Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? You Will - with MS Time Zone

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? You Will - with MS Time Zone

You've just finished up a friendly online deathmatch and made arrangements to play again at 9PM that evening. But after you closed your IM window, you have a sinking feeling when you realize that you're not sure what time "9PM" is for your friend/competitor. Heck, you're not even sure what day it is!

Time Troubles Banished with Microsoft Time Zone

Whether you're playing or working with people in other places, keeping an eye on the end of an eBay auction, or wanting to call Aunt Millie on the other coast before her bedtime, you need Microsoft Time Zone. Microsoft Time Zone is a fast (780KB) download for Windows XP that runs in your system tray after you start it. By default, it runs automatically when you start your system.

Selecting Your Friends' (and Foes') Locations

By default, it displays the date and time in London, Los Angeles, New Delhi, New York, and Sydney when you hover your mouse. You probably don't have friends in those places, so right-click the icon and select Options. From the options menu, use the left and right arrows to move locations to and from the My Locations menu at right.

The Options menu also lets you specify whether to run the program at startup or display watched cities. Unfortunately, MS Time Zone doesn't know where Durand, MI or Evansville, IN are located (or your hometown either, probably), so just choose the major city located in the same time zone as you are.

Finding the Time(s)

Microsoft Time Zone is also helpful if you need the time in other places right now, but don't need to save it for reuse. Select Find Times In... from the menu, specify your Reference Location, and select Other Locations. Bingo! It may be 4:27PM where you are (goofing off on a Friday afternoon), but it's 11:27PM on a Friday night in Amsterdam and 5:27AM on Saturday morning in Taipei! It's great for planning conference calls, family reunions, and deathmatches too.



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I'm shocked that Microsoft does not charge us for this.



There is NOTHING new about this, it's just another Microsoft "do what's been done before and pretend we invented it" situation. There are sites all over the internet that give you accurate time, and dozens of software programs that ANYONE can DL for free that set your computer's clock based on atomic clocks at several sites all around the world. There are calendaring programs and electronic alarm clocks all over the internet. Why are you toeing the MicroBSoft line line a bunch of MicroBSoft butt-kissing lackeys as if everything they say is true?



Just another proof that Maximum PC really, really cares about its readers!
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Weirdest thing ever. I was just Googling 10 minutes ago how to convert time zones.

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