10 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 is Better Than Android



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I am a very enthusiastic WP7 user. Still, I find there is a lot to argue about this post.

I agree absolutely with:
Streamlined User Interface
WP7 Has An Easier-To-Use Interface
Microsoft Mobile Office Integration
Stability (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Snappier Keyboard
No Ad-Ware!

Debateable or irrelevant for end user:
Microsoft LIVE Integration Is Bad Ass
Microsoft Isn’t Constantly Getting Sued by Apple
Zune is a Native Client, and it’s Not Pay-Per-Song


WP7 Has Apps That Aren’t Crap

There are many many great apps on iOS and Android that I would love to have. Or at least I'd like the ones that are there to be as good. Examples: Official Twitter, Facebook, Qype are all bad.



I am a WP7 fanboi and I am fairly disappointed with Metro. However, I think you are doing android a disservice here. Add based gaemes are FREE. WP7 also offers ad based games. It is how most developers make thier money since nothing is selling on the Marketplace. Moreover, I can play GTA 3 and Dungeon defenders on my android there is nothing even close to comparible on a Windows Phone. Windows Phone will take off as windows 8 starts entering the market and windows 8 mobile allows for easier integration with the .NET 4.5 framework. Write business applications one time use on both devices with a new view. IMHO Android is (as of today) the clear winner. The high end market is what MS needs to go after to make this a success. They cannot compete against android and make any kind of money with their model. Androids are cheaper, Apps are cheaper and it works well. It would be like comparing iphone to android and not mentioning the extra 1k in app costs and hardware costs.



I'll admit the article is silly but I've never seen so many android fanboys come unglued at once. IOS and Android are great devices, don’t get me wrong, but I need something that helps me get business done quicker, not something that I can fiddle with all day at work and waste company time.

Here are a couple of reasons why I do like Windows Phone:
1. Live tiles enable me to do a swipe with my finger and I can see how many emails I have, missed calls, messages, the weather, and other live updating data from my apps ect instead of a grid of icons.
2. Apps, well yah there are a few that I would like but at least we don't have 100,000 fart apps artificially inflating our all important app count that we can rub in everyone's noses.
3. I own my own music and media and love to use Zune, at least I don't have to have Itunes on my windows PC which is not in any way as good as the mac version.
4. Regardless of how many people will say that multiple CPU is wayyyy better, windows phone is so optimized that no one that owns one ever complains of needing more cores.

It kind of comes down to what you want. If you want an open source experience that is different from phone to phone that you can do anything in the world with choose android (this does appeal to me in some ways but like I said above I need to use my phone not just play and hack it constantly) If you want a more polished user experience you might check out IOS or Windows phone.



I just had to chime in here because I use an HTC Trophy. I am finding two main problems: 1. the selection of apps is extremely limited, and many of those that are written for Windows simply do not work, and 2. If I take a photo or video, I cannot upload it to my Mac laptop directly, I must email it to my email account if I want to see it on my mac, and then save the image and download it, which is just ridiculous. Next time I will stick with an Iphone when my contract allows an upgrade.



Download the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. How hard was that?



So you can't even connect your phone to your PC (yes, a Mac is a PC), and view it as an attached storage device?



Dude, surely you meant Mordor. What's Moredore?

I can't take you seriously... I'm sorry!



