The 10 Things You Must Do First with Every New Netbook



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1.5: Trim Windows From Windows. Install Ubuntu:



I have been using a netbook for over a year now and I come to realize the people who state netbooks are no good or secondary computers which have no purpose are the same idiots who say Microsoft is evil and think and open source OS is the best thing since sliced bread.   The truth about Netbooks is they are more than capable to use as a main pc I started in the computer industry over 16 years ago and the Netbooks of today are much faster and more capable then the Pentium 4 systems which where used to run MAJOR ORGANIZATIONS FOR YEARS. so when I hear that Netbooks are not real computers it makes me wonder where did these ding bats come from?  Where you living in the last decade or so between the years of 1995-2007?  Netbooks can out perform any system from that era hands down.  The average PC user does not need anything over 160 GB HD  2 Gig or Ram to surf the web and shop on eBay.  So to all the guru's out there making the claim that Netbooks are useless STFU  I do believe being in this business for over 15 years qualifies me as an expert and I see a great use for a netbbok I actually use my Acer Aspire One D250 all the time as my main unit and I have not experienced any issues with performance I also have it dual booted with Win 7 Ultimate and Jolicloud and it runs like a charm.  The deal is, if you don't want a netbook don't buy one and stop talking about them as if there just some cheap little crappy machine that serves no purpose because for some of us they do.  Another point why go out and buy a 10lb laptop for $400 bucks when you know damn well its not going to do much more than a netbook because guess what? the manufacture who makes the top selling netbook also is the manufacture of that cheap 16-17 inch laptop being offered for $400 and being that netbooks have solidified there presence in the netbook market I very much doubt if there trying to kill it.  



Just for the record, F11 also works in Opera, Chrome, and IE8 (couldn't say for Safari).  I know you guys are religiously attached to Firefox, but sometimes your Firefox tips work in other browsers too.



It seems to me that the real mark of a power user is not necessarily having the biggest baddest machine, but having a setup that provides YOU with the most productivity or usefulness for your money. If you don't like netbooks, fine, don't buy one. Some people find them useful, I know I do, I work in theatre, and to be able to edit my docs, and stay in touch with out having to find power or a place to set it is fantastic. Pick what's right for you, and don't give other crap for doing the same.



i have all ready replaced my acer1 win xp with win 7 ult and i have to say wow

i still have the 1gig ram and the 160gig hd and it runs great 

if you want to see a acer1 running win 7 ult got to and watch the video here



Netbooks will always be pointless.

But you gotta love people that think they actually need them. Like how did you live before you were able to waste more time surfing the web on a less powerful laptop..?



Why does everyone find this so difficult to understand, they're not meant to replace laptops.  I commute to college, so when i'm in classes 7 hours a day, it's nice to have something handy like a netbook.  If someone travels all the time on business, they might not need the power of a laptop, but the still need the base features offered by a netbook.  Netbook =/= laptop!



I do not see them as completely pointless. For me I already have a pretty powerful desktop that I use a majority of the time. The netbook is good for travel, when going to a friend's house, etc. It is also quite useful when watching TV on the couch and you want to do some basic chat or webbrowsing.

Sure a regular laptop can do the same things and more, but the additional weight and price is unnecessary in my opinion



I'm waitin for the 1005pe and my 9+ hours of internet surfing without plugging in :D



Step 1: Place in garbage can.

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