10 Addons You Have to Know About for Google Chrome



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If you're not super paranoid and have good security in place well before the browser, Xmarks will sync your passwords along with your bookmarks. It DOES encrypt your passwords using a PIN you setup & an AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. It also lets you setup Sync Profiles to choose which ones sync with which browsers & computers. The PIN is stored in Firefox's / Chrome's / IE's passwords but if you're paranoid you probably have that disabled already anyways.

It's not enabled by default, but goto 'Settings' -> 'Sync Options' to enable it & setup a PIN
There you can also set it to sync Open Tabs. 


What about a way to make GOOGLE Chrome sync with GOOGLE Bookmarks? There's a million extensions but no reputable review to know which to use.




I use Google Chrome and get quite frustrated by that box that comes up constantly about unresponsive page(s) which I can either Wait or "Kill".  I always hit Wait but am trying to find out if there is a way to deactivate it.  I don"t pretend to know much but could use some help on this issue. Thanks in advance.  Joe 



adblock is still buggy.  sometimes it makes you wait for the whole site to load before you can do anyhting on the page, like scroll, click links



Who would of thought it would be so difficult?

One of my favorite extentions is "Tabs to the front!"(With this extension, newly created tabs are activated instead of left to linger hidden behind other tabs.  Try it by right clicking on a link and selecting "Open link in new tab".  You'll be shown the new tab right way instead of having to click it first.)



Cool! Thanks for the info ^_^



I use many addons that are on this list. All good stuff.



I just wish I could scroll through tabs with my mouse wheel. interesting list though.




LastPass sounds like a great feature. I absolutely hated how Chrome had no protection for saved passwords. Any joe shmoe could open your browser and get all of your user names and passwords you have saved.

The only thing I'm wary of is having all of my passwords stored on some external website. That doesn't sound like the safest thing to be doing. At least not with important accounts/passwords.



With lastpass everything is encrypted on your computer before being sent to Lastpass.  Lastpass itself only has access to the gibberish files... they are decrypted locallyl when you put in your username and password into the plugin, which is why you might find it a good idea to set Lastpass to log you out after you close your browser.



I've used LastPass for about a year; it recieves my own kick-ass award. Plus the plugin supports mutliple browsers...I wouldn't use anything else!

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