Wow, more FUD than a bowl of Fuddly duddleys. I owe it to anyone who can be bothered to read past the initial post to add some honesty to this:
* UI
- The Android UI is what *you* want from it. There's even a WP7-alike home replacement for people who really like tiles. Tiles aren't for me, but if you want them, you can have them. Also, this is the thing that many windows users just don't get about the opensource community in general: we like to have (and give) CHOICE. So you choose the phone that you want based not just on a carrier, but on hardware and UI (or swap out the UI for something you do want, like GO Launcher or one of the hundreds of other replacements, each unique in their own way). Choice is good -- you've just been beaten down by the lack of choice offered in Windows and Mac for so long, you don't realise it.
* Crap apps
- There may be a higher noise-to-signal ratio in the Android market, but it's most likely just because the platform is more accessible to develop on. Which also means there are some real shining stars. User reviews make it quite easy to see what's worthwhile -- but if it takes too much effort to count the aggregated stars at an app's page, then you should probably stick to something simpler, like smoke signals.
* Microsoft LIVE Integration Is Bad Ass
- maybe this is a draw for some. For me, I care not a shred. Recently, I've played two games via Steam where the devs have chosen to use Windows Live instead of the Steam backbone for cloud sync. And I'm very unimpressed. If I'm lucky, I can continue from my last save point after about 2 minutes wait, but I've had a couple of experiences where I couldn't continue play because the Live servers wouldn't let me sign in. When I'm just trying to play a single-player game, this blows intensely. Personally, I don't need the achievement spam that a lot of newer games have in them -- in fact I take issue with the fact that you get achievement points just for completing parts of the game that you should be completing to actually play the game. Grant medals for outstanding or wierd behaviour, sure. Not just because I managed to complete level 1. That's lame reassurance for people who need to learn to stand on their own a little.
* MSOffice via sharepoint
- Perhaps I'm jaded because I've actually had to dev for SharePoint. Perhaps I'm just annoyed because this feature implies that I could only use documents in a SharePoint repo. Or perhaps I'm just incensed that this is a "better than Android" "feature" when there are at least two really good office products for Android: ThinkFree (paid) and Olive Office (free), which Just Work (tm) and don't need SharePoint.
* Microsoft Isn’t Constantly Getting Sued by Apple
- you said it: it's because they're no thread. WP7 hasn't been well adopted (and perhaps it should be better adopted -- I don't have anything against WP7 per se -- I embrace choice and what that means for users -- but the fact is that there hasn't been the same CHOICE (you see what I did there) of handsets for the consumer. There are myriad Android devices to fit your pocket, needs and style -- it's up to you to CHOOSE what you want. Until WP7 comes in a number of flavours other than just vanilla and vanilla-with-sprinkles, it won't go big. And there's no point trying to sue the little fish when the big fish potentially have much more meat to provide. Not that I think Apple is justified in how they go about things -- the notification bar in iOS 5 is a complete rip-off of the Android notification bar, but you don't see Android users and companies throwing their toys out of the cot about it -- it's a feature that makes the user's life easier, so it's good if Apple copies it!
* Stability
- Again, this is your choice. Buy a cheap handset, it may not perform as well -- but it also is affordable to masses of people who aren't spoiled, overpriveleged first-worlders complaining about too much chai in their herbal tea. Each iteration of Android that I try gets better, faster, lighter on battery -- winning all around. And, again, I can CHOOSE what I have on my phone. Currently I run a custom ROM from www.darkyrom.com which really doesn't require major effort to load. But even the stock ROM was OK -- this is just better, faster and styled differently (in a way that I like)
* Zune
- Whee! You probably need this on a WP7 because you can't get to USB Mass Storage mode to just copy your music on there. FAIL. Why should I pay for the same music again? I buy music, I rip it, I put it on my phone. End of saga.
* Keyboard
- Seriously? You're going to say the WP7 keyboard is better? I have a colleague who continually moans about his keyboard whilst I manage to get out emails at quite a decent rate through Swype, which is free for anyone to download onto their phone and comes bundled with Samsung devices. And if Swype isn't your thing, you again have CHOICE: I think I've tried about 20 or 30 keyboards, just for chuckles. Some are plain qwerty style, some are Swype-alikes (check SlideIT), some are quite novel, trying different input paradigms which may or may not suit you. Instead of just being stuck with what you were granted to start with, though, you can actually decide what you would like to have from your keyboard. WIN.
* Ad-ware
- you forgot to mention "on free apps". I don't know any paid apps with adware and I do know of many apps which have a free adware-enabled version and a paid version with no ads if you don't want it. This works out well for everyone: if users want to use an app but not pay, the dev can still pay rent and eat. If your app is good, people buy it. And there are still some kind souls who release totally free apps with no ads or restrictions. So again, the CHOICE is yours.

