10 Things Android Does Better Than iPhone OS



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1. Android can run multiple Apps at the same time.

This is true, and a nice feature. The current iOS version does a much better job of this. Is it better than Androids version? Thats questionable, and the answer is that it depends on the user. While running multiple apps can be a good thing, it also kills the processor and the battery life. This is a major reason for Android phones running slow and the general sluggish feel they sometimes get. Try running many intensive apps for any period of time and you'll see what I mean.

2. Android keeps information visible on your home screen.

This is also true, and widgets are a nice feature. But really the same thing applies. They kill battery life and are taxing on the processor. It's not that the iPhone couldnt do these things, its that Apple made a conscious decision to not include these things.

3. Android has a better App Market

This is false. The Android market isnt even in the same league as the App store. The App store has more apps. The apps are of a higher quality because Apple has to approve them. Not to mention navigation in Apples store is infinetly better organized and clean.

If you think the Android market is better because its open tell that to the millions of people who downloaded an app that sent their credit cards to china: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2010-07-29/tech/30019839_1_iphone-apps-android-market-personal-data

Or the people who downloaded this fake netflix app: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2394621,00.asp

4. Android gives you better notifications

This was true for a while, but not anymore. iOS 5 has caught up and passed Androids notification system.

5. Android lets you choose your hardware.

This is true, but im not sure this is an advantage. While Android does let you choose your hardware, that does not mean that any of the hardware is superior. Apples design and quality is unmatched. Not to mention that all this hardware has created a massive amount of fragmentation of the Android platform. For those that dont understand this, some phones run different versions of the Android software and developers have to make different versions of their apps for different phones. What this amounts to is apps coming out for iPhone months before they come out for Android. It means that apps will generally have more bugs, and that some phones may never get a desired update to the software of the apps. Take Netflix for example. The iPhone app was out for a very long period of time and when it did finally release for Android it was only on a handful of phones. In my eyes the clear winner here is the iPhone.

6. Choose your carrier

This is also no longer true. The iPhone is available on Sprint, ATT, and Verizon

7. Android lets you install custom ROMs

True, and nice for a small niche, but frankly most people dont care about this or know what a ROM is.

8. Android lets you change your settings faster

This is hardly a point. Its kind of like saying that my phone has 156 different colors of fonts and your phone only has 155. Not to mention, this isnt always true, and that it is basically the same reason as numbers 1/2.

9. Android does google and social integration

This is true and if your a social buff then its nice. The iPhone now has full twitter integration, but Apple has yet to iron out the details with Facebook. Either way this is a win for Android.

10. Android gives you more options to fit your budget

Not true these days. iPhone 3gs is free with 2 year contract, iPhone 4 is $99, iPhone 4S is $199.

At this point, Android phones offer slightly more customazation than the iPhone but at the expense of poor battery life and taxing the processor. The iPhone wins in basically every other category. Hardware quality, voice controls, cloud computing, software security, accessories, App store, customer service and support, a unified (non fragmented) platform that guarantees updates, resell value, etc.



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take that steve jobs....not good for your 

overgrown ego,huh?I dont want just a music machine...got that with cd,sand flash drives and radios...your stuff is cute but not as open minded...



All is too true except for a couple of BIG features the iPhone has on Android. First, facebook on iPhone is KING. anyone with an Android will tell u that. Second, naturally, the music player on iPhone is alot nicer. and third, i think the gaming (particularly on iPhone 4 with the A4 chip) on iPhone is much better. I work in a phone store and its plain an obvious – Android is for those with a little more independence and intelligence, iPhones are for sheeps




I read through the article, and while some of the points are still valid, others are no longer.  I use the iPhone 4 with Verizon, and I'm running iOS 4.2.6, starting with iOS 4 there is multitasking on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.  As far as the Android marketplace being "better", I think this is purely subjective. As someone who does app development, I find it hard to say which is "better" or "worse".  For what it's worth, I run a jailbroken iPhone so have multiple app stores to choose from anyway.  Overall, I've found the iPhone to be a more secure device and more capable in the business sense.  Better support for enterprise applications than the android OS currently has, not to say that won't be changing in the future.  Bottom line, I think both platforms have a lot of merit.  I guess it really depends on which fits your individual needs better.  


