A Super Bowl of Freeware Apps!



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I'd love to leave iTunes in the dust, but the feature I'd really miss is the ability to subscribe to podcasts.  Any chance amarok (or any other alternative players?) support subscription and automatic downloading of podcasts from the iTunes directory?



I second the inclusion of PeaZip and Amarok in this selection.

Kleinkinstein, probably the crucial factor for including PeaZip instead of 7-Zip was what you mentioned: more functions like hash, secure delete, two factor authentication, scripting..., more formats supported and GUI for Linux (7-Zip, TugZip, Izarc etc lacks it). Add themes, a more polished and friendly look many users prefer to the minimalism of 7-Zip (not me, I like both). This don't change the fact that 7-Zip (and p7zip for Linux) are the groundbrekers which started spreading the 7z format.Tekzel, for many people (notably, including me) context submenus are no more than a fancy way to say "you have one more click to do".

About Amarok the name says it all: it rocks!



Daz3D isn't modelling program, its a setup and rigging program. You dl new models and sets from Daz and and pose your model and change set parameters. Its Poser Lite...



i use daz and its more then just rigging and posing thoug you need to be a lot better then me to take advantage of the subdevision distorting system in 2.0



Correct. I should have been more explicit in saying that this isn't 3dsmax, but it's still a way to interact with 3D models that you've downloaded and/or created.



PeaZip was seriously lacking in options that I could see, I couldn't even find an option to put all the context menu items under a single menu.  Even though it is basically a dead project, I prefer TugZip.  After that, I would go with IzArc.

I have been using Acronis True Image (not freeware though, so isn't really applicable) for years, but I might have to give Macrium Reflect a try.  I messed with it briefly and the thing that turned me off was the recovery CD they make is kinda lame.  The Acronis boot CD had a lot of options, including being able to create archives.

DAZ Studio: No comment, I don't do creative things! :)

Amarok: I have tried to use other media management systems, truely I have.  Yet, I keep coming back to the awesome Subsonic web based media streaming app.  The new versions even have an awesome built in flash based player (the old one sucked).  I could even remove Winamp and not miss it now.  If you haven't tried Subsonic, run out and grab it now.  I am pretty confident you won't regret it.

Snakr: Google Reader.  Thats all I am going to say.  My list of feeds are available wherever I am,  and it works well with Firefox.

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