If you want to say X is better than Y, it would be a good idea to actually have a clue about Y. Personally, I think iOS, WP7 and Android all have a place, with people who will prefer one over the other. My wife prefers iOS because it's simple and doesn't change much. A friend of mine prefers WP7 -- but I think it's really just a culture thing: he used to work at Microsoft and he's a huge Microsoft junkie. He likes features on my phone and hasn't really tried an Android phone. I like Android because I can choose my experience. And my experience is good (:



The article definitely has a strong WP7 bent, no question, but your comment goes much farther the other way...


Most people never customize their phone UI. In many cases you have to root the phone to do so, which is well beyond the capability of most users. So the majority of people never do, and are stuck with the UI the phone comes with. WP7's UI is much easier to use and is faster than 95% of the Android models out there.

Sure, there is a WP7-style skin for Android, but it doesn't feature Live Tiles. It may have tiles that look like Live Tiles, but they'll never be the same. Apps are never going to be written to update the content of tiles in an Android skin. So much of what's great about WP7's interface is that the tiles are constantly updating with real-world information -- weather, sports scores, flight information, etc. No matter how good the Android skin may ever become, it will never be able to duplicate that functionality because it isn't baked into the OS.

* MS Office via SharePoint

You don't have to use SharePoint. It also supports SkyDrive, which nearly everyone has access to already.

The "Office" apps on Android (and iOS) are terrible, BTW.

* Microsoft Isn't Getting Sued by Apple

WP7 isn't a target, and it may never be. Apple and Microsoft stopped suing each other years ago because they both have tons of patents that the other infringes upon. If Apple were to go after Microsoft, Microsoft would come after Apple, and the result wouldn't be pretty.

WP7's interface is also so incredibly different from the iPhone that it would be difficult to find many patents that apply. Microsoft did a great job at coming up with something that is original.

* Stability

The cheapest WP7 phones are free, and they are just as stable, and are nearly as fast, as the most expensive models. The user experience doesn't suffer on a cheaper handset. This is definitely not the case on Android, where the low- and mid-range models are slow at best, unstable at worst.

I've been using an HTC HD7 for a year now and it has NEVER locked up on me... not even once. My HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy are both crashtastic, requiring fairly regular reboots.

Anyone looking at this objectively has to give MS the edge in stability... WP7 just doesn't crash or lock up... at all!

* Zune

The Zune experience is way better than what anyone else, including Apple, has to offer in terms of music. The Zune software is awesome. Google Music is mediocre at best, and we won't talk about how much of a bag of hurt iTunes is.

* Keyboard

WP7 has, by far, the best auto correction of any OS out there. It not only corrects individual words as you type, but I've seen it correct previously entered words when it realizes that a previous correction doesn't make sense in context.

It also seems to have the largest dictionary, even including the names of competing products and companies. I guarantee if you type Zune into an Android or Apple phone that it isn't going to correct the capitalization for you. But on WP7 if you mistype Google, Android, iTunes, or iPod, it corrects it for you.

* Ad-ware

The numbers speak for themselves. Most Android users just don't want to pay for apps, so the ratio of paid apps to free apps is way lower on Android than the other platforms out there.

WP7's 'try before you buy' feature is awesome... no need to deal with uninstalling lite or ad-supported versions to get to the paid version of an app. Just click the 'buy' button and the full functionality is unlocked instantly.



I find it funny how there was an article about the top # of reasons why Android is better than iOS, and those loyal to the iDevice were up in arms over it. The Android crowd told them to suck it up.

Now there's a list of the top # of reasons why Windows Mobile is better than AOS, and those loyal to Android are up in arms over it.

Each platform is going to have its pros and cons. If you refuse to acknowledge the cons of your prefered platform, then you are no better than any other fanboy. You are blind to any faults that your platform of choice has and only praise the good. You feel that your platform of choice is impervious to imperfection and is the best thing ever. That is a big fanboy mentality. Each platform has them.

Grow a pair, man up, and quit your bitching! It's just an electronic device!



