Fast Forward: Electrons vs. Photons



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It's all about money, it's called keeping the old pigs with new lipstick comming out the door of your local  retailer so as to not squeez the profeit margin of to meny big business's. Am I being a little extream?

This country has a fiber optic backbone that is using less than 3% of capacity and I've been wating for a fiber link to my door for 20 years



It still kicks the living bleeding shite out of most anything I've seen in the last decade of computer technology. ...and the capability is still there for fibre-optic cable.

As I've written before, Maximum PC would be the first place I'd expect to hear testing/reporting on such a technology. Don't let the semi-rational "glowing-fruit company" hatred stifle responsible journalism. That's just petty and counter-productive. I'm not trying to be a dick or taking some pleasure in trolling. I don't even want to take issue...I buy every issue at newsstand.

Thanks for the belated article Max PC and Mr. Halfhill. The transfer speeds achievable with Thunderbolt is nothing to sneeze at, IMO. What we (still) have is, essentially, a connection that is faster and more accomodating than a consumer presently ever needs it to be. Not a bad thing, IMO. And that Thunderbolt connection can make a USB 3.0 port a moot-point with a cheap third-party adaptor.



I think that's why Apple used the name Thunderbolt instead of Light Peak.

It didn't have anything to do with light, and thus came up with a diff name.

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