Electronic Arts GM: $60 Games Are “Exploitative”



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A GOOD game with replay value is worth $60. The problem is all games obviously aren't created equal and the one size fits all pricing doesn't work. That's why I usually don't buy games until price drops unless it's something exceptional.



I am never going to buy games when they first come out at 60 bucks each. I wait a few months and then go straigh to Ebay. Cut the middle man out of the picture.



I wouldn't pay $60 for any game I wasn't 95% sure would be exceptional. Hard to do that without giving it a try first, and that's not always easy to do as a PC gamer.

I rarely buy games on release day, because I've just been burned way too many times. I don't mind buying something like Portal 2 on release day, because Valve has a good track record and they haven't jacked the price up to $60.



So is/are Adobe CS ($1000), Office 2010 Professional ($500) and Windows 7 Ultimate ($250)...and plenty more examples. 

I heard that AutoCAD 2011 is around $2500...just think, someone running a $2500 program on a computer which costed less (about $800-900 is what I'm guessing for a good CAD compy).

OTOH, there's open source, some of which are good alternatives, others of which are getting there.



As soon as I saw Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2 @ $60, I too made a vow to not buy it until it goes down (which would take like a year or two).  I'm gonna spend that $60 on a 360 game instead.  Also, for $60, I could buy the WH40K DoW II collection + Retribution (I bought Retribution for $30 so I think I might try to get into the WH franchise).  Even then, I'm trying to focus on getting a new video card since my other cards have been crippled to the point where I can't game for more than 5 minutes.

P.S. Thx Joe for the manual link for posting.



Agreed.  I'm also someone who's not going to pay $60 for a PC game just so I can pay EA's overhead (even though PC gaming is superior).  But on a positive note, you can pick up Dragon Age 2 (PC) on Amazon for $39.  Not sure why Steam hasn't offered that deal though.



Considering that everyone knows the PC version of almost every game is better, especially graphically, than any console, if someone has both, I can't fathom why you would rather spend the money on the console version...even moreso considering the two games (DA2 & Crysis 2, both of which I have…on PC) you chose to use for your example…over the PC versions.  Graphically, PCs will always be superior to consoles.  When it comes to gameplay, especially for RPGs & FPSs, keyboard & mouse use will always excel & exceed that of a console’s controller.  It’s for that very reason that developers/publishers continue to avoid making multi-player games, such as Crysis 2’s multi-player, multi-platform.  The PC people would Pwn ALL the console players.  True, I'd rather spend $50 for a PC game, versus $60, but, when push comes to shove, I'd rather spend $60 on a PC game over $60 on a console game ANY day of the millennium.



When games started to come out at the $60 level, I vowed to not purchase anything until it got older and came down.  Well, I broke that promise to myself and purchased Crysis 2 on launch day.  Man am I upset at myself for breaking the rule....more so because I'm dissapointed with Crysis 2 itself!


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