Whats Windows Mobile? ;)



Windows Phone 7, sorry.



How much did you get paied for misleading people with these informations?!



About the same effort you put into spelling.






I got a Samsung Focus when they were first release, and the OS version was at 7.0. 

My initial impression, was this is going to be a great product. The interface was refreshing, and the integration with Office and Exchange was excellent. But over time some of the issues that should have been fixed, are still lingering. With the release of version 7.5 (Mango), Microsoft has made huge improvements, the Windows Phone 7 OS is finally maturing. However, there is one big problem that has yet to be resolved, and that is the marketplace. There are some amazing apps being developed, but finding them is next to impossible. It's better now than when the phone was first released, but it's still an aweful experience.

The interface is different from both the iPhone and the Android, but I found that without the ability to group tiles, it can quickly become cluttered. This will probably be resolved with future updates, but poses a problem when you install a large number of apps.

The processor on the Focus was a single core, but all of the apps I had installed ran smoothly. Similar to iPhone, the OS is optimized for the hardware, so applications can run with fewer resources compared to their android counterparts. There are some apps that bring the phone to a crawl, but they are few.

There is a Microsoft approved patch, that will unlock the phone, and allow for you to install just about any app that is available in a development mode. I haven't played around with this much, but I do know it exists.

While I think Windows Phone 7 shows much promise, I think Microsoft needs to focus their efforts, and learn from all of the mistakes they iPhone and Android have made. They have the resources to make this happen, it's just not there yet.



I am considering picking up an unlocked Samsung Focus. Is yours unlocked? If so, which carries do you use, and which plan are you on? I am hoping to use pay as you go service from either AT&T or T-Mobile, although the phone is branded AT&T. I would love to get some feedback regarding sim functionality from a person who actually owns the Focus.



Not one of your 10 reasons Windows phone is better than Android has any substance.  Its like saying Windows phone has pretty wall paper and lovely fonts ???  WTF,  no one cares but 8 year old girls and you !!  We are all dumber after reading this artical , may GOD have mercy on your soul ...



Someone sounds a little butthurt over this article.





The new Nokia looks pretty sweet but I gotta have Verizon when they get a decent Windows phone I'm in. Android looks like a cheap immitation of a iPhone and iPhones were designed by Hitler so what choice do I have.



"Android looks like a cheap immitation of a iPhone"


says the person who has never used Android. 



Says many reviewers and the courts in several countries.



microsoft has tried more than any company to try to dominate the internet for there intrests , im not going to put good money  down on a phone that at some point they start to block what you can do with it with updates , i think what needs to be looked at is  how many apps are free  in  ms market place vs  android . one thing about technology  is  its  no good if it cant do what you want it to do  ,thats why i run linux  and only run windows 7 for what i cant do  on linux , anyone that  has watched m$ over the years knows  if they can try to lock down technology for there own intrests they will . some people seem to have the attitude that wanting free apps is a bad thing , till someone pays for my technology  and my bills  noone is gonna tell me what to do with it , dont try to sue a developer that is offering for free what your charging for  i.e  microsoft vs netscape , utlimatly if your buying a windows os   ie is included in the cost , or trying to block  development of open source  software  google that and you will see that m$ has done more than anyone to try to hurt innovation and progress of technology 



Whhhaaaa ?? Google is unbelievable!!! First, they bought Youtube, kicked everyone out of their accounts and said "open a gmail account to continue using it". Didn't need Gmail - didn't want it. Now they're shoving Google + in our faces by tailoring searches around it and pushing Google + searches up the rankings. It won't be long before Youtube gets the same treatment. What annoys me the most about Google is their fixation with advertising. They record every move we make so they can tailor adverts towards us... with something as powerful as Facebook (Google +), they know they'll be able to tap into even more private info. They can stick it. I'm out. Bing is default and Vimeo is my friend.



How do you know Microsoft isn't using Bing search results and your IP address to tailor advertisements to your "tastes" anyway?

If you're using Google without signing in, then it's effectively the same thing.



