10 Amazing Hacks that Harness the Awesome Power of USB



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Uhhhhhh....yeeah., I think someones just a little bored.....
you can also get that hard to reach itch on your back with many USB toys....While youre bored too....try the business end of a flash drive,
Oh yeah right there...yeah baby.



Well, I thought I was having an original idea when i made my own, but i guess not. This is actually a cool idea, and I have to admit, it actually works. My USB wireless adapter Is currently plugged into a USB 1.0 port (yeah, it's old, but if it ain't broke...), and the signal reception from the router was low at best. I used an old metal lamp shade, and affixed the USB wireless adapter in the middle. I now have full signal strength, and a bit more speed. I also used a 1 ft USB extension to link the USB stick to its dongle, so i wouldn't damage anything. Link for the picture below (sorry for the bad pic quality)




This Will be Remembered MP3Mymp3 Rec my Ass MaxPC AD WARE!!! 30 hours you "Anthrax" Shit you Set me back, this is only for the one that put it on the disc!!!


The hell with MaxPC and there Magizines if they keep this shitup, ontop of it all the Applications that come with the Mag's are the same as Last Years, leaving me with noting to do. What 3 or 4 how-tos ant going to cut it I'm losing my mine and the .Rigistry tweaks and Windows Tips and Tricks they give can be found on the web like noting Read Inside & Out Book if you want to know about your OS, for registry tweaks and help head over to http://www.sevenforums.com/ Plus Will leaving now I don't know Whats going to happen. O but the Way NO ONE cares about your stupid ass network ISP's cuting your bandwith give it a Rest and the Iphone shit.


4 Years I been with you guys and I must say some how-tos can be good but when your repeating the same thing over and over again it gets Me Mad Only one magizine got the the face Ripped! off but yeah start doing better.    



All of these videos are opening a new page to bablin5.com/?p=44

And my AVG full edition is picking up a JS/downloader.agent virus.

You are warned. Don't click on the videos, they do now play and they open a new page to a virus.

What the heck Maximumpc? Spreading viruses now? 

Other comments below report the same thing. 




I'd love to know if anyone has plans for a home made usb powered dog bell.... in other words - when you're training your dog to peepee outside, your make him/her ring a bell with her nose.  That calls your attention to the need and well... you let the dog out.  The thing is... my dog thinks I can hear as well as she can... and she just dings it a little bit.  I'd love to use the output from the apple usb wall charger to power something that would make a louder noise when she touches the bell with her nose.   Any ideas? 



 .......... USB 'devices' for Her.....


i7 920@4.4GHz,Heatkiller 3.0, (2X)GTX295 Quad-SLI, EVGA X58 3X SLI, 6GB DDR3 OCZ Gold



SNL beat you to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lskbO1k9VO0



Script kiddies



Out of 10, I thought I'd find a few interesting ones. They all look like something I'd throw in the garbage.



The laser purifier is cool and everything, but the instructions seem to say to just stick regular laser pointers in there.  Which means it's USB powered, in the sense that it needs batteries.  

Yes, you probably won't need to replace batteries in a laser pointer any time soon, I'm just complaining about the concept. 



The babblin5.com links (all on the first page) according to Avast! on-access scanner has a trojan. The youtube links are fine.



AVG also reports a trojan



 A USB Wifi Dongle-dish!?! I have gotta try this one out!






all of these are great ideas but how do you make your own usb speakers or connectors for front face plates


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