Ed Word: Managing Maximum Expectations

Ed Word: Managing Maximum Expectations

It’s not easy being a Maximum PC editor. Sure, there are terrific days—like the time I benchmarked the first DirectX 9 videocard, and the day we took our first dual-core Opteron for a spin in the Lab. But we don’t get saucy new hardware every day, and there really are unpleasant downsides to the gig. First and foremost, when you’re a Maximum PC editor, you’re saddled with expectations. Sure, my Athlon 64 4800+ gaming rig was OK, especially with a GeForce 8800 GTX. But a Maximum PC editor needs to run the very best, and so, with you guys in mind, I hit Newegg and ordered only the finest, most dreamworthy upgrade parts for a new build. Such are the trials we face.

Then there’s the home network situation. Listeners of our No BS Podcast know that I’m moving into a new house. They also know that I didn’t think a mere wireless network would be up to Maximum PC spec. So I was resigned to wire the whole house with Cat5e. My home has a crawlspace, so I didn’t need to brave the attic (there are wasps up there!), but, unfortunately, the crawlspace is inaccurately named. At 24-inches high, it’s more of a monkey-crawl-like-they-do-in-WWII-movies space. After a full day of squirming from one end of my home to the other, I managed to pull cables into every room in the house—even the bathroom. You can get the full report (including goofy photos of me in the crawlspace) here.

Sure, I probably could have survived with Wi-Fi, but I didn’t want to let you guys down.

And then there’s the fatiguing hassle of prerelease hardware. Next month, I’m reviewing Toshiba’s sweet, new ultra-portable notebook;—it weighs three pounds and is one inch thick—and I’ve got a serious problem. After I send the review sample back to Toshiba, I’ll be forced to go back to my underpowered 10-pounder. So I’m going to have to trot out and buy one of these new lightweights. Not for me, but for you. I just don’t want to disappoint the Maximum PC faithful.

So, as I sit back on the couch, watching high-def streaming video and barely noticing the weight of my new laptop, don’t feel sorry for me. Just know how much I care.



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I'm sorry that I force you to buy all those cool tech toys. I will try my hardest to ease up on the constant pressure.



Until this article I did not quite know the woes you conquer every day. I am an enlightened man. I feel stronger and more able to face the trials of the day now that I know there is someone out there suffering for me. ;)

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