Never heard of this guy.  First and last time I read one of his postings.  Dude writes like crap.  I don't think he's ever used an Android device.  He's just regurgitating what others have already written.



He hasnt. 

Have you ever heard of a "Android Sprint Galaxy"? Neither have I. He also mentions the Galaxy S2 as being a "Droid".....which it is not. 

All "Droid"s are ANDROID phones. Not all ANDROID phones are "Droid"s-meaning sold only through Verizon, the ONLY place you can get a phone with the "Droid" branding. 



I see an argument saying that this comparison is null like comparing apples and oranges. If it were'nt for both being smart phones... And then theres a comment about 10 reasons Android is better, and all I'm hearing is "better hardware" and "fragmentation". To me thats like comparing a playstation 3 to an xbox 360. Sure the hardware is better but its more about the platform quality, experience, and integration. Hardware can always be improved. I've had a WP7 since it released and unless you actually use it for a while, I could see why it goes underappreciated. It just flows like a handheld device should. I'm just disappointed that WP7 isnt getting a fair shake at a lot of retailing displays in Walmart, Best Buy, and the mall. I ask for the Dell Venue Pro and all i get are blank stares. So all this wailing and nashing of teeth from the Android Peanut Gallery, what are you guys so afraid of?



When will the time come when MS catches up on the hardware side? Your comparison of the Xbox 360 and PS3 to smartphones doesn't work. For them, it is about the hardware. All new consoles are gimped to the performance of machines made 6 years ago. Only thier interface has changed. And I hate the new Metro dashboard on my 360. With smartphones, new devices are released seemingly every week. We still have yet to see many WP7 phones on the shelves, and what is there is mostly underpowered. So at what point will MS catch up when they have let their marketshare slip away to almost nill? Even Apple's dominance has fell to the wayside due to lack of innovation on the hardware side. Being pretty is not enough, and Metro doesn't even have that.



If you compare specs, many Android phones look faster than WP7 models. Using them tells an entirely different story, though. Even the cheapeast WP7 models have a very fast user interface... you just never have to wait for the phone to respond if you're using WP7. That is definitely NOT the case with Android, even on many of the high-end models.



As a tech site, shouldn't MaxPC be platform neutral? When opinion pieces get presented as fact, like this, I lose faith in your ability to remain objective. Don't get me wrong. I hope WP7 continues to grow. Competition can only be good for consumers. In a couple years when my contract is due for renewal, I would like another viable choice. As for today, WP7's interface is, IMO, unappealing, and it's hardware is inferior (fact). ICS FTW.



I always love the "Why [insert technology here] is better than [insert rival technology here]."

Is a framing hammer better than a jackhammer? No. They're both tools for very specific jobs. Is the same framing hammer better than a cauterizing tool a surgeon uses to stop bleeding during surgery? Again, absolutely not. They're two very different tools for two very different purposes. One is great at one job, the other excels at another. Yet you don't see articles on whether all carpenters should trade in their waffle hammers for scalpels. People use the tools that work best for them that suit their purpose best.

Now, comparing construction equipment and surgical equipment is sort of apples and oranges, but smart phone OSes are the same in many ways. There are many reasons one would choose an Andorid phone over a Windows phone. Interface, application environment, etc.. all these are reason, much like the ones above, that people choose their respective tools. Except here, there is not a clearly defined need for a phone operating system. So instead of one tool being able to do the job and the other not being able, we now have trivial differences that come down to preference.

So the answer? What phone OS is better? The one you like better, the one that's easiest for you to use, and the one you get the most out of.



Too locked down.  I bought a Samsung Omnia as a backup because I was having trouble with my Vibrant.  I love Zune, and it makes for a good media player, but man it's a pain to use.  When you can't transfer a pdf file while connected to a computer with usb there is something seriously wrong.



I got a WP7 handset when the power jack on my BB8830 broke.  I won't use anything else.  The WP7 OS, for me, just works and does everything I want it to without fail.  I tried my sister's different Droid's she has had and I didn't care for them.  I even tried my dad's Thunderbolt, it sucked too.  Way to much on the screen.  I don't need all of that.  I have  an kindle Fire now and the iteration of Android on it is mediocre at best.  I am waiting for the WP8 phones/tablets this fall.

