Dreamgear i.Sound Max

Dreamgear i.Sound Max

i_soundMax.jpgDreamgear obviously knows that speakers are the single most lucrative segment of iPod add-on products: The company offers eight models, including the i.Sound Max.

This bowtie-shaped speaker doubles as an iPod docking and charging station, but its port connector mates only with iPod-style USB cables.

We won’t knock the i.Sound Max for its cable choice; instead, we’ll slap it around for its tinny sound, its lack of video output, and the fact that this pricey portable doesn’t come with a carrying pouch.

Four 1.26-inch neodymium drivers overemphasize high frequencies to produce annoyingly sibilant vocals, and they proved utterly incapable of displacing enough air to pump meaningful bass through the ear-canal-size ports on either side of the enclosure.

On the upside, we hope other iPod speaker manufacturers study the i.Sound’s remote: It controls not only the volume and playlist and track selection, but it can also activate the iPod display’s backlight.

Month Reviewed: August 2006

+ BOLO TIES: The best iPod remote we've seen; syncs your iPod.

- BOW TIES: Metallic highs and gutless bass response.


URL: www.dreamgear.net



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