Elder Scrolls V: New Mind Blowing Screen Shots



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Holly Golightly

I really like the 2nd picture! Those are some very realistic graphics. Good enough for a wallpaper.




Pfth. Skyrim will suck. They've already confirmed that they are dumbing down the game. Classes are gone, skills are missing and statistics are missing. The combat will be just as bad as previous TES games. Why would I want this **** when I can get Dark Souls (a hardcore RPG) later this year and Dragon's Dogma (a BIGGER open world game than Skyrim could ever hope to be) next year?





looks pretty good, cant wait. 


ohh wait its "just a sh*tty watered down console port" right? because it doesnt like Crysis 1 and have a horriably inefficient graphics engine. 



we shall see, what really kills me w RPGs nowadays is....why do you always startoff as a weak ass wizard.

i rather the story start out with me being all powerful and thats why im called on for the quest. that way you startoff with awesome stuff, and get even more awesome thena wesome through journey.

this would also help game developers focus on STORY and not developing skillsets. let players have full skillsets and enjoy the game with them...not provide small tasks that are limited to the skills youve gained thus far....gets boring.



oh wow more console gfx on the PC. cant wait?


Holly Golightly

Hey, if it is not Nimrod the Dimwad? How about YOU get the fuck off the internet??? Oh... That's right... You are a... Well, that does not matter. What is it like to be a dimwit?



Screen #4 looks like a dragon shout in action.


Definitely looking forward to Skrim, played Morrowind in 2003 until Oblivion in 2006, been playing Oblivion off and on since. still finding new things and mods keep it fresh.

Also keeping a curious eye on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  There's three key people behind it, including the lead designer for Morroind and Oblivion (Ken Rolston), Todd McFarlane of Spawn, and NYT Best selling author R. A. Salvatore. 

The three want to create a complete fantasy world, which spans the RPG Reckoning, a future MMORPG (Project Copernicus), as well as comic books, novels, etc.



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