud off the little wheels inside the cavity that tracked the movement of the ball. That was a pain and usually the mice just didn't last for very long, mice had a life that began to end the moment you started using them. Well that Intellimouse Optical Explorer was freaking awesome and if it weren't for the wires in the cable breaking over time I would probably still be using it. The wires in the cable couldn't handle the constant bending, pushing, and pulling motion. But damn, the price for admission into the ball less territory was relativly high, the optical mice literally paid for themselves over time just out lasting ball mice. 



I still have my Logitech G5 mouse, the original model! Still a great mouse. Fast. Responsive. And still looks cool. Paired with my original Logitech G15 Keyboard, this has been a wonderful "input" combo! I have no reason, as of now, to upgrade either. 



Wow, I had a MX1000 back in the day! It was decent except for battery life. Replaced it with a G7...then I got tired of switching batteries twice a day. Now I'm happy with my G500. 



Hmm... Why did you leave out the evolution of the interface? It started out with the serial mouse, then the PS2 port (which I can't believe is STILL being made on most motherboards) and then the current USB.

BTW, squash the spammers already, please...



You Skipped the 1980s, in particular, you skipped Sun's optical three-button mouse which used a special reflective mousepad.

See page 6 here. It was a remarkable device because it was sensitive enough to enable CAD on Sun workstations.



I bought one of Logitech's first optical mice, the simple 2 button with scroll wheel like the intellimouse, and it lasted around 15 years of heavy daily use before the LED finally went out. It got so much use that there was literally an etching of the shape of my thumb in the clear plastic on the left side of the mouse.



Ugh, the R.A.T. 7, what a piece of garbage. Bought one based on all the glowing reviews, found it to be garbage. Far fewer customizable buttons than my old, old MX518 I upgraded from, or the G500 I am now using. Heavy as hell no matter what thanks to all the steel in the construction. Poor shape for people with large hands (that stupid finger rest on the right side is puny). No side scrolling on the mouse wheel. "Snipe" button is impossible to reach during normal use, which makes it useless (a button meant to be used in the heat of competitive FPS play must be easy to reach). Uncomfortable sharp-edged thumb buttons unsuitable for extended depressing (say, as the secondary fire in TF2 to keep your heavy's gun spinning).

Then what's up with the ergonomics? You design a mouse with thumb and pinky rests such that it must be used right-handed, then don't angle the mouse to make it more comfortable to hold for a right? WTF?

If it weren't for the looks, that mouse wouldn't get the time of day from anyone.



I agree with you.  My friend bought one, and, although he enjoys it, I find it unbearable.  I tried adjusting everything, switching out panels, all of it, it was just no good.  The biggest problem I found is that the back half is too high (Or the front half too low?  Either way, neither is adjustable.) and it just feels wrong as a result.



I have the RAT 7 and it's extremely awesome. My only complaint is that it doesn't work on many surfaces.



I use a rat7 and it's the best mouse I've ever used. I have huge hands as well, but I found the customized parts made it a perfect fit for me. Also, you can adjust the snipe button, so you can put it exactly where you want it. 



To each his own right?  I have the RAT9 and think the customizable parts are great, I found my config and am quite happy with it.  Swappable battery is sweet and although battery life is short, it comes with two and you can always have one charging so you never really have to wait for your mouse to charge.  I have no issues with the button configuration, I just used the profile editor to config the buttons to the way I want and all is well.  I especially like the "hold down" feature where you press the button on your mouse and it's akin to holding down a button in game.  For example, in Crysis 2, you need to hold down the aim button but with the RAT all I need to do is press once to aim and then press again to "un-aim".  Since I've gotten familiar w/ the profile editor all I do now for a game is slightly tweak my "default" config, save as, and I'm in business w/ my config for that new game.

I will say two things.

1. I agree that a lack of side scroll is a failing

2. One of my thumb buttons stopped working after 6 months and I had to replace under warranty.  RAT support is pretty hit or miss, although they replaced the mouse, their email response time is atrocious.  Honestly I expect more when I spend so much for a mouse.



Man, I remember the Microsoft Intellimouse 1996. It served me well through many Counter-Strike 1.6 matches haha. As a matter of fact, it's still being used on the family computer.

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