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Brad Chacos

Six months down the line, I still have Origins on my shelf, along with every single piece of DLC BioWare made for it. DA:2 I beat once, then immediately ditched it. 'Nuff said. I did like the characters, though. Hopefully DA:3 (and yes, I will play it) contains most characters from both games.



and could stand it no longer.


These reviews are obscene.  Crysis 2 gets a kick ass and Homefront a 5!!!  I still can't believe that.  I'm not saying that Homefront is one of the great games of our time, but it was fun and I finished it. 

It's true the characters are horrible in Homefront.  And even though the premise was different, it was riddled with the same pro-military, pro-america crap of all the console shooters today.  But it was fun to play.  The combat felt far more realistic than most shooters.  Almost like taking the realism of STALKER firefights but actually suceeding in immersing the player.  Still ruined by consoles. . . no inventory system, shitty dialouge, nothing but action, too short, annoying screen pop ups, moronic action-film style military type characters, poor ammo handling, lots of gun that are exactly the same, oh and how the hell do I set the rifles to semi auto???

I have nothing to say of Dragon Age 2.  Except that if you are a console gamer you'll love it.  It literally took more time to install than I actually played.



Somebody was trying to save money.  This is the SAME guy that reviewed the game at PCGamer!  With the same results.

I have played this game all the way through at least 3 to 5 times.  Now it is collecting dust.  It is boring, Cheap, everything was done on the cheap on this game.  And the most bugged game I have ever had this misfortune to play.

Next time, MaximumPC have somebody review a game that actually played it through and note the bugs and glitches.  That is what we really want to hear and read.

As far as this being better than Dragon Age:Origins?  Not on a bet!



I love RPG PC games and played many of great titles; i.e., fallout 3, fallout NV (not good as its predecessor), Oblivion, the Witcher and Dragon Age: Origin, and I tried Dragon Age 2; but there are many dispointment, i.e., beside its console port, the camera is really annoying, the characters development have no depth and no real attachment to the player and everything seems not real (I know its a game but at least they sould try to get u into the game world step by step).

so what is about the game that deserve Kick Ass award beside it is new graphics and speedy and flashy comabt!!

at least give your readers some respect (that's why i less and less visit MPC site)



I see people complaining about this game left and right on here.  While I will not put it in the realm of DA:O with a Kick Ass 9, I will give it a 7-8.  First, I found the combat movements more exciting than the original.  Playing all 3 character classes gave me a good perspective on this.  Each had its special movement of jumping or rolling etc...  The graphics were by far better than DA:O.  Also, for those that have DX10 cards, setting the graphics to DX11 automatically default back to 10 for me.  I was able to max my graphics out just fine and have the game run very smoothly.  Also, the story line was well written, and by going back and playing it again and again, you can have different relationships with characters and continue to have fun with it.

Dislikes, are numerous, and I am not going to name them all.  Yes it was a console port which hamstringed the game.  Character options weren't as numerous, and the copy and paste dungeons did become monotanous.  Kiting Arishok was by far the most annoying battle in the game.  Thirty minutes of running in circles and figure eights... Really?   

Though most of the these dislikes were ballanced, I do believe the likes out weighed the dislikes.  The game was fun and interesting and that is what matters really.  Playability, also factors in and both the DAs have that.  I will stand by my 7-8 Rating.  But come on Rich, it is not a 9.  Is Bioware paying you off for this rating?  I think so.



In some ways, DA2 was the best RPG I've ever played. I absolutely loved the story, characters, world, and the look of combat. The way that the story gets to you in a personal way was fantastic. This is the essence of what a RPG is - being the character that you want to be. 

Sure the levels get repetitive, but that's hard to avoid in any RPG of this size. If they, say, doubled the amount of areas to visit, it still would get repetitive.



5 out of 10, this game provided nothing new, exciting, or "cool".

was boring, way worse then the original, very repetitive, could not explore world, everyything was inside a city...pretty lame..5 out of 10 is generous.

when i was done i downlaoded baldurs gate 2 and reminded myself what a good RPG is.


Righteous Fury

I could not agree more... and btw, thanks for reminding me I still have my copy of BG2... go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!!!



When I played this back in March, I felt a bit of a Hellgate: London vibe with the recycled levels.  I think throughout the whole game, you only visit maybe less than 10 unique areas.  The faster pace in fighting surely made it quicker than 50 hours (in fact, it took me around 30 hours).  One thing that kinda bugged me the most was adjusting the graphics options.  You only had DX9 or DX11 and they were pretty different.  DX9 would basically net you "Medium" detail while you had to choose DX11 if you wanted to max out which sucks for those who are still running Radeon HD 4xxx cards.  Lastly, overall it felt like a carbon copy of Mass Effect.  It's not a horrible game, but I think it falls short of being an award-winning game.



Yeah, not nearly as good as the original. I just can't stand the copy-and-paste dungeons that this game has. 



This is the second kick-ass award given by Max PC to a sub-par game (Crysis 2 last time).  Are you guys playing the same games we are??  Are you just easily entertained?  DA2 was another console port that lacked the originality, functionality and graphics of DA:O which was a fantastic game.

I won't go into details because this game has been out for a while and there are plenty of reviews for it. Check out both critic and user reviews from Metacritic if you want a more accurate review of this game.  Especially the user reviews which are absolutely brutal:








Really where all the butt-hurt Elitist go to complain if the smallest thing is done wrong in "their" eyes.

DA2 not original cause it's a Sequel?

functionality wut?

Graphics yeah cause da:o look sooooooo good? I for one loved all the brownness.


God forbid they like a game that you don't, good job at understanding "opinions"



Did you play Crysis 2 or just read some comments about it? The game is great it doesn;t feel like CoD or BC. It's unique and interesting, yes the multiplayer maps are smaller but that is actually a good thing in this case since Crysis Warhead was far to open and half the time I was driving a truck around trying to find people, only to be sniped by some guy half a mile away invisible on a cliff. Crysis 2 is one of the first truely different games I have played since CoD 4 came out.



They really must not play the game or get paid to give a good review. As you say both game are no where as good as the first. Had to go back and play the first one again just to get the bad taste out of my mouth on both of them.



"But the interesting design decision to limit the game’s context—the world and the politics—appears to have freed Bioware to fill the series with more character and vitality than any game in recent memory"

Just not more maps.  I'm amazed Rich didn't find anything to say about the copy-and-paste areas you'll be running around in throughout the game.  Definitely makes DA2 feel as if it has less depth than its predecessor.

And nothing about the loss of strategic-based combat?  I sure don't find it very tactical, nor fun, when a swarm of guys pops up right on top of my mage time after time.  Surely clearing the room I just came from means that, you know, the room is clear of enemies--not so in Dragon Age 2!

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