Easy Media Creator 10 Is Ready for YouTubing, HD Video, and Windows Vista

Easy Media Creator 10 Is Ready for YouTubing, HD Video, and Windows Vista

I've been using Roxio's Easy Media Creator ever since it was known as Easy CD Creator from Adaptec - and that's been a long, long time. Although I've made plenty of CDs and DVDs on my Windows Vista laptop, the limitations of Microsoft's CD and DVD burning tools are beginning to grate on me. So, I'm looking forward to giving Easy Media Creator 10 Suite, now available from Sonic's Roxio division, a try. It's the first digital media suite certified for Windows Vista, but it works with Windows XP as well.

Goodies Galore Support Today's Favorite Technologies

Easy Media Creator 10 Suite features a new mobile phone photo playback feature, camera phone picture fixup, one-step video uploads to YouTube, internet radio or PC audio capture from the Windows Vista desktop, CD ripping from multiple drives (perfect for systems with both a DVD-ROM and rewritable DVD drive), iPod support, HD video edit and capture, support for Vista media folders, support for Blu-ray and HD DVD and much more.

Keeping Track of Your CD and DVD Collection

I just moved to new offices, and while a lot of stuff hit the dumpster on the way out of my old office, I carried hundreds of CDs and DVDs full of various project files with me to my new digs. I'm looking for a way to easily catalog my collection and help me figure out what's duplicated. Easy Media Creator 10 can catalog the contents for me, and make the catalog available even when the disc is not in the drive. I suspect I'll be able to thin out my media collection pretty soon.

Better Audio Playback

The DVD playback feature in Easy Media Creator 10 now supports Dolby Digital EX 6.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, enabling you to get the most out of common surround sound setups in home theater systems and PCs configured for high-end audio.

Still a Boatload of Essential Features 

In the past, I've relied upon Easy Media Creator's disaster recovery backup feature, photo importer, and CD burning with support for ISO images. These and other essential features remain. You can compare version 10 to versions 9 and 8 here.

Standard or Deluxe? Your Choice

If you are planning to use Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite to capture video from analog devices, you can order the Deluxe version from the Roxio website. It includes a Dazzle DVC 100 external video capture device (the hardware portion of the Dazzle DVD Recorder). It connects to a USB 2.0 port. It supports S-video and composite video sources and stereo audio. The standard version of Easy Media Creator 10 Suite is $99.99 (current users get a $20 rebate back), but the Deluxe version, normally retailing for $149.99, is $119.99.

The Competition's Coming Soon

If you're a Nero fan, Nero 8 Ultra Edition is coming in early October, but you can check out its features now.



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