13 Of the Most Realistic Gaming Screen Shots



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The BF3 "Faultline" demo is rediculously cool. That's some next level gaming. The entire building shaking and falling apart when they take out the gunner in that apartment looks awesome.


Holly Golightly

This is what I love about PC Gaming, you get jaw dropping graphics in hardware that can last several generations. Indeed, PC Gaming is the way to go from now on!



While ME2's graphics were good and I appreciated the art style, it's not quite what I would consider 'real', even after discounting the aliens and space. And there's no possible way that every floor in the galaxy are pristine mirrors.

Definitely Witcher 2. Also Starcraft 2, at least the cutscenes: Blizzard got the lighting and motion down. I do not like the exaggerated proportions of the Terran and Protoss structures and units; they look funny compared to the original. I really got the feeling that in the first, Terrans felt like they were straight out of the trailer park and everything was on the verge of breaking down.



HAWX 2 looked really nice. It's a shame that ubisoft had to lock it down so hard with DRM, I just may have bought it had they listened to their customers



You missed Fallout 3. The early screenshots released actually caused Homeland Security and the FBI to be concerned about a possible terrorist threat and launch an investigation before they realized it was an upcoming video game. The depictions of a devasted Washington, D.C. were almost too realistic.

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