10 Smartphone Features that Should Be Mandatory



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LOL very nice bioshock 2 reference, I approve. Too bad no one else caught it in the comments below. Too old probably :p



I'm surprised GPS wasn't even mentioned. I make it to a point to have this included whenever i buy a new phone.



all new phones should come with am/fm radio preferably satelite radio but at least radio

they already have a camera and mp3 support why not am/fm radio reciever

also they might include a remote desktop apy that actually works



Despite this fairly comprehensive list, the iPhone 4 receives an 8 from MPC.  WTF?

No replaceable battery, expandable storage, proprietary connector, no tethering (in the USA ... Canada and other markets have it included with data plans) ... oh, and it drops calls unless you hold it in the Apple-approved manner and / or purchase a case.





A Smartphone should synchronize with your PIM without having to go through some third party's (are you listening, Google?) website.  Contacts, calendars, to do's, etc.  Connect your phone to your computer and zap them back and forth.

 I use my phone primarily for business purposes.  We use Outhouse and, good, bad or otherwise, synching my phone with this PIM is not only desireable, it's necessary.  I prefer to maintain the privacy of my business contacts, not have them on someone's website in the "cloud" where they can be hacked.

Privacy is maybe just a pretense now but I would like to indulge this a bit.



I'm using some credit cards, in a wallet, and a phone, keys, IDs, driver's license and an old small PDA. Yes, I'm an old boy. But paying several hundred bucks for increasing the size of phone and just removing one small PDA is not very attractive. OK, I know that many people likes smartphones, and I don't have any objection on that. But personally, I spend most of my time commuting and in front of a computer. So I don't find any real reason for using smartphone because laptop is always much much more powerful than smartphones.

   But there is one thing that I'll rush to buy is the ability to replace everything in my pocket. That is, my credit cards, a wallet, IDs, driver's license and even keys (many except some cash and change). PDA and phone is already in the smartphone, but that's it.

   Imagine a phone with a fingerprint scanner (or retina identifier), and that phone can open your house door, be used to pay things in stores, be used to identify yourself, after scanning your fingerprint. I already know that this is the direction some companies are heading, but it is pain to wait... I want nothing except only one small gadget.

   Unfortunately, my old small PDA is getting older and the battery life is getting shorter and I must eventually replace it and it might be a smartphone... with many bucks... which I don't want to spend for a toy that I won't use most of the functionality anyway...



This is something I have been waiting for for a long time. We already have rfid swipe cards. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to put a programmable rfid emmiter into a smart phone. That way when you want to pay for something you just pop open the credit card app, select the card you want to use, and swipe the phone accross the rfid reader. You could password protect the app if you wanted. The only problem would be if your phone battery died, if that was the only card you carried you might be out of luck.



Great point. That's why we need replacable battery. But I have another idea. The phone can have a memory chip that does not loose 'default' credit card information and we might use it when the battery is out. As you know, most credit cards these days do not use magnetic bars, but simulate them using a embedded chip in the card. There are even smart cards. So, I believe, battery problem will be a minor one. :)


Evil Don

“No,” says the man at Verizon, “He must pay $20 for an additional 2 GB of data to use on his computer.”

“No,” says the man at AT&T, “He must pay $20, with no additional data.”

 Paraphrasing Andrew Ryan? Amirite? 



PrinterShare for Android is free, allows you to print to any printer over 3g (as long as the computer it is connected to is configured) and really works. Sorry Apple people--guess you're SOL on this one. 



I'm not speaking with a fanboy mentality, but if you had a rooted EVO 4G -most- of what was covered is a non-issue. I have a rooted Desire, and besides the front-facing camera and wifi sync, the other points are already available. So with EVO 4G:

1. Front-Facing Camera - Yes.

2. Replacable Battery - Yes. 

3. Expandable Storage - Yes.

4. Find me Function - WaveSecure app Yes.

5. Print/Fax -  PrinterShare app Yes.

6. WiFi Sync - No. Android does sync all contact/mail/calendar and apps(2.2) with Google, but not media and such. But you have the ability to remote manage your content through WebSharing app. Or many other apps that provide similar functionality. If Dropbox provides the ability to sync folders instead of files on Android, this also is a non-issue. 

7.  Standard Charger - Yes.

8. Tethering - Since HTC Hero, WiFi Tethering is free on rooted phones with Wireless Tethering app. 

9. Unified Inbox - K9Mail Yes.

10. TTS/SST - Yes. 

 iPhone and Android are great platforms each with their distinct advantages. iPhone remains supreme in media, Android with flexibility and freedom. Being as we are; people with tech knowledge, rooting and jailbreaking should be common since these methods further enhance the abilities of the phone and provide added features. Granted, they are not for non-tech people but when you think about it, most of the points listed here won't even be a complaint from non-tech people who find most of the features of the phone already overwhelming. 



If phones are going to eventually meet all of our normal computing needs, won't we need a larger screen? The future input will probably be a combination of voice recognition and gestures (or perhaps a laser keyboard?) and the output has to be big, and it seems that projection is the only way to go. I'd like a phone where I can plot it down at a desk, project my phone onto the wall of my desk and use it like a desktop. 



11. No nickel & dime software squeezing for hardware you own.



I'm surprised that they say they want speech to text anywhere on the phone, and then ignore that this already exists on android 2.1+. I know the article is about features becoming commonplace, but you'd think a mention is appropriate.



I'm gonna apologize in advance, but the grammar Nazi in me has been called forth...

While I'm sure Steve Jobs regularly uses incantations to summon minions from an evil deity to do his dirty work, I believe the word you're looking for is "incarnations". 



Oops...thanks for catching that. Was working on zero hours of sleep.



We also would have accepted "iteration".  And, in the same sentence, "it's" (it is).



Where are "Working Antenna, Flash, Verizon/Sprint Compatible, Free/decent priced Apps store" on the list?


screw 3D! I'm just in it for the hurts(HZ)!



What I love about this list that I can do everything on that list except the print functionality. Granted tethering required me to root my phone, but that shouldn't be hard for the editors of a tech magazine. 



Of all of these the replaceable battery and the standard power connector are the most needed by all and make the most sense.

At CES you see hundreds of people sitting in the hallways with their devices pluged in to the few available wall outlets. Why? they can not replace their batteries. What are the devices? iPhones and Apple notebooks sold by the greedy Apply who want to sell you a $35 battery for almost $100 just because you can not replace it yourself. I would never ever consider an iPhone for this one reason. An extra battery in my pocket has saved me may times.



Most phones I've seen recently have had either a mini or micro usb connector.  Seems like one of those (or the USB 3 equivalent) will end up being the defacto standard going forward.



Funny I have had the same power connector for my last 4 phones, two motorolas, a blackberry and now a G1, all used the same mini-usb connector for charging and transfer.  My G1 has user replacable battey, sure its getting a little long in the tooth now, and it wont offically support 2.2, but its still a damn good phone.



 Back when I still had my Toshiba 17 inch lappy, my Mac toting buddy mocked me because instead of carrying an AC adapter, I would take my extra battery most of the time. Well, swapping to a fresh battery has saved my butt numerous times. Whether it be work, school, or just before a killer Starcraft match with him on the go. 

YES! This post made it through the Spam Filter!



Another reason why I purchased the Droid Eris. Mini USB. I just wont purchase another phone again that doesnt follow this standard. 

 Havok - Really? Still rocking the Spam Filter Sig??? The spam filter has been an issue in atleast a month now. 

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