Ed Word: Are you there, Internet? It's me, Will.

Ed Word: Are you there, Internet? It's me, Will.

Have you ever heard of this thing called “the Internet”? It turns out that it’s a great platform for publishing information. Color me impressed! I think this “Internet” thing just may change the future of magazine publishing.

Seriously though, I’m super-stoked to share the next phase of Maximum PC’s plans for world domination. First off, on MaximumPC.com we’re going to post time-sensitive content much, much earlier than we have in the past. Our current strategy of posting reviews months after everyone’s stopped caring is, admittedly, pretty lame. Starting with this issue, we’ll be posting our reviews online as soon as they’re written.

I don’t want anyone who’s paying for our magazine to feel as though they’re buying stale content, so starting with this issue, we’re rejiggering our reviews section. The number of pages devoted to reviews will shrink, but the reviews that do run in the magazine will be bolder and more visually lush, and will only focus on the highest-profile gear. These rock-star reviews will still appear online, mind you—along with all the other reviews that would have previously run in the magazine, but the online versions won’t have all the visual majesty of what readers find in print.

Regardless, from here on out, MaximumPC.com can be your first stop for the hard-hitting reviews you love—from external storage to audio gear to displays, we will continue to cover it all.

Because we’re running fewer reviews in the magazine, we’ll be able to dedicate these “extra pages” to other types of content. We’re going to expand the Ask the Doctor and How-To departments, as well as deliver bigger, bolder feature stories. Naturally, though, when we get the scoop on a breaking story, we’ll post it online lickety-split.

We’ll be able to harness all the tools at our disposal to bring you the in-depth tech news, brutal product reviews, and insightful feature stories you demand from Maximum PC, in the format best suited to the content, whether it’s print or online. We want Maximum PC to be your number one source for everything PC.

To help get the wheels turning, Katherine Stevenson will be taking on a new role as deputy editor of the magazine, helping me keep print and online running smoothly. Congratulations, Katherine!

I’m extremely excited to move more content online, but I’d like to get your opinion as well. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line at will@maximumpc.com and let me know what you think!



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