A few things I would like to point out to people you have over looked.  The WP7 handsets most of you have tried are 1st gen hardware on the 1st gen OS.  MS hasn't made WP7 for dual-core+ phones, that's what WP8 is for.  One thing I have noticed is that depending on the hardware Android runs at varying speeds, WP7 doesn't lag at all.  The Nokia's that are out now are 2nd gen on 1st gen OS.  We won't see the 2nd gen OS until later this year.  I don't have any experience with iOS or any iPhone so I can't speak to their strengths/weaknesses.

If you don't like the phone's/OS then don't buy them.  The HTC HD7s I have now will last me until this fall when the new WP8's arrive.



Customization, power of hardware and software, and being open source is why Android is better than WP7.


Your article is biased in every aspect and mostly made of personal oppinions and not true "facts". You seem to be no better than the "it just works" Apple fan boys and girls.


I appreciate the article and some of what is said, but overall, this article is crap. Until you can actually prove your words in this article, you will not get any credability.


Have you seen the The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket? That is currently the most powerfull phone avaliable in America right now, and soon will be outdated by another Android phone. WP7 will never be able to keep up.



Open Source rarely (if ever) results in better products. The only reason to go Open Source is the price.

I've yet to see any open source products that are better than their paid alternatives. Office? Photoshop? Zune/iTunes? Visual Studio? SQL Server? Nothing open source even comes remotely close. They're either missing major necessary features or have an abysmal UI.

The big problem with Open Source is they're always playing catch-up rather than trying to lead the way. You never get ahead by following. That, and developers can't possibly have the time to put the polish and features in Open Source that they do for paid apps. The vast majority of open source developers have to have a day job.




10 Reasons Why Android is Better Than Windows Phone 7
1-Dual processors with faster Quad processors coming soon..
meanwhile WP7 is stuck at one.


2-NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered Android phones/tablets
enabling console quality games, stunning graphics, stereoscopic 3D.


3-Some of Android's hottest games will never be imported
to WP7 simply cause those are developed to run only on
NVIDIA Tegra 2/3 powered Android phones.


4-400,000 Apps, even some quote more than 600,000.
More Apps means more choice and better Apps cause developers
compete to make their App better.


5-Android@Home home automation.
Have you ever heard about this one?


6-Android gets the hottest apps 1st while WP7 has to wait
or even some apps will just never happen in WP7
due to rising dominance of Android.


7-Mac vs PC like marginalization with full consequences
or even worse since worldwide WP7 is less than 2% (1.5%)
while Apple Computers are higher than ~5% worldwide.

8-Lack of Personalization:
change the order of tiles,
change the tile color from
a list of 10 monochrome colors,
toggle the background
between either BLACK OR WHITE, WOA!!

9-WP7 Metro is a waste of space!
Huge squares means only 8 squares on screen
Android can have as much as 20+ Apps on screen
before any scrolling is done

10-Dull user interface. WP7 Metro is just DULL.
Looks like.. it's in safe mode with it’s
one color monochrome squares.

One color monochrome squares?
who would want to buy a phone,
looking at one color monochrome squares all day long?
Just take a look and compare:


Dear Microsoft..
Your are competing against Apple and Android
not MS DOS!!

I could go on but the 10 above
is what i can remember right now.

From a Windows 7 Fanatic.




I do think some of the features on the Win phone are neat. But, I'll be staying with Android. Microsoft is a good OS, but they have my PC. I, really love Google products and apps. I also like that Google doesn't charge for every little thing. No subscriptions. I can access all the lovely things Google has created through my phone easily. Like Google Docs. A no charge cloud server. 

It was a nice view of another service though. Thank you for writing it. 