As far as the "open hardware platform" it's very true that Apple keeps a pretty locked down hardware platform, but I think that also has it's benefits.  Their support tends to be better as they thoroughly know the hardware they support.  In that sense, Apple is similar to Cisco Systems.  Cisco's Unified Communications product line runs only on Cisco MCS servers (or identical matches from either IBM or HP).  By doing so, yes it DOES restrict the customers' choice of hardware, but when reliability is a high requirement, it helps to ensure that level of 99.999% uptime.  

As far as home screen notifications, yes, the iOS does it via pop-ups which are either a love it or hate it system.  I've used both home screen notifications as well as the pop-up system.  I find the pop-up system works well for me.  

You can change your UI quite a lot with custom ROMs for iPhone also, like with a rooted android device, you're taking a risk, but it IS possible.  

Also, iPhone can now operate on either AT&T or Verizon.  

In short, just as the android OS has matured, so has the iOS.  Bottom line, I think it really come down to which platform suits your individual needs better.




I love those individual widgets shown in the picture under #8 above.  Does anyone have an idea what their name is in the market?



I just got my first android phone the mytouch 4g and I love it. Way better than my iphone 3g.

I got tired of paying $120 a month. Verizon is not any better than ATT with prices. Android phones rule.



Wow!, I really like this site but enough is enough already.
You guys are so biased it's ridiculous.



I just got an iPhone 3g, and with the new update for the ios4 they purposely made it where older versions of the iphone run slow. Before that bullshit i would have said iphone before android any day. But after seeing all the things that android phones can do, im thinking its time for an upgrade. So to that, iphone 0 android 1. PS- Steve Jobs, you can suck a fart out of my asshole.



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I say enough with the who's better than who. To each his own, but because I love to ruffle feathers…


1. iPhone 4 can do this

2. What a mess that can be

3. Apple tries to avoid having a crAPP Market

4. I'm not 7 nor 70, Don't need the huge time stamp

5. Why is more than one device necessary?

6. All carriers suck


8. Wheres the fire?!

9. Theres an app for that

10. Save your Starbucks money, one for a month and you can afford an iPhone

*Bonus: Apples design is far superior.



1. Android has done it from day one. You've never needed to root/hack/jailbreak your phone in order to multitask. Apple has ONLY JUST released it to the masses! Get your head out of your ass.

2. If you have everyone on there, then sure. But if you are organized and only display the required information then no. In fact there are many apps which provide minimized views of systems, times, etc that help reduce clutter yet keep your information right at your fingertips. No launching any extra or special apps.

3. Ya Apple also rules the Appstore with an iron fist. They reject apps for the most pathetic of reasons, and then let others through. Their rules and restrictions are so tight that you need to almost make a sacrifice to actually get your app published.

4. In that screenshot, that is what we like to call a clock. It is a stock app that comes with the OS. It can easily be removed and/or uninstalled and another take its place. Moron.

5. With AppleOS being on only one device, you're limited to one carrier (until reciently), you also have very no options. Apple makes one device and it has a very small market penetration. With having your OS available to multiple hardware manufacturers that adhier to a set of guidelines, your OS can penetrate the market much faster and easier, and your market share grows. Hmm... Sounds like a really popular OS that I've heard of, and is used on about 90 some odd percent of the computers and systems around the globe...

6. I'll agree with you on the "all carriers suck" part. However some suck less than others. And having your device on multiple carriers means that more customers have an oppertunity to purchase and use the device. This also causes prices to decrease as companies fight for your business.

7. So having the ability to customize your phone, or use an improved and/or tweaked OS on the device is a bad thing and reason to be made fun of? Interesting... So if rooting an Android phone and installing a custom rom makes us nerds, then what does jailbreaking an iPhone make you? A wannabe? You do realize that geeks are slowly taking over, and the "nerd" that was made fun of in school, is now the head of a company and can control the employment fate of those that made fun of him...

8. So you have no problem with digging through menus, or waiting for a setting to change? That's fine. But hey, if I need to fire up the WiFi or the Bluetooth radio on my phone, I'd rather do it with the quick push of an onscreen button and have the change take effect right away, than dig through menu, after menu to find what I want.

9. Ya, but Android has the feature built in. Can do it from the start, and you don't need to load anything extra. Hmm... Which would I prefer? Having the feature built in to the OS which doesn't require anything extra, or having to fire up an app market and hunt through the thousands upon thousands of different apps that all do the same thing.... You know what, I'll take the built in feature.

