Fatal1ty P67 Professional Review



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I've heard that Asrock boards are better than they used to be, but I still wouldn't trust the brand for a high end mobo. (People used to call them ASSrock for a reason.)


Talcum X

Not another Fata1ty?!?!?  NOOOOO.  When can we get away from this naming convention.  I'm so sick of seeing it.  I thought they had gone away, but now....UGH!



Gordon, did you really test the USB 3.0 ports? If you did, then you would know, that the Etron driver has a lot of issues. For instance, just by installing a webcam into the USB3.0 you can get a BSOD.

Currently it is not compatible with a lot of USB 2.0 devices.

I urge the reviewers to have more responsability when reviewing products.



This is a pretty MOBO but it looks too much like a 1986 Buick Regal sitting on a used car lot with new paint, 24 inch rims and tires with a couple of racing stickers thrown in to attract the "kids" therefore selling a 500 dollar car for 4000 dollars because it looks cool.



I'm still confused: which one of those 8 USB ports is the special mouse one?



Are those PS/2 Ports? Does anyone really still use PS/2 anymore? Parallel ATA and Floppy support to boot; Awesome now I can upgrade the P4 in the back of my closet! I really don't understand why those ports haven't disappeared by now.



YES! IDE Connector, now I dont have to buy a new hard drive!


Can we please kill that damn interface?







The guy plays video games and that makes him an engineer? Really?

No, thanks. Not biting.



Love u gordon, but it's "pique", not "peak" interest



I used to hate ASRock but they have quickly become on of my favourite motherboard companies. The Extreme series is great for both AM3 and 1155. Giving you the same feature as board 20-50 bucks more expensive.

The 870 Extreme3 is amazing and routinely offered at 10-20 below retail, making it an even better deal. 8/8 CF for 90? STEAL. Similarly the P67 Extreme4 sells for 150-160 and also offers 8/8 CF or SLI. STEAL.


They've turned around their whole process. No longer are they unreliable horrendous looking boards. They now play in the big leagues and they are beating their prices with ease.



Personnally I buy a board based on the specs and the reviews it generates. To buy a board based on the name fatality is lame. I have seen many products with this name that just don't measure up, Asrock is a budget company and this board will reflect that.



This board has 3 (x16/0 or x8/x8, x4) slot config (NewEgg).

The UD7, by comparision: 4 (x16/x16/0/0 or x8/x8/x8/x8)

Assuming a comparative between the two (ignoring all else) Choose wisely...

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