I have just recently gone from Android to a Win7 phone.  Personally, I love the new interface. It is slick and have never had an app crash on me. Unfortunately, there arent that many apps to start with. I cannot for the life of me work out how to read a bloody ebook on the device without having to buy them. I already have quite a few that are in ePub format, that are DRM free, but zune wont recognize the files. I have tried syncing them via dropbox with Freda and cant believe something so simple is so hard on Win7. (Not to mention that there is no dropbox app.) 

I really do miss the customization that I had with Android but in saying that, I am pretty damn happy with Win7. It just works, and pretty damn well to boot. Would I buy another Win7 phone in the future or go back to Android ..... I just dont know. I really do miss android and its apps. If Microsoft think their work is done in regards to the phone software and do not make even more changes, I think I will wonder back to the Google universe. 



Use LindyBox Free. Its a DropBox App. You can add ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, photos and more..



Interesting acticle. I disagree with your opinion,(cause that's what this is) nothing wrong with that.


However....it's obvious you are not well versed in Android handsets.

For example; I have no idea what a "Android Sprint Galaxy" is.....and neither do you it sounds like.


I think I know what you MEANT to say....but if you're gonna make a whole article bashing Android at least get your facts right first.


Still, I like to read about other points and opinions. Keep it up.



Funny some of you talking about loyalty...


Bet that Alan Fackler is getting something to say shit like this.



Windows Phone is awesome. I can honestly say that it's the best platform I've ever experienced. Okay, that's a bit out there you're thinking, but it really is. Coming from Blackberry, then to iPhone, I haven't looked back. Had a good play with Android, but it didn't feel finished and kinda felt awkward and clunky. Windows Phone is a solid alternative to IOS if you want something intuitive, clean, good looking, and more importantly, works extremely well without having to root it. No fragmentation, Xbox Live, Skydrive/Office cloud computing, Zune, and Metro UI which looks and navigates with ease and pleasure. 50,000 apps after one year of it's release and a promising future on the horizon with Nokia, HTC, and Samsung making some awesome handsets. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II (haven't decided which one yet).



It's kinda interesting to know that all negative comments come from Android and IOS users. You guys know that CNN had a news study that most IOS users have Apple as their primary god where christianity and other religions were 2nd. I could say the same thing to Android users. My suggestion is to get rid of product loyalty and then there will be no more platform wars.



I actually just ordered my first smartphone today.  I have zero experience with them, and I had been trying to decide between the Nokia Lumia 710 and the MyTouch 4G Slide.  I liked the idea of simple integration between my phone and my desktop, but in the end I was afraid of the trainwreck that has been Zune - it has been ungodly difficult getting my PCs to stream to the 360 since the Zune software was released.

So in the end, it was brand DISloyalty that swayed me.  Maybe the grass ISN'T greener, but at least I'll have a lot more software options to try if something doesn't work.



I found your piece to have some fact and some opinion. To the readers: There is nothing wrong with that... it is an article... not gospel. I have owned 4 different Android devices, all rooted, and all eventually having custom roms. So yeah, I like Android and it's capabilities, but... I will be strongly considering a windows phone at my next upgrade. If you stay open-minded and do a little research into windows phone, you will see the excellent hardware and devices that MS & various manufacturers have come up with. The software in recent years and months has also made great improvements.



The MS marketing people (who have proven to be quite inept at times) need to start bragging how well their OS works on 1.5Ghz single core processors while all the giant Android phones seem to need multi-core processors but still don't feel is snappy.

People who review phones are loving WP7.5 Mango and Nokia are making amazing new handsets but it's going to take some good educational ad campaigns to get some more momentum going so more high profile companies decide to develop apps for the OS.
They also need to start looking at every company that has TV ads that mention their iOS and sometimes even Android apps and make sure that an equivalent WP7 app is made too. It's a great way to advertise to non-technical people.

The Nokia Lumia 900 looks so good but the Titan II seems nice too. If I cared more about using it as an actual telephone and less about having a portable computer I would probably go with the smaller Lummia 800 though.



You do know why Android doesn't feel as snappy right? Software limitations aka no hardware acceleration which is changing for 4.0



If I didn't have a shiny Bold 9900, I'd likely pick up a Windows Phone.

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