11 Innovative Notebook Concepts



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The Bentley laptop is actually a limited edition Tulip Ego done for Bentley. How that company is still alive is beyond me...


Holly Golightly

Hey, you guys got your statement wrong for picture 8 of 11 Dell Inspiron Duo. The screen is only flipable... Not removable. You can flip the screen and close the clam shell and it would appear like a tablet, but the keyboard is still underneath the screen. It is a cool laptop, and this is why I purchased it for my sister on Christmas.

As for my taste, my favorite laptop was the Dell Adamo XPS. It is the world's thinnest laptop (thinner than mac air) with a keyboard in an ergonomic position. The way the laptop unlocks is ultra fancy. You slide your finger sideways, and then it electronically unlocks itself. It is the only laptop I know that comes with 2 batteries and a full metal keyboard. To me, it was a revolution that did not quite make it. Just look at the link. Total show stopper.




I'd like to see a return to the foldout keyboards, and have the chance to have a full-size, regular layout keyboard with a keypad on a 14 or 15 inch laptop.



I'd like the idea of a tablet book. something fresh to bring to the tablet market

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