Embedded in Blogistan: An Intern's Survival Journal, Part 1


Embedded in Blogistan: An Intern's Survival Journal, Part 1

Dear Mom and Dad:

How are you? I am fine. Camp is great. As Maximum PC's newest intern, I'm responsible for lots of fun things, like uploading stories to the web, writing QuickStart briefs (that's the department at the front of the magazine where the articles are small), and putting together PDF archives of old issues so subscribers and freeloaders can get them without paying for them. I also help with shipping, add my pearls of wisdom to the podcast, antagonize the Murph, and provide an easy target for Gordon's brutal verbal attacks.

I've been here for a few weeks and I think I’m getting my feet on the ground. There was an earthquake last week but I apparently slept through it. Yay West Coast!

I am learning lots of cool stuff here at camp Maximum PC, like it takes Dave two tries to buy the right motherboard, and Hitachi makes decent components but terrible hamburgers, and that Peggle is a good use of the EIC's time.

Well, I gotta run. It's bonfire night and the other intern is missing. Tom says she's lost in the woods, so I guess I better go find her before the bears do.


Butters the Intern



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 this is great, i wana do an intern post!

 "we Plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today"



So you make PDFs of old issues? Are these on the website? I used to (not so much anymore) not get my copy in the mail everytime (I think the mailman was stealing them) so I'd have to wait a month just to request a new one and then wait a few weeks to get it in the mail so I'd already be done with the next issue before I got that one. So I figured if I miss one, I could just look it up.
Also have y'all considered digital distribution so I could get the magazine without getting a physical copy?

Oh yeah, loved the article.


Lars Rasmussen

I sent an email to input@maximumpc.com back in January of 2005 requesting "web access to the all issues of the magazine in PDF format". Thanks for listening & putting the interns on the task!




It's something we've wanted to do for a long time, of course. The first six months of this year should be available within the next few days, and we'll work backwards from there. No guarantees on how far back we'll be able to go, but we'll do our best.




People out here still love you dude..uh..in a strictly platonic way..

Just don't turn emo; or subcribers we'll band together and ask for your head in 'le guillotine'..

Oh and Will Smith definitely needs to stop with the peggle; like- wtf man.


Talcum X

So, how is CA for ya? As a an ex-californian (and proud of it...to have left) I can say I don't miss it. Sure, there are the friends I left behind, but there are better spots in the country, for me anyway. I don't want to scare or discurage you in any way. If it works for you, the it's a good thing. I wish you luck, Butters. Next intern should be named Toast!

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



I like it. Especially the bonfire part lol




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