10. 1mo worth of Starbucks might get you an iPhone 3 on a 2yr contract, but it won't let you buy it outright, nor will it get you a 3GS or a 4. Apple products are all flash with minimal or the same function as everything else. You are buying a name and an image. That's the bottom line. If that's not the case, the explain it to me why there are so many people out there who HAVE TO HAVE $Apple Device, and when asked why their response is "'cause it looks cool!" or a variation of that. And when you explain that $other device performs the same functions and more, and costs less, they don't care. They want the shiny glassy Apple crap! Steve "The Almighty" Jobs could shit in a box, put a shiny piece of plastic on it and make it glow, and sell it for $800 and people would buy it in droves! Then he could release the same thing, but with a pulsing apple logo on it, and sell it for even more, and those same people would buy it in droves! Even if they had just purchased the original. Why? Because Apple is a cult following. It's less of a computer company, and more of an image company. I'm surprised they haven't tried to release their own clothing line by now. Why just buy Apple products? Now you can wear them too and show the world how much of a douche you are!

And your "Bonus" statement, proves that Apple is more image than function!



For instance, Point 8 is completely nullified by SBSettings for jailbroken iPhones, which allows changing settings from within ANY application with the swipe of a finger and a tap. I highly doubt anything for android is faster than SBSettings, i'm sure there are options as fast..possibly.



Yea We have plenty of apps to do that, But that is so old I use app that are base on condition to change settings. For example I have a profiles that defects if I am at home and it will turn on my wifi automatically and connect me to my network, Or if I dock my device to my car it will automatically turn on bluetooth, launch my music player and start playing music. I have a profiles that if I'm at home and it's between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. it will silence my notification volume but not my ringtone volume, I even have a profile that will detect if I'm driving and if I receive a message and will reply "I'm on the road and I will get back to you as soon as possible."and I don't have to root (jailbreak) my device.



So far, all of the iPhone retorts are from people toting Jailbroken iPhones. But I believe this list is for vanilla devices. Therefore, your jailbroken retort is invalid!



I'm not a big Apple fan, and I admit that it was the old IIe that made me interested in computers way back when. I'm not going to defend AT&T or say that Verizon (or other carriers) is the cause. I am not even going to say how great the iPhone is, since all technology need improvement.

I do want to say that I have an iPhone 4 and just recently acquired a Motorola i1 from Sprint/Nextel. I know that this seems a no contest but for me it's an understanding of the Android OS.

I am impressed by the amount of free apps for the Android OS, but they are free because, for the most part, they are not usable. Unusable to the point I know why they need "uninstaller" apps. I am rather disappointed with the app selection and amount of useless, or overrated apps from BOTH Apple and Android.

I am disappointed in the complex way it takes an Android phone to Synchronize with MS Outlook. Simple way is to by a $40+ program that uses Gmail account (which since I need to Sync with my Outlook I have made my now 5th email account- it's getting ridiculous) or use the free Gmail calendar sync and manually upload your contacts. This same method had to be used for the Palm Pre (you all remember the Pre? it wasn't that impressive)

I have experience a email issue with my i1 (perhaps because Sprint lacks that support to update the OS from 1.5 to 2.x?) but you don't hear about these issues on Yahoo or Google or any news headlines.

Apple has become too big for its PR anymore. At one time we all looked up to Apple as an innovator, and now we look down at them for being the Corporate Monster.

Unfortunately for all companies, when you get that big the public looks at you with jealous eyes and screams foul.

So- which is the better OS? Simple, it is the one that fits your needs. Both are great, both have problems, just Android is the underdog and is being hailed as the "diamond in the rough."

I proudly get the chance to wield both OS's due to my job function. I can only hope that BOTH Apple and Android decide to focus on patching the issues in their OSs and that the carriers spread the repairs on to the users.

As for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and the numerous other carriers, each one of them should really focus on providing reliable and cost effective services so that as users, we can get the most from the technology purchased.

It's hard sometimes to remember that, at one time, getting a phone call "out there" was the ONLY cool thing we were able to do.



I guess this gonna be the best cellular in America.

EVO 4G Android Phone



I also have US Cellular and I have the Touch Pro 2 running android. It runs pretty well except a few quirks but thats expected because the touch pro 2 is a windows mobile phone.

I was told by a USCC rep today that they will be getting the Samsung Acclaim July 9th. They will also be getting the HTC Desire sometime this summer most likely late summer.



You're wrong about the "all major carriers have at least one Android-based smartphone." What about US Cellular? Now, I'm not going to lie, I have US Cellular, and I by no means recommend anyone get a contract with them.. They have terrible deals, really no good phone choices, and I oddly never get some calls, similar to AT&T.. But they still are a major cellular provider, yet they have no Android phones. Trust me, if they did, I'd ditch the LG Tritan in a heartbeat for one. I just don't feel like skipping from my middle of the line $150 kinda-smart phone to a $500 HTC or something else running Windows Mobile. I do agree, that the iPhone has many flaws. Android seems pretty cool after reading through this, but you fail to really mention any strong points of the iPhone. And at least in my opinion, it's easier to take an article seriously when the author is not extremely biased in any way. And I'm sorry, but you were extremely biased towards Android. I find that ignorant, but hey that's just me, a reader. I would love an iPhone, I would love an Android phone. Just get me something better than this piece of crap LG. I'd have to say in terms of being comfortable with the OS, I'm going with the iPhone has the upper hand here. Apple have made it simple to use. And really, why does Android need to be able to support different ROMS, have a 1 Ghz processor.. We have computers to that. It's really sad that people feel the need to have to take that much technology everywhere they go with them. Apparently, no one can be independent and do anything on their own without the help of a tiny internet web search device. I see it as a phone's a phone, use it for what it's really meant for. Talking. You really can't complain about the other aspects because really.. They don't make it a better phone, they make it a better portable computer with phone capabilities. So this isn't a whole argument for which type of phone OS is better, its more an argument of what can make us the laziest we can be, no matter where we are. In short, does it matter? My grandma is completely fine with her samsung flip phone with giant number buttons. And I think the world would be a more normal, active place if that were the case with everyone. Distractions, distractions..



HTC phones dont cos 500 they are anywhere from 99 to 199



You are what most people would call a retard. the title is 10 things android does better than iphone. So i would think calling it a biast would probly be due to the fact that it is saying 10 THINGS ANDROID DOES BETTER. NOT WHAT DOES IPHONE DUE BETTER. dumb bitch



Starting off by calling someone a retard, then submitting a post that appears to be written at, or possibly slightly below a fourth grade reading level doesn't go a long way as far as helping your point.

The spell checker is your friend. Word spots most common grammar errors (like forgetting to capitalize your "i") and you wind up looking a lot better for it. 





-- Sent from my Desktop running Windows 7 64bit



I also have US Cellular and I have the Touch Pro 2 running android.
It runs pretty well except a few quirks but thats expected because the
touch pro 2 is a windows mobile phone.

I was told by a USCC rep today that they will be getting the Samsung
Acclaim July 9th. They will also be getting the HTC Desire sometime
this summer most likely late summer.



I'm not sure if US Cellular would be considered one of the major carriers in the United States.  I think the author was referring to Verizon Wireless (93 million subscribers), AT&T (87 mil), Sprint Nextel (48 mil), and T-Mobile (34 mil).  As of April of this year, US Cellular has only 6.1 million subscribers, which would make it the 7th largest in the country. 

As for the iPhone OS vs. Android OS debate, I do agree with you that iOS is definitely easier to use, for the average person.  However, I personally like the idea of being able to customize my experience a little more on the Android platform.  I would guess that a lot of other readers of Maximum PC would agree with me there. It may be a generalization, but on a whole I think we readers are by nature more of a "tinkering" sort of crowd.  I personally like the idea that I have more options to get the most out of my cell phone's hardware, and that I have more options in picking that hardware in the first place.  

Also, the notion of "why" a phone needs to have better, faster specs doesn't make much sense either.  This debate is on smartphones, not just regular, basic cell phones.  Smartphones essentially gives a vessel to those who need the capabilities of a computer at all times.  It's not exactly convenient to carry a laptop with you and boot it up wherever you go if you simply need to quickly check something online or read an email.  However, it is quite easy and convenient to just pull out your cell phone though and use that instead.  It's true that often they are distractions, but for many people they are also essential tools for work.  Personally, if I'm going to be using a device throughout the day, every single day, I want it to be as fast as possible (while still being relatively affordable)....pretty much for the same reason I assume you're not using the same computer you had ten years ago.

I have an iPhone 3G currently.  My productivity has increased ten-fold since getting it about two years ago.  I've been extremely happy with it, and at the time when I bought it, I felt that it was the best cell phone device out there.  However, I do see the limitations of it, and will most likely be switching to an Android device sometime in the near future (it would have been the HTC Evo, however Sprint does not have 4G in my area and I don't like the principle of paying $10 extra each month for something that I can't use).  Also, on a side note, I am pretty sure that you're Grandma's Samsung flip phone outperforms the iPhone when it comes down to actual cell phone usage.  Probably the only reason that the poor cell phone features of the iPhone didn't bug me so much is that I rely on data service on the go, much more than I do on voice service.    

 On a positive note, US Cellular supposedly will be getting an Android device this summer.  I'm not sure which one or how much it will be, but hopefully you'll be getting a decent option sometime soon.  



Coming from someone who uses a mobile phone for at least 3 hours a day, i can honestly say that the problem isn't at&t. I've have blackberry phones, htc phones, nokia, lg, motorola, att branded, samsung, and a few others, and in my whole 10 years of being with at&t i've dropped 3-4 calls total. I've also been standing right next to friends and random people at various bars who've dropped calls while i happily chat.

If the poblem lied with att, then the new iphone wouldn't have been so quick to add an external antenna. at the very least, apple is half responsible.

I plan on trying out an iphone for the first time...but if it sux, it'll be replaced fast for a nexus one. I'll give cupertino a chance...this will be the true test. I've used all types of phones for years on the same towers...we'll see who is really to blame in a couple weeks.



My wife has an iPhone and I have the Nexus One.  I have to say that I'm not overly impressed with either of them.  The Nexus One has two really huge shortcomings.  The keyboard sucks out loud and there's no native support for syncing with Outlook.  I'm also not overly impressed with the GPS on this unit.  My old NOKIA E71 beats both the iFruit and Nexus handily.  The battery life isn't really all that great either. 

I'm not an Outlook fanboy; however, it's what we use at work and it's what I need my smartphone to sync with.  Having to have my information on a Google server makes me very uncomfortable and had I have known this to begin with I would have waited for the NOKIA N8 to get to the market.  I increasingly view the Nexus One as an overpriced toy and am looking forward to the day when I can give it to one of the children and get something more useful.



hey dumbass.

The N1 has full support for Outlook 2007+.

Go Settings->Accounts->Add Account

see the button there that says Exchange? See how its all native-ey?



If you haven't received the Android 2.2 update yet, just wait. With it comes full Microsoft Exchange support and thus you should be able to sync your work email and calendar.

Along with Exchange support, other new features include: faster performance, Adobe Flash 10.1, and portable hotspot. You can check out all of the new features and improvements at http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-2.2-highlights.html.



I've had my G1 for over a year, but have not had much time to look for a lot of the better apps... however I do have a question for you Android folks out there.  Where can I get Donut and or those other apps that are "required" when searching the "marketplace" for new apps?



 Depending on your carrier, if you're on a G1 look at rooting your phone. I'd point you towards Cyanogen Mod. As for the google apps, I'm sure there are somewhere (Can I post a link without getting in trouble?).


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Objective-C also adds reflection to C, so it has other features other than C++ as well.

<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objective-C">Objective-C</a>

<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflection_%28computer_science%29">Reflection</a>



 You know, I've always thought that my Solitare and Bejeweled are missing some really good reflection!

Games are NOTHING without reflection! REFLECTION FTW!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



... okay, maybe it isnt useful in all aplications but that doesn't mean it is never useful. I was just commenting that it is not the same as C++ in that sense.



This fone lives up to it's name.  Changing from the MotoQ to it has been an eye opening and wonderful experience.  my only complaint is the SHORT battery life.



 I think you mean PHONE!!

And depending on the handset, settings you have enabled/disabled and what you do with it, will determine the battery life.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



to add that android has pron on their app market lol.



Someone here was mentioning that games for Apple were written in C. This actually is not true. They are made in a custom flavor of C created by Apple in ordrer (get this) to 'add object-oriented functionalities to the C programming language'! Like they didn't know that C++ was created over 20 years ago. All (ok, most) PC games today are written in C++. And this has been the case for years!!

I tried getting started on Objective-C programming in order to make myself some money on the iPhone marketplace. But after being forced to install OSX to run the IDE , jumping through hundreds of hoops, and killing myself over the backwards logic that is the foundation of this obscure language, I abandoned all hopes of making anything profitable on the platform. I give props to all the programmers who have successfully ventured in the iPhone world, but don't come here and tell me that the iPhone uses any kind of standard in terms of programming language -especially NOT the Almighty C.

 I do agree that Java is slower, if that makes you feel